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Marriage Line & Disease Palmistry


1.  If there is an island on end of the Marriage Line and the island touches the Heart Line then it indicates that person if male will suffer from venereal diseases and if female will suffer from gynec problems.
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2.  If Marriage Line is cut by Influence Line from Mount of Venus then it indicates menstrual problems. 

3.  If there is a Grille on Life Line outside on Mount of Rahu then it indicates abortion or miscarriage. 


Hollow On Plain Of Mars Palm Indian Palmistry

A hollow palm in the plain of mars shows misfortunes in many directions.

It is unfortunate sign. A hollow palm means disappointment and defeats, dejection in domestic life change of service sickness of son etc.

Generally it is hard hand and faces ill-luck.

Lotus Sign (Padma Chinha) In Hand Indian Palmistry

Lotus Sign (Kamal Chinha)

Lotus Sign (Padma Chinha) In Hand Indian Palmistry

It is also called Kamala Rekha, is a very rare sign, has beenfound on the hand of avtars like Shri Rama and lord Krishna. this along with the four sign Hala Rekha, Kamala Rekha, pitcher and conch are indeed signs of greatness and people with these signs even thoughmay be born with obscure background yet attain position of lordship.

Bronchitis Lung Disease And Hidden Enemies Palmistry

Bronchitis Lung Disease And Hidden Enemies Palmistry

Horizontal lines on Mount of Upper Mars indicates hidden enemies or bronchitis, lung disease.

Sunline In Palmistry

The Line Of Sun In Palm Reading

It starts from the wrist and moves upwards between the mounts of the Venus and moon ending on the mount of Apollo. It indicates intellectual, brilliance, fame and wealth, social life. This is a vertical line in the hand, long or short. If it is long, it starts from the upper part of the Mount of Moon and runs towards the Mount of Sun and generally terminates on the same Mount. If it is short, it starts high on the hand and ends on the Mount of Sun. 

If a person do not have Apollo line then he fails to have success in projects and enterprises. 

Functions of the Sun Line
It is the Line of capability, expressive of he possible accomplishments in which the subject would excel.
It shows sufficient talent and intelligence which may lead to success and happiness if properly used.

Rising from the wrist running through the hand - Possession of great talent
Rising from the Line of Fate - Success through personal efforts and merits.
Rising from the Mount of Moon - Success or failure through the influence of external factors
Rising from the Plain of Mars - A stubborn nature coupled with sufficient self-confidence and right resolution to achieve success - hands of a self-made person.
Rising from the Line of Head - Success achieved late in life.
Rising from the Line of Heart - A favorable sign revealing good tastes and adequate talents useful in old age.
Rising from the Line of life - Great interest in fine arts and occult study.

Characteristic features of the Sun Line

Long and uncrossed - Riches
Straight and strong - Fame in art
Well formed in both the hands - Successful career.
Very broad and shallow - Showy.
Very deep - Exaggeration of one's art.
A clear, deep and well-cut Line - Brilliant success assured -clear cut aim in life.
Poorly formed Line - Superficial Love of arts.
Chained Line - Inherent talents not properly recognized.
A wavy line - Vacillating career - erratic and unreliable.
Several vertical Lines present - Diversity of interest - difficult to attain success.
Twisted - Permanent failure accompanied by wickedness and misery.
Zigzagged line and the Heart line is shallow or absent - A high degree of infidelity and misconduct.
Long and uncrossed with twisted fingers - Talent for evil purposes.
A branch from the Line rises to the Mount of Mercury - Distinguished success in the direction of business, scientific pursuits and in the power of expression;
A branch from the Line merging into the Head Line - Success through mental caliber
Deeply marked on the Mount of Sun with pronounced Mount of Jupiter and Mercury - Aptitude for fine literary work.

Marks On Line

An island on the Line - Serious loss of money or reputation.
Bars cutting the Line - Constant impediments to success.
Breaks in the Line - Versatility that brings neither money nor fame to the subject
Dots on the Line - Menace to the reputation of the subject.
Ends in a dot - Indication of a brilliant success.
Begins with a star and ends with a star - Brilliant success throughout life.
A cross at the end - Protection from evils of all sorts.
An island at the end - Later portion of life dull and insipid.
A fork at the end - Subject's talents in more than one direction.
Trident on the - Celebrity - wealth from mental efforts.
Ends in a tassel - Talents fritter away in so many directions and accomplishments nil.
A star at the end - Success due to the assistance and good-will of others
Rising Offshoots - Increases the good effect of the Line.

Island On Children Line In Palmistry

children line island palmistry
An Island on children line denotes bad/weak health of child or chances of abortion/miscarriage/death of child if island at the end of children line.

