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Acidity - Heartburn Problem Palmistry

If Head line is chained, wavy or defected under Mount of Sun or end part of head line is not good/defected then there are chances of acidity.

Net sign on Mount of Rahu denotes acidity and stomach issues.

Health line in parts or chained denotes acidity.

Suicide In Family Or Suicide Of Close Relative Palmistry


If lifeline is broken under Mount of Saturn then there are chances that someone in your family commit suicide or any close relative commit suicide.


यदि जीवन रेखा शनि पर्वत के नीचे खंडित हो तो व्यक्ति के परिवार से कोई सदस्य या उसका कोई नजदीकी रिश्तेदार आत्महत्या कर सकता है !

Types Of Hands In Palmistry

Breaks In Life Line Palmistry

Controversy On Left Hand & Right Hand Palmistry

A Controversy: Left Hand or Right Hand

The first question that comes into the mind of a new palmist is whether he should study the left or the right hand. There are many theories and beliefs about that. In ancient India (even now in many cases) people were of the view that for the man the right hand should be seen, and for women the left hand should be seen. Later, people started to say that if a man or woman is independent for his earnings and decisions then his right hand should be seen, but if anyone is dependent on their parents or husband then their left hand should be studied. Now most of the palmists are of the view that the active hand should be seen and there should be no discrimination of age or sex. But in modern times generally both hands are seen to get out of this long dispute and it has proved to be of great help. But still the active hand is given the importance. The active hand is the one with which one writes and uses most of their tools. The other hand is called the passive hand.

The passive hand tells the past habits and incidents of life. These past habits and behaviours were the results of his environmental and genetic influences (from parents). The active hand tells about the present and future. The active hand tells the present behaviour of the person and what changes this person has brought into his life. So it can be easily understood that if a person has different lines in both of his hands, then he has brought many changes into his life. If he has better lines and signs in his active hand, then he is making positive changes. However, if his passive hand has better lines then it clearly means that he had better potential and had good chances, but he could not make use of them.

Sign Of Broken Engagement (Sagaai Ka Tootna) In Palmistry

1. If Heart Line is broken under Mount of Saturn then it indicates broken engagement or failure in love.

2. If branch of Heart Line cuts by any vertical line then it indicates broken engagement or love failure.

Read In Hindi:- Engagement ka tootna

1. Yadi Hridya Rekha Shani Parvat pr tooti hui ho to vykti ki sagaai toot jaati hai ya usko pyaar mein nirasha milti hai.

2.  Yadi Hridya Rekha ki shakha ko koi  badha rekha kaat de to vykti ki sagai toot jaati hai ya phir uska pyaar mein nakaami milti hai.

Tiny Branches From Life Line In Palmistry

Small upward branches on Life Line indicates good health, good progress, and fulfill of all wishes.

Small downward branches on life line indicates bad health, bad progress, and struggle throughout life. 

What To Do If Sun Line Is Broken In The Palm Palmistry

Broken Sun Line Palm Reading

Broken Sun Line indicates defamation, loss of reputation, loss of money, demotion, loss from hidden enemies, not good relationship with father, problem in government service, chances of false allegation  and eye issues.

Wear Ruby in Ring Finger of Right Hand on Sunday.

Recite daily "Aditiya Hridiya Stotram" or at least on Sunday.

Large Mount of Venus Palmistry

Large Mound of Venus:  Love to travel, chance to travel abroad, business in abroad, prostrate disease (venereal disease) and strong sex drive. In women hands indicates problem during pregnancy or disease related to uterus and gynec disease.

Love Marriage/Arrange Marriage/Divorce

Island On Fate Line & Broken Fate Line Palmistry

Island on fate line and broken fate line:  Financial loss & problem in career/job

Island On Head Line Underneath Mount Of Saturn Palmistry

Patient In Depression

Deaf boy

An island under Mount of Saturn on head line indicates deafness (both hands), and depression. 

