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Sign of Triangle On The Palm In Palmistry

Sign of Triangle On The Palm In Palmistry
The Triangles :

If three lines coming from three different directions join in the palm, a triangle is formed. The triangle can be big or small. One can see such triangles in the palm at different places.

1. The triangle formed by clear, flawless and deep lines is considered benevolent.

2. The size of the triangle is directly related to good results and good fortune. If the triangle is big, its benefits and good luck are also enormous.

3. Triangle found in the mid-palm indicates that the person is very lucky, theist and progressive. His physical and mental activities are pious. Such a person is calm and amiable. He is honored in the society.

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4. A big triangle is indicative of lightheartedness of an individual.

 5. A narrow and hazy triangle indicates narrow -mindedness of a person 

6. If in the palm of a person. there is a smaller Mangle inset in a bigger one. then that person certainly gets success in getting a higher post 

7. If there is a triangle on the mount of Venus, then the person is simple, congenial. sentimental. a lover of decent living and is a high standard person.

8. If there is a wayward or faulty triangle in the palm, then the person is licentious and loser of other women If there is such a triangle in the palm of a woman. then she is certainly flirt. 

9. If there is a triangle on the mount of Mars. then the person is a warrior and exhibits courage and patience in the battlefield. He is decorated with national medals for bravery But if the mangle on the mount of Mars is faulty then the person is cruel and coward. []

10. If a person has a faultless triangle on the Dragon's Head then he acquires a very high post in his youth. He also gets success in the field of politics But if there arc two joined Mangles on the Dragon's Head then the person is considered to has e ill-luck.

11. If there is a nice triangle on Pluto. then that person's old age is spent joyfully but if there arc two joined mangles. then he faces blemishes in his old age. 

12. If there is a faultless triangle on the mount of Jupiter. then such a person is cunning. diplomatic and always desires for his own progress. Contrary to it. If the mangle is faulty, then the person is proud and selfish 

13. A faultless triangle on the mount of Saturn indicates that the person is an authority on exorcism and charms. If the mangle is faulty then the person rs a great cheat and most unreliable.

14. If there is a triangle on the mount of Sun. then the person is "my religious. s benefactor and well-wisher of others but if the uiangle is faulty, he is eriticiscd M the society 

He does not get success in life and Were are hindrances in the rise of his fate 

15. If there is a triangle in the region of Mars then the person becomes a successful scientist in his life He also achieves a great success in business. Such persons spread their business. 

16. A triangle on the life line Indicates longevity for the person 

17. A triangle on head line indicates that the person is very-intelligent and still get yen good education 

18. If a person has a triangle on the heart line. then his fate rises in the ripe age 

19. A mangle on the health line indicates very decent health 

20. A mangle on the Sun line indicates that the person ss ill gel international fame in some particular field 

21. The person uho has a triangle on the fate line. is shvass considered unlucky. Such persons are unsuccessful in their lives. 

22. If there is a triangle on the marriage line. then there are mans hindrances in his mamagc and his married life remains pearls unsuccessful []

23. If a person has a triangle on the Moon line. then he goes abroad mans times and achieves success 

24. If a triangle is formed by the life line and the head line. then it is considered auspicious 

25. If a triangle is formed bs the health line and the head line. then the person is vers intelligent 

26. If a triangle is formed by the health line and the life line. it helps in raising the person to a great height 

27. If there is a protruding triangle in the palm of a person. then he is quarrelsome by nature 

28. If the lines of a triangle are protruding. strong and wide. then the tndiv dual takes care of the welfare of others 

29. lithe lines of the triangle are quite %tide and the person has a strong mount of Mars, then he is sure to move ahead []

30. If there are flat triangles in both the hands of a person, then his life is quite unimportant .

31. If the lines arc deep and narrow, then he certainly gets success in his life

 32. If the lines of the triangle are faint and broken. then the person is selfish and materialistic more than enough

33. If some assisting lines proceed upwards from the mangle. then the person gets success alter mans hindrances.

34. If the inside of the triangle is wide. then the person is Iazy.

35. If the health line is prominent and the mangle is also big. then n indicates longevity of the individual.

36. If there is a cross over the triangle. then the person faces many accidents in his life.

37. If a person has long fingers and there is a cross inside the triangle. then he nooses others.

38. If there is a cross under the triangle then the person becomes very important in his life.

39. If there is a cross in the middle of the triangle and a star near the health line. then the person becomes

40. If there is a sign of star inside the triangle. then the person earns ill-fame in a love affair

 41. If there is a circle inside the triangle. then he is cheated b' his beloved.

42. A prominent, strong and big triangle is considered very favorable for the rise of an individual from all points of view. 

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