Fate Line Starts From Lifeline Palmistry

Fate Line Originates From Life Line On Hand
Fate Line Starts From Lifeline Palmistry

Fate Line Starts From Lifeline Palmistry

If fate line starts from lifeline then there are chances of success in parental business or success with help of parents/family.  Subject will get benefit of parents/family name and reputation.

Mystic Cross In The Quadrangle Indian Palmistry

Mystic Cross On Hand

Quadrangle, the quadrangle is lies between head and heart lines.

Independent Cross in the quadrangle: A cross formed independently in the quadrangle under the mount of Saturn is called “Mystic cross” is a favorable sign for aptitude in occult sciences. It should neither touch the main lines and nor be formed by the main lines.

Mystic Cross On Hand

Mystic Cross In The Quadrangle Indian Palmistry

Cross touching Heart line: If a cross in the quadrangle not touching the fate and sun lines but touching the heart line, indicates a favorable influence of opposite sex on the person.

Cross touching Head line: If a cross in the quadrangle not touching the fate and sun lines but touching the head line, indicates that the subject gains favors for himself from the persons of opposite sex and friends.

Cross touching Fate line: If a cross touching the fate line is a fortunate symbol found in the hands of religious authorities.

Sign Of Sensitive Or Careless Person In Palmistry

Sign Of Sensitive Or Careless Person In Palmistry

When the quadrangle is broader under the Mount of Sun than Mount of Saturn the person is intensely sensitive about other people's opinion towards him, (headline A) while in the reverse case he is careless about his reputation, has reduced intellectual ability (headline B).

Jealous & Sensual Person - Indian Palmistry

Jealous & Sensual Person - Indian Palmistry

If heart line placed too high (towards the fingers), denotes jealousy and sensuality.

Sign Of Madness In Palmistry

Sign Of Madness In Palmistry

A grille or net sign in the quadrangle denotes madness, foolishness and stupidity. 

Depression & Mental Stress In Palmistry

Are You Suffering From Depression And Anxiety - Check Your Hand

Depression & Mental Stress In Palmistry

Signs of Depression In Palmistry:

1. Horizontal lines, grille, net and crosses on Mount of Moon.
2. Star on Headline.
3. Cross on Headline.
4. Headline ends on Mount of Saturn.
5. Crosses and grille on Plain of Mars.

Career & Marriage Palmistry

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If Union Line joins Health Line then it indicates that the person will get success in business/career after marriage or due to his/her partner’s help.  If Union Line is cut by Business Line (Health Line) then it indicates that the person will not get success in business/career due to marriage (marriage responsibilities or ill health of spouse). 

Learn Hindi Palmistry

Learn Indian Palmistry

Mounts On Palm

Mount of Jupiter : Underneath Index Finger.
Represents: Father, Leadership, Morality, Marriage, Spirituality, Self-Respect, & Ambition.
Diseases: Blood disorder, Acne, Burn, throat, liver and spleen.

Mount of Saturn : Underneath Middle Finger.
Represents: Mother, Poverty, Lifespan, Fate, Money, Accidents, & Occult Science.
Diseases: Depression, Wounds, Leg, Teeth, Spine, Vein, Childlessness, Arthritis, Ear and Suicide.

Mount of Sun : Underneath Ring Finger.
Represents: Success, Name & Fame, Wealth, Reputation, Debt & Defamation.
Diseases: Heart, Eye, BP, and Acidity.

Mount of Mercury : Underneath Little Finger.
Represents: Sports, Science, Speech, Medical, Finance, Business & Marriage.
Diseases: Skin, Voice disorder, & Wound.

Mount of Upper Mars : Between Mount of Moon and Mount of Mercury.
Represents: Religion, Courage and Mental strength.
Diseases: Intestine, Operation, Bronchitis, Lungs and Asthma.

Mount of Lower Mars : Between Mount of Jupiter and Mount of Venus.
Represents: Fight, Physical strength and Fear.
Diseases: Accidents, Operation, Blood disorder and Piles.

Mount of Venus : Area covered by Life Line.
Represents: Sex, Romance, Love, Relatives, Friends, Vehicle and Siblings.
Diseases: Venereal, Prostrate gland, STD, UTI and gynec.

Mount of Moon : Underneath Upper Mars.
Represents: Imagination, Plan, Water, Partner, Intuition and Travel.
Diseases: Kidney, Mental, Sinusitis, and Stone.

Mount of Dragon's Tail/South Node (Ketu) : Middle of Mount of Moon and Venus.
Represents: Mercy, Moksha (Spiritual Liberation), Divine Knowledge.
Diseases: Skin, Leucoderma and Leprosy.

Mount of Dragon's Head/North Node (Rahu) : Between Upper and Lower Mount of Mars.
Represents: Problems, Quarrel, Deception, Fraud and Financial Loss.
Diseases: Stomach, Accident, Operation and Back.