Indigestion In Palmistry

1.  Wavy Health Line.
2.  Islanded Life Line.

No Fate Line Till Age 35 Palmistry

If there is no fate line till age 35 (no fate line below head line) or if fate line starts from Mount of Plain of Mars then it indicates success after age 35 or from age 35 after lots of struggle.  Bad luck till age 34/35.  But there are chances of sudden gain of wealth through lottery, gambling and inheritance, etc after age 35.

Fate Line Starts From Mount Of Ketu In Palmistry

If fate line starts from Mount of Ketu or starts from base of palm then indicates early responsibilities due to family problems and childhood setback, earning/career starts from 20/21.  If fate line starts close to lifeline then indicates family oriented person and if there is big gap between lifeline and fate line then indicates busy in social life and travel a lot.

Head Line Ends On Mount Of Moon Palmistry

Slopping Head Line or Head Line ends on Mount of Moon then it indicates overly imaginative, emotional, loves to travel, poet, and writer.

Phalanges Of Fingers Palmistry

All the fingers have three phalanges each. The first phalange represents mind world; the middle, abstract and the base phalange represents baser work.

All these phalanges are not of equal length but comparatively increase in length from top to bottom. These three phalanges denote whether the qualities of the mounts underneath excel in mental or abstract that i.e., material or baser world.

When the top phalanges are most developed idealism, emotionalism and mental approach is prominent generally or particularly.

When the middle phalanges are most developed business sides of the mounts are most developed and the native displays common sense at every plain, be it home, profession, business, service, friends. He earns a good living by appealing and appeasing the persons in his environment and is endowed with pronounced money making abilities.

When the baser phalanges are most developed, the person is a sensualist seeking gratification of appetite and luxury. He has great love for eating, drinking, merrying and sleeping. He cares only to make money for baser needs and enjoyments. The more pronounced the thickness of third phalanges, the more these lower traits get strengthened.

When the third phalanges are narrow than thick, the person eats only to live and displays his strength in business or mental world. He thinks that money is not only for purchasing and pleasures rather spends it on gratification of his mental appetites. He basically is of inquisitive mind, which is an added force to spatulate fingers. With narrow base phalanges on long fingers one may be an investigator. Summarily this person cares little for money, eats little but is an enquiring and curious mind.

Marriage Line Attached To Girdle oF Venus Palmistry

Marriage line meets venus of girdle show selfishness in the matter of affection and sexuality, bad marriage.

Marriage Line cuts venus of girdle indicates separation due to over sensuality.

Sign Of Divorce - Miscarriage Indian Palmistry

Sign of divorce & Abortion 

If small vertical bar line or small branch of Life Line cuts by influence line which comes from Upper Mount of Venus and goes towards Mount of Saturn indicates miscarriage, abortion and divorce.

Head Line Tie With Life Line Palmistry

Headline and lifeline tie together which indicates cautious, lack of confidence and always like to get a second opinion before making any important decision and family has a strong influence on subject.

Star Mark Or Star Sign On Mount Of Saturn In Palmistry

Star on Mount of Saturn is most unfortunate sign.  Star on Mount of Saturn denotes incurable disease, paralysis, obstacles in life, depression, murder and suicide. 


Big Island on Head Line underneath Mount of Saturn indicates hearing issues.

Fate Line Starts From Head Line Indian Palmistry

Success after age 35 or success due to mental power or sudden gain after 35

Separated Fingers Palmistry

When all the fingers are widely separated the person is free in thoughts and actions, lacks conventionality and is a freethinker easy to approach befriend.

When there is no spacing and fingers are held together in an open hand the person is sale to formality, self centered, stiff to get acquainted, lacks independence of thought and action. he can only be approached in a most respectful manner.

28 Nakshatra On Palm Indian Palmistry

Marriage Line Cuts Sun Line Palmistry

If your sun line cuts by your marriage line then there are chances of financial loss and defamation through soul mate, life partner, opposite sex and relationship.   

Double Head Line Palmistry

Double Head Line:  Talented or  concentration issues and fickle minded (if head line defected).  Always consider long and good head line as main head line and other line as second head line or sub head line.  Some Indian Palmists consider double head line as unmarried, problem in married life, famous person and famous businessman.

12 Months On Palm Indian Palmistry

Signs On The Mounts Palmistry

Square--Protection from troubles, scandals, loss of status and throat troubles.

Triangle--Philanthropic disposition, diplomatic skill, attainment of high office and progressive progeny.

Circle--Sucess, memory of previous birth.

Cross--Head injury;rich in laws, if with a good head line.

Star---REalistation of ambition, fate, loss of partner in advanced age, paralysis, tumour in the brain.

Ring of solomon--knowledge, wisdom, occultism, prophetic vision.

Spot--Misfortune and loss of reputation.

Bar--Failures in ambitions, difficulties perhaps due to ill health.

Grille--Loose morals and superstitions.

Ladder--Poor life and losses.

Island--Loss of ambition or career due to a close friend or relative.

Star On Mount Of Mercury

A well formed Star On the Mount of Mercury, indicates eloquence sudden gains and interest in business or science while on a bad mount, it is the sign of dishonesty and thieving disposition.

Circle On Mount Of Mercury Indian Palmistry

It indicates danger from water or poisoning from contaminated water or food.

Space Between Little Finger & Ring Finger Palmistry

Gap Between Little Finger and Ring Finger: Independent thinking and Dictatorship.

Palmistry With Diagram

Many Fine Marriage Lines On Hand Palmistry

If there is more than one or two Marriage Lines this does not mean that person would marry two or three times. The Strong Marriage Line is indicating marriage in this period. Person with many Marriage Lines will be having trouble getting married. Yes there are chances if there are two strong Marriage Lines then sometimes person gets married two times or could have Extramarital Affair.

How Palm Reading Can Predict Your Love & Married Life - Indian Palmistry

As per palmistry, each person has the line of romance and marriage line in his/her hands.  Some have only one marriage line while others have more than one marriage line. Marriage line denotes if a person will get married or remain unmarried. It can also denotes if he/she will stay happily married or get divorced.

All questions related to love and romance and married life can be answered with this marriage line.

Few author writes that the lines of the hand are always changing but some major lines do not change and stay put.  These major lines are life line , heart line, head line and the marriage line.

The marriage line provides details about subject’s love life and his/her marital life. Marriage line found beneath the little finger at the end of the palm. The area is known as the mound of mercury.  

If there is a  cross on the top phalange of the little finger then subject will remain unmarried.

We need to study both hand's marriage lines properly.

It is believed that the more marriage lines on hand, the more the affairs but this is not true. 

A broken marriage line means divorce or separation . 

Marriage line also reveals a lot about the marital life.

Read more about Marriage Line and Love Life indications: Sings of Love Marriage & Divorce

Indian Palmistry Signs (Hast Chinha)

 Island (Dweep Chinha)

1. Island on Life Line:  Illness, hereditary and chronic disease.
2. Island on Head Line: Mental disease, head injury, and mental weakness.
3. Island on Fate Line:  Money loss and family and career problems.
4. Island on Heart Line: Emotional trauma and heart disease.
5. Island on Sun Line:  Loss of reputation, eye disease and financial loss. (Nitin Kumar Palmist)
6. Island on health Line: Serious injury, major health problem and loss in business.
7. Island on base of thumb: Prosperity, good education and blessed by son.
8. Island on first phalanx of thumb: Happiness and Prosperity.
9. Island on Mount of Jupiter: Lack of willpower and defamation.
10. Island on Mount of Saturn: Bad luck.
11. Island on Mount of Sun: Loss in business or career and break in education.
12. Island on Mount of Mercury: Instability in business.
13. Island on Mount of Mars:  Coward, and suicidal tendency.
14. Island on Mount of Moon: Lack of imagination.
15. Island on Mount of Venus: Sex addicted and unsuccessful love.
( )

