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5 Bad Signs Of Bad Marriage On Hand Palmistry

5 most common signs of bad marriage on hand - Palmistry

1).  Forked Marriage Line
2). Broken Heart Line
3). Broken Fate Line
4). Break on Marriage Line
5). Marriage line intersect Sun Line 

First and most important thing in palm reading is that just looking at one line and concluding something is not the right thing so you need to always read full hand to reach any conclusion. 

Description & guide about bad signs on palm which indicates bad marriage

1).  Forked marriage line -  This particular sign is most common sign in palmistry which denotes divorce.  Forked marriage line always denotes divorce and separation due to difference of opinion.  If fork is big and present on both hands then there are strong chances of divorce.  See image below-

marriage line forked

2).  Broken heart line - This is also one of the most common sign in palmistry which denotes bad marriage or breakup in relationship. Sign of "broken heart line" denotes deception in love or unsuccessful affair.  Sometimes also denotes broken engagement.  So basically broken heart line denotes brokenhearted, heart pain, heart break, sad, and love failure.  See image below-

broken heart line right hand

3).  Broken Fate Line - This sign is not common but this sign is very important.  If fate line is broken or split in two parts on Mount of Rahu (just under head line) and second part of fate line goes towards Mount of Jupiter or between Mount of Saturn and Mount of Jupiter then it indicates unhappy married life, separation, divorce but most of time the subject is himself/herself responsible for divorce.  See below image-

fate line broken
4). Break on Marriage Line - This sign is also very common sign in palmistry. Break in Marriage Line not always denotes divorce or separation but husband and wife lives separately because both are working in different countries or cities.  See image below-

split marriage line

5). Marriage line intersect Sun Line -  This is the most bad sign on hand.  If your sun line is cut by marriage line then it means there are strong chances of defamation and deception from opp. sex and also most importantly your marriage will destroy your name and fame. See below image-

Sun Line Cut By Marriage Line

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Meaning of Fate Line In Indian Palmistry

Fate Line

Time Calculation Fig-A2

Fig A1

Fate Line always ends on Mounts of Saturn. (fig-A1)

Time calculation of Fate Line. (See fig-A2)

Fig A3

Fate Line starts from Mount of Moon – Public figure, famous in society, work for charity, abroad travel. (Fig A3)
Fig A4

Fate Line starts from Life Line – Self made. (Fig A4)

Fig A5

Fate Line starts from Mount of Venus – Success after Marriage, success by help of relatives. (Fig A5)

Fig A6

Fate Line starts from Heart Line – Late success after age of 50. (Fig A6)

Fig A7

Fate Line starts from Head Line –Success after age of 35. (Fig A7)

Fig A8

Fate Line stopped by Head Line – Deception, depression. (Fig A8)

Fig A9

Sun Line starts from Fate Line – Famous and rich. (Fig A9)

Fig A10

Forked Fate Line – Troublesome childhood. (Fig A10)

Fig A11

Influence Line from Mount of Moon joins Fate Line – Marriage, Love Marriage, abroad travel. (fig A11)

Fig A12

Influence Line from Mount of Upper Mars cuts Fate Line – Loss from enemies, accident. (fig A12)

Fig A13

Influence Lines from Mount of Lower Mars cuts Fate Line – Hurdles, Family influence. (Fig A13)

(Fig A14)

Broken Fate Line – Loss and change in job. (Fig A14)

(Fig A15)

Double Fate Line – Two income sources, success in two jobs/businesses. (Fig A15)

(Fig A16)

Island on Fate Line – Loss. (Fig A16)

(Fig A17)

Square on Fate Line – Protection from loss. (Fig A17)

(Fig A18)

Fork on Fate Line – Bad Luck, Kaal Sarp Dosh. (Fig A18)

(Fig A19)

Fate Line starts from Mount of upper and lower Mars – Accident, Hurdles, and late success. (Fig A19)

(Fig A20)

Fate Line stopped by Heart Line – Unsuccessful love and heart disease. (Fig A20)

(Fig A21)