Lines On Palm

Life Line : This line is believed to represent the person's vitality and vigor, physical health and general well being. The life line is also believed to reflect major life changes, including cataclysmic events, physical injuries, and relocation.

1. Chained Life Line : Ill-Health, Weak Constitution.
2. Short Life Line : If life line is short then read fate line and line of mars.
3. Long Life Line : Good Health.
4. Broken Life Line : Change of residence or health problem.
5. Double Life Line : Protection from life threatening incident.

Heart Line : The heart line is the first of the major lines examined by a palm reader and represents love and attraction. It is found towards the top of the palm, under the fingers. Palmists interpret this line to represent matters of the heart.

1. Broken Heart Line: Troubled relationships and Heartbreak.
2. Short Heart Line: Short Heart line shows a lack of interest in the affairs of love and affections.
3. Long Heart Line: Overemotional, Jealousy & sensuality.
4. Chained Heart Line: Pessimistic, anxiety, depression and fearful.

Head Line: The Head Line runs horizontally above the Life Line. Head Line signifies intelligence, mental stress, mental illness and concentration.

1. Broken Head Line: Head injury and mental stress.
2. Long Head Line: Sharp Memory.
3. Short Head Line: Dependent on others, unstable thoughts and impatient.
4. Curved Head Line: Imaginative.
5. Straight Head Line: Practical thinking.
6. Too Short Head Line: Mental illness and retarded.

Fate Line: Fate line starts from anywhere but always ends on Mount of Saturn. Fate Line is a road map of career.

1. Absent Fate Line: Success only after hard work.
2. Long Fate Line: Good Success.

Sun Line: Sun Line always ends on Mount of Sun. Sun Line determines popularity and success in life and gives success in financial and fame matters.

1. Long Sun Line: Good financial status and early success.
2. Broken Sun Line: Loss of reputation and financial loss.
3. Short Sun Line: Late Success.

Mars Line:The Mars Line rises on the lower Mount of Mars and runs inside of the Life line. Mars Line is supportive line of Life Line. It gives strength to Life Line.

1. Broken Mars Line: Family and Health related problems.
2. Long Mars Line: Good health and success in medical and astrology field.
3. Many Mars Line: Influence of more than one person in life.

Double Lines: Always consider long line as main line.

Double Life Line:

to be continued....

Various Signs & Related Predictions

Hindu Signs And Symbol On Hand In Indian Palmistry

Signs like crown, canopy, chariot, tortoise, natural pond, bowers, tail of a goat, tree, elephant, pitcher, palace, tomb, God's lotus like feet, mountains, mirror, ox, garland, etc, including the signs mentioned earlier are the 32 signs which are found and noticed on the hands of lucky persons. Following signs signify the trait and qualities, mentioned against each sign or symbol.

Various Signs & Related Predictions - Palmistry

1. Sign of parasol is found on the hand of emperors. 

2. Sign of lotus stands for the person who enjoys life. 
3. Sign of a lotus stem and lotus signifies a powerful emperor. 
4. A person who has sign of a human being is head of the village. 
5. Chariot sign denotes the native will enjoy all comforts, will have a large family and own vehicle. 
 6. Sign of tortoise makes a person lucky. (Nitin Kumar Palmist)
7. A person is broad minded and philanthropic if he has sign of a natural pond. 
8. Person with a swastik symbol is worshiped by the state due to his righteousness and his sign is auspicious. 
 9. Sign of a bower makes a man noble, his married life remains happy and his life rises after marriage. 
10. Tail of a white goat denotes ministership. 
1 1. Sign of lion signifies utmost valour and hyperactivity. 
12. One who is philanthropic and feeds a large family has sign of a tree on hand. 
13. Sign of wheel denotes grace, qualities and richness. 
 14. A person having a sign of wheel/ circle is devotee of Vishnu, and worships deities and Brahmins. 

15. Sign of elephant makes a person king. 
16. One who has a symbol of pond suffers from flatulence but despite this, he is prosperous.
1 7. Sign of a full pitcher helps a person to accomplish all his desires. 
 1 8. A person having a sign of fish leads life of navigator. 
19. One who has sign of a corn-seed leads a luxurious and comfortable life. 
20. Sign of plank makes a person head of his family.  
21. One who has control over his senses and has perseverance has the sign of a tomb on his hand.
22. Sign of a begging bowl indicates that the native is a recluse. 
23. A sign of mountain indicates the native is brave, courageous and unique. 
24. Sign of a temple makes a person head of a monastery, adored in the village and a religious minded person. 
 25. Sign of an ox indicates that the native owns live stock, is a prosperous farmer or a landlord. 
 26. Sign of a mirror indicates that the native can distinguish between truth and falsehood, is frank and justice loving.  (Nitin Kumar Palmist)
 27. Sign of a flag indicates the native is reputed and his old age will pass without hiccups/problems.
28.Sign of an urn indicates the native is well respected and worships his deity. 
 29. A native is reputed and rich if he has sign of a garland of flowers.
30. Sign of a peacock feather denotes he will benefit from his maternal side. 
31. One, who has sign of God's foot, will have devotion towards God. 
32. Sign of a goad on hand depicts self control of the native over his senses.

source: wonders of palmistry by bhojraj diwedi

Mars Line In Palmistry

The Line Of Mars

The usual starting point of this Line is the Lower Mount of Mars. It runs inside the Life Line and very close beside it.