 Circle (Vrit Chinha)

1.  Circle on Life Line: Eye trouble.
2.  Circle on Head Line: Blind.
3.  Circle on Heart Line: Eye disease and heart weakness.
4.  Circle on Health Line: Accident.
5.  Circle on Mount of Jupiter: Past life memory.
6.  Circle on Mount of Saturn:  Heart weakness.
7.  Circle on Mount of Sun:  Prosperity. (Nitin Kumar Palmist)
8.  Circle on Mount of Mercury: Danger from poison.
9.  Circle on Mount of Mars:  Eye injury.
10. Circle on Mount of Moon:  Drowning incident.
11.  Circle on Mount of Venus:  Sexual weakness.
12.  Circle on first phalanx of Index finger: Good logic sense.
( )

Cross Sign (Cross Chinha)

1.  Cross on Life Line ( starting point ): Health problems in childhood.
2.  Cross on Life Line ( end ): Health problems in old age.
3.  Cross on Fate Line: Bad luck.
4.  Cross on Head Line: Accident.
5.  Cross on Heart Line: Emotional trauma.
6.  Cross on Health Line :  Accident.
7.  Cross on Mount of Saturn:  Bad luck, murderer. (Nitin Kumar Palmist)
8.  Cross on Mount of Sun: Demotion and debt.
9.  Cross on Mount of Mercury:  Financial problems and leg problem.
10. Cross on Mount of Upper Mars:  Operation.
11.  Cross on Mount of Lower Mars:  Suicidal tendency.
12.  Cross on Mount of Moon:  Diabetes, and kidney problem.
13.  Cross on first phalanx of Thumb:  Loss of integrity.
( )

to be continued....

Know About Your Heart Line Palmistry

Note:  Some palmists believe that Heart Line starts from Mount of Jupiter and some palmists believe that Heart Line ends on Mount of Jupiter. (

1.  If your  heart line starts from third phalage of index finger or ends on third phalange of index finger then denotes disappointment in all aspects of life, impatient, egoistic.

2. If your heart line starts from base of Mount of Jupiter or ends on base of Mount of Jupiter then it indicates infatuation, unsuccessful love and deception in love.

3. If your heart line starts from middle of Mount of Jupiter or ends on middle of Mount of Jupiter then it denotes true lover or ideal lover, always wants to marry with famous or high educated person. (

4. If your heart line is long and cross the Mount of Jupiter then it indicates over-emotional, jealously and sensual.

5.  If your heart line covers the mount of Jupiter in a semicircular way then it indicates idealism, spiritual powers, interest in occult science.

6.  If heart line moves towards head line underneath mount of Jupiter then indicates betrayal in love.

7.  If heart line, life line and head line join at one point then indicates arthritis, failures.

8.  If heart line ends on lower mount of Mars indicates quarreling nature, short tempered.

9.  If heart line starts or ends between ring finger and middle finger indicates true love but not able to express. (

10.  If heart line starts or ends on mount of Saturn indicates sensual, selfish nature.

11.  If heart line is branchless under mount of Mercury indicates not able to reproduce.

12.  If heart line starts or ends on mount of Sun indicates love of high degree.

13.  If heart line moves upwards towards little finger indicates learning occult and earning money.

14.  If heart line is absent under mount of Mercury indicates giving only importance to money and only living for money. (

15.  If heart line is absent till mount of Sun indicates artistic inclination.

16.  If heart line starts from mount of upper Mars indicates loner.

17. If heart line ends on head line indicates giving importance to logic over emotions.

18.  If heart line having downward branches indicates flirty nature.

to be continued

Cross On Left And Right Side Of Sun Line Palmistry

indian palmistry

If there is a cross near to sun line on right side (mount of Saturn's side) denotes inclination towards spirituality & good human being. (fig-1A)

palm reading palmistry

If there is a cross near to sun line on left side (mount of Mercury's side) denotes loss in business due to inexperience. (fig-2A)


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