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Luxury Line On Your Hand Make You Rich - Palmistry

Money Line and Signs On Hand - Palmistry

Wealth Line - Indications Of Rich & Money In Palmistry

In Indian Palmistry there are few signs on the palm which indicates successful businessman, millionaire, rich, famous, extraordinary person,  wealthy, money from lottery, money from share market or stock market, sudden gain of wealth from lotto, lottery, and inheritance of property, etc.

sign of rich people millionaire on hand palmistry

Now, check if you have some of these auspicious signs/indications and lines on your hand/palm- Palmistry

1). Only one single vertical line on Mount of Mercury - If you have a single vertical line (see image 1) on your hand under Mount of Mercury then there are always chances of sudden gain of wealth most probably through speculative business.   

money on hand palmistry
Vertical line on Mercury Mount (image -1)

2). Triangles Outside or Inside of Lifeline - If you have triangles inside and outside of lifeline then there are chances that you will gain good amount of money at that particular time of age.  If triangle is not properly formed then you will not get full result from it.  If triangle is big and properly formed then you will get good result from it.  (See image -2)

money signs on hand palmistry
Triangle on Life Line (Image-2)

 3).  Yav sign between phalanges of thumb - If you have Yav sign between phalanx or joint of thumb then it indicates that subject will be rich in his/her life.  Yav sign is auspicious sign in Indian Palmistry. It represents wealth and richness. (See image -3).

money signs on hand palmistry
Yav Symbol On Thumb (Image 3)
4). Fish Symbol at the end of life line - If you have fish mark at the end of lifeline then there are strong chances that you will get good name and fame, success in abroad, and rich early in life. (see image 4)

Hand Image of Money Signs
Fish Mark (Image 4)

5). Star mark or sign on Sun Line - If you have two or three stars on your sun line then it indicates wealthy and famous but in middle age (you will get exact result of this particular sign in middle age).  (see image 5)

money sign on hand palmology
Star On Sun Line ( Image 5)

6). Line of Inheritance or Sign of Inheritance - If you have small vertical line between joint of ring finger and little finger (between mount of mercury and mount of sun) then there are strong chances that you will get easy money most probably through inheritance. ( See Image -6)

Vertical Line between Middle and Ring Finger (Image 6)

 7). Trident on Sun Line and Fate Line - If you have trident on fate line and sun line then it indicates that you will get wealth and prosperity throughout your life. You will get benefit/success in artistic field and land deals. (see image 7)  

trident for money
Trident On Hand (image 7)
8). "M" mark on hand - If you have symbol or sing of "M" on hand then it indicates subject is rich and wealthy.  ( see image 8)

m sign for money palmistry
"M" Sign On Hand (Image 8)
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Toilet Dream - Buying Toilet Roll In Dream

What Does That Mean " Dream About Buy Toilet Paper "

The world of dreams is always miraculous. Some dreams we forget about awake. Some dreams scare. Some dreams await the hope. So there are some dreams that we do not understand.

meaning of toilet dream

Seeing toilet roll or toilet paper in dream - Indications of good news.

See himself to buy toilet roll from any shop - Indications of wealth gain.

Looking for toilet in dream - Such a dream means that in real life there is an issue in front of you that you are feeling desperately needed to keep your opinion. Or you are challenging to keep your needs in front of others. In such a situation, instead of thinking about others, pay attention to meeting your needs.

Dream interpretation urinating in toilet means there are chances sudden health issues, illness, UTI.

What does dreaming of poop mean?
Answer- There are strong chances you will get easy money soon.

What does dreaming of feces mean? Dream of overflowing toilet with feces?
Answer- Click Here to get your answer.

Someone urinating on you in a dream
Answer- There are strong chances of fight between you and your siblings.

Dream meaning poop in front of people
Answer- Dream about latrine in front of people means you will get chance soon for which you are waiting from long period of time.

Dream interpretation urinating on floor
Answer- You will threaten or fired by your boss soon.

Dreaming of pickup dogs poop ?
Answer- You will get good news soon and your relative will contact you soon.

What does it mean when you dream about human feces?
Answer- Click Here

What does it mean when you dream pooping yourself?
Answer- Profit in business.

Dream interpretation explosive diarrhea
Answer- You will get change in your job or location soon. 

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Dream - When Dreaming Seeing Own House

Meaning Of Dream About Seeing Own House

Often what you see in your dreams, many times you remember that what you saw in your dreams today and many times forget. Sometimes you see the house in your dreams. There are many things to look at in a dream. 

meaning of home dream

Viewed Home Decor in dream - Loss in Property 

Seeing  ruins home in dream- there is profit in property.

Seeing someone else's entry in the house - victory over the enemy.

Seeing fire at home in dream - Benefit from Government. 

Looking at the house of gold - T
here is a sign of fire in the house.

See iron house - Respect will be respected.

Seeing a cottage in the dream - This is considered auspicious sign. It is a symbol of protection.

Seeing the door in the dream - It is considered to be the beginning to start a new work in the near future. 

See kitchen in the dream or see yourself in the kitchen - These are auspicious signs. This is understood as the sum of money received from somewhere in the near future. 

Question: What do you mean if I see a house decorated in a dream? 

Answer - Seeing a house decorated in a dream means loss of property.

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Dreams- Seeing Rain Water In Dream

Meaning Of Dream About Rain Water 

Whatever knowledge we have in the dream, there is some meaning in the dream, but if we believe in science, science makes it clear that nothing like dream can exist. The person who thinks the whole day goes on in the mind and takes the form of a dream. 

meaning of rain water in dream

Although astrology is also a science, behavioral science and astrology are always different from one another. If you look at water in the dream, there are also many types of it. Let us know how it is possible to see water in dreams.

Seeing rain or rain water in the dream - is considered auspicious factor. This means that there may be benefits in the coming time.

Seeing yourself drowning in water - According to astrology it is a nightmare, which means that you may have to face many difficulties in the coming time.

Question - What do you mean if I see rain or rain in the dream?

Answer: Seeing rain or rain in the dream can mean the benefit in the coming time.

Question - What do I mean if I see myself drowning in the dream?

Answer: If you see yourself drowning in the dream, it means that you may have to face many difficulties in the future.

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Dreams - Eating Egg In My Dream

Meaning Of Dream About Eating Egg 

Every person in the world has dreams. If a person has experienced the good events in the dream, then the person can be happy to remember those events of dreams. 
meaning of egg dream

According to astrology, if a person appears to be saying eggs in a dream, then such a dream points towards this point that the son is going to get the son.

Question: What do you mean if I see eggs in my dream?
Answer: To watch the eggs in the dream means you will blessed by son.

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Question: When I will receive my palm reading report?

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