Parallel line to Fate Line – Extra income source, support by family/friends and extramarital affair. (Fig A21)

(Fig A22)

Trident on Fate Line – Famous and rich.  (Fig A22)

(Fig A23)

Branch of Heart Line cuts Fate Line – Divorce and emotional setback. (Fig A23)

(Fig A24)

Branch of Fate Line goes to Mount of Jupiter - Fulfill of ambition. (Fig A25)

(Fig A26)

Fate Line ends on Mount of Sun – Famous and Rich.  (Fig A26)

(Fig A27)

Fate Line ends on Mount of Jupiter – Fulfill of ambition.   (Fig A27)

(Fig A28)

Gaps on Fate Line or ladder like Fate Line – Instability in career. (Fig A28)

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Machli - Fish Sign | INDIAN PALM READING

Macchli Chinha (Fish Sign)

Fish Sign

Machli (Fish Sign) is big oval shape sign and only found on Mount of Ketu or Mount of Moon.

If a person has Machli (Fish) sign in his/her hand then that person is religious and prosperous. He is noble minded and works for charity.

He will be always scared of water. He will have an incident of drowning in his life but someone will save him. He always suffers from sinusitis type of problems.

Shankh (Conch Shell) present in hand also has same results as mentioned for Macchli Chinha/Fish Sign.

Macch Rekha (Fish Tail/Fish Line)

Macch Rekha (Fish Tail/Fish Line)

Macch Rekha (Fish Tail/Fish Line) is a semicircle branch at the end of lifeline or if Machli (Fish) is not completely formed (only one semicircle line present at the end of life line) then it will be called Machh Rekha. It gives strength to Life line and indicates hereditary disease.

Difference Between Fish and Island

Island and Square Shape Sign Not Fish Sign
Machli Chinha (Fish Sign) is big oval shape sign and only found on Mount of Ketu or Mount of Moon. It is not found in the middle of lifeline or starting of lifeline, it is only found at the end of lifeline. 

Island is always small in size and fish is always big in size.

Everywhere else where it is like shape of rectangle/square/kite it is not Machhli (fish) sign. People tend to think those as Machli sign but those are only squares and triangles. Mostly these Kite like looking signs which are mistaken as Machli sign are underneath Jupiter finger or are found in between Heart line and Head line.

Image Of Fish Sign 

My facebook friend Grace CK share her own experience about fish sign

I have a FISH at the end of my Lifeline .meaning religious person and prosperous,noble minded and works for charity.scared of water,have an incident drowning but someone will save me,suffer from sinusitis.( MY COMMENTS:yes I'm suffer from sinusitis because my nose is very sensitive i have an allergies in germs to causing my fungal sinusitis,of Yeah its true i'm religious person i don't have religion but my FAITH in GOD is greater than to their Faith.speaking of works for charity i will do this since from my childhood and until now i'm helping street children in a secret way and i will never to expose my kindness in publicity i'm helping poor people secretly.its true i have Drowning incident and my teacher instructor in swimming will save me,Swimming is the part of my P.E subject during my first year in college.oh yes I'm Scared in Water because I'm scared in God haha..😇. PROSPEROUS hmmm..not yet but I'm waiting now i'm sure maybe tomorrow or before the end of the world i got it hihihi.. because to be a RICH,BRINGING WEALTH AND SUCCESS is MY DESTINY, i believe the samurai clan ancestor is very rich from the beginning,going from rags to riches again, and the CROWN OF VICTORY will Rising soon mark my word😋.) i will share my Hand Photo of Fish Line attached at the end of my life line .

Photo Of Fish Sign On Her Hand 

Click Here to read her reply on facebook about fish sign

My client Abhishek share his own experience about fish sign

Thank you for the confirmation of the fish sign.

Yes, i have had an instance where i almost drowned and was saved by an unknown person.I don’t know swimming and this happened at Rishikesh. I can still remember it clearly.
I also have sinus problem.

I am very religious as a person since childhood.

I believe in charity a lot.

I am hopeful that i will be prosperous as well in life :-)

Great reading by you.


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