Function Of Mars Line
By and large it supplements the functions of the Line of Life.
If the Mars Line runs close and parallel to the Life Line on the Lower Mount of Mars and the Mount of Venus. It corrects many of the breaks and defects in the Line Life.
It represents the vital force in man which offers greater power of resistance to withstand any disease, nervous debility or unexpected shock.

Mars Line In Palmistry

Characteristic Features Of The Mars Line

Deep or broad - A sign of great heat, violence and sexual passions.

Sister lines running parallel inside the Mount of Venus - Influence of other people over the life of the subject.

Terminating in a fork - Super abundance of the animal nature - intemperance of every kind.

Terminating in a fork one prong of which enters the mount of Moon and ends in a star - Alcoholic intemperance.

If you want to know more about Mars Line in detail then visit below link : Detailed Information About Mars Line

Long Mars Line Indian Palmistry

Long Mars Line: Good Health

Line of Mars starts from Mount of Lower Mars and runs parallel to the lifeline or inside of the life line.  Long Mars Line denotes good health. 

If you want to know more about Mars Line in detail then visit below link : Detailed description of Mars Line

Girdle Of Venus In Palmistry

The Girdle of Venus exists in the form of a semi-circle rising between the first and second fingers, and ends between the third and fourth. It relates to emotional intelligence and the ability to manipulate. It Shows highly-strung, nervous temperament. People possessing the Girdle of Venus are capable of rising to the highest pitch of enthusiasm over anything that engages their fancy, but keep on fluctuating between high and low spirits.

Functions of the Girdle of Venus
It adds to the power of the Line of Heart
It indicates the high-strung disposition, nervous temperament of an individual.
Formed as a single deep Line adds to the power of the Heart Line - passion within control.

Characteristic features of the Girdle of Venus

Composed of broken fragments - Increased nervousness - prone to suffer from hysteria.
Bulging Mount of Venus, broken Girdle of Venus - Liable to indulge in masturbation during adolescence.
Sloping Head line, a star, cross or island at termination, broken Girdle of Venus - Grave danger of mental illness
Broken Line, cross on the mount of Saturn, an island on the Head Line or Fate Lien, a grille on the Mount of Moon with brittle or fluted nail - Tendency to paralysis
Connects Mount of Jupiter and Mercury - Refinement of the passions and refined eroticism.
Finely marked but cut by a bar line under the Mount of Apollo - A life spoiled - reverses experienced on account of passionate attachment.
Unbroken - Tendency towards hysteria and despondent.
Comes in contact with Marriage Line - Happiness of the marriage will be marked through the peculiarities of the temperament.

Source: hindustanlinks

Sign Of Inheritance Palmistry

Sign Of Inheritance Palmistry

Property line is a small vertical line between the Mercury and Apollo finger which drops downward. If it is clear and not cut then definitely indicates property. (1)

Sign Of Inheritance Palmistry

If a branch from Health Line meets Head Line then it indicates inheritance. (2)

If a cross is present on first line of Manibandh (Bracelet) then it indicates inheritance. (3)

If an island on the thumb joint between the first and second phalange then it indicates person will enjoy on parental property and he won’t lack anything. (4)

Rascette Lines In Palmistry

The Line Of Rascette

They are the horizontal Lines or curves separating the palm from the arm at the wrist. They vary in number from one to three or even more. These lines are found at the bottom of the palm.

Functions of the Rascette Lines

They indicate the longevity of the person, in particular.
One bracelet clearly marked and unbroken 23 to 28 years of life.
Two bracelets 46 to 56 years of life.
Three bracelets 69 to 84 years of life.
Four bracelets Octogenarians.

Characteristic Features Of Rascette Lines

First bracelet high on the wrist and convex - Trouble in reproductive faculties. 
The first bracelet chained and other bracelets well formed - A life of hard work and difficulty in the early years, but later life will be crowned with success.
The three bracelets very clear- well defined and colored - Health, wealth, good fortune and easy existence.
Poorly formed bracelets - Extravagant life dissipation.
Breaks one below the other under the Mount of Saturn - Inordinate vanity and untruthfulness, leading to disaster.

Source: hindustanlinks



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