Women Breast Size & Shape Tells About Her Character & Personality

Ladies!! Your Breasts Reveals About You

character of woman with her boobs

Women character based on breast shape. Based on a Survey, woman personality can be known based on the shape of her breast.

The nature of women based on breast shape
1 . Swelling breast: she was an independent woman. Easy for this woman to start intercourse with men, she likes fast amorous with everybody, friendly and open. In addition, she also have thought broad, humble, and good natured, while her philosophy was life is short. But she has not despoiler forgive others who have had some fault him. This woman aspires married man who honor liberty as well as like lifestyle active. Their idol was a responsible men, and willing to settle the matter with.

2. Plump breast: This Woman never put up with a serious bond. Sometimes she doesn't care about other people's feelings, but on the contrary, if the woman is already bound in the commitment, she was fond of with his family including meet all your requirements and honest in her husband's family. From the outside this woman appears like a good women and responsible, but in her heart emotions will face even slightly explosiveness if problems. Males generally macho and conforming dambaan women busty plump is this.

3. Consntricted breast: women have breasts flat is very appreciative of the freedom of the individual and believe in the theory. These women often experience conflict with her self or the people but this woman was able to find easily the settlement of the problems encountered. This talented woman in the field of art, such as interior decor, hand work, Cook, and keeping animals. Men who fit this woman is a man who is impatient and does not talk much. Because these women prefer less talk and a lot of work, though the stubborn woman is full of warmth, love, and to be trusted.

4. Swooping breast : very easily governed, faithful to his partner, always alert, and is fond of the interlocutor direct to the point. This woman tend to select men corresponding for her criteria. This because once she fell in love, and he will faithful to his partner. She has no objection if the husband asked him to stay on house and care for children. Men that ideal for swooping breast women that is what have sense of humor high and had personality open. To choose a living spouse, this woman will not misjudge of possessions, but the family man background . 

5. Snoopy breast (Large aerola): This women tending to spatially masculine. Generally , of the masculin nature will gradually disappears when this woman increased teenagers, and then origination indicating the nature of feminine. But this woman dislike pressure or restraints from others. Very difficult for her to be humble in the presence of other people, because of her esteem or ego was so high. She loves to comparing between friend who is one with another. Man who suitable for this woman is that may be is believable and always be by her side when sad or happy.

6. Widening Breast : Widening women's carefree nature and independent. Unfortunately, this woman loves to talk and exaggerate the problem. More crazy again, this is easy once angry woman, not like bridled but quick to help others who need help. This lady should always be honest and frank when they deal with matters related to the emotions. Though these women do not usually live in luxury, but he is a clever woman berjimat closely. This is because he is easily bored if must be in addition to her partner at any time, so she likes to achieve self sufficiency. At the same time this woman always specious. Lelak eldest does not comply with this woman. The firstborn should always be like lead. This lady feel marriage is a nasty thing but after marrying this woman should always be changed.

7. Pectus carinatum breasts (Down breast): this women is very sensitive. She will feel betrayed if he has not given the attention he gives to certain signs signals through. Next he would cry and lose confidence in his love relationship. This woman thought patterns very naive and inexperienced as a female is rather slow, in matters pertaining to sexual relationship. But don't worry because the sex knowledge and experience will increase after the marriage. In the household, the woman is very popular because of its kind, especially in welcoming her husband after work. Men who become women's choice is the man in charge, courageous and resolute in its establishment.

8. Bells: This female is a practical and honestly think. Her weakness is forgetful and lazy work. He often fought with his own feelings if made any options and easy-to-bouncy if there is something that makes them angry. This makes the people did not dare to come close to this woman that's easy to say: If there is a slight problem. However this woman has the power of attraction that is able to make the boy interested and feel happy to.

9. Small breast : this woman difficult declined requests others. She is open, capable of about other people, and patient, make this woman known as a good natured and helper. Probably kindness arose uttering he meddlesome others. This woman aspires became his wife and mother wise for his children. Pair that is suitable for this woman is man that has a regular job uttering this lady could not live siege and distress berpanjangan will face. If experience stress he would easily affected by the disease. 

10. Sagging breast : Fail never exists in the dictionary of this woman. Her hobby is read and supremely interest in art, she was follow the heart for the sake of adding to his experience. Women's suits make friends with people who can understand him, because he does have a large head, selfish nature and are free to do anything.

How Breast Shape and Size Can Predict Personality

#1 - Small bosoms, small areola with nipples facing forward - You are a great problem solver and intellect. You are quick thinking and can be quite humorous at times. You love the arts and are a true classic. You start conversations sometimes that other wished you hadn’t. You love to be comfortable at home and are not highly social. You value books and learning but you can come across as a little weird at times. You prefer time alone. You hide your emotions but are one strong lady! 

#2 - Large breasts, small areola, with nipples facing forward - Your breast shape predicts that you were born to lead and are quite the looker. You succeed in the most complex of tasks and have a strong will. You make decisions with your mind over your heart most of the time. You possess lots of self control and weigh actions carefully. You may be an empath but don’t know it. You are a stable person who rarely asks for help. 

#3 - Medium sized breasts, small areola, with nipples facing forward - You are a free spirit – and do whatever you think is best. You are a very innovative person – many times turning what’s old into something new. Your forward thinking makes some people to believe you are a bit odd. You always show great style by sporting lots of attention-getting clothing. You have a tendency to offend others, even when you don’t mean to. 

#4 - Large bosoms, large areola with nipples facing downward - You always look at the bright side - always smiling at others and have something nice to say. You are an avid daydreamer and have many hopes for the future. Even though you’re shy on the inside, people don’t seem to notice. And even though you’re funny, not everyone understands your sense of humor. 

#5 - Small breasts, small areola with nipples facing slightly outward - You have an attractive personality. People love you for your fiery disposition. You are passionate and compassionate and people love that about you. You have great concern for the environment and always go after what you want. Your quick decisions sometimes get you into trouble. You may have a quick temper at times. 

#6 - Large bosoms, large areola with nipples facing forward - Your breast shape says you are very kind to others and have a good heart. You work harmoniously with others and are a great problem solver. People recognize this about you and come to you for advice. At times, you put others well being ahead of your own because of your nurturing personality. You hate judgemental people and listen to the facts before making decisions. People enjoy your company. 

#7 - Smallish breasts, medium areola, with nipples facing slightly outward - You are a good friend and wise beyond your years. You love to try new things and are always looking to improve yourself. You love reading and prefer to remove yourself from drama. You detest violence and arguing and are therefore a pacifist. You prefer to be alone with a good book or classic movie.

#8 - Large bosoms, large areola with nipples facing outward - You are popular and very creative. You have clever ideas and plan things well ahead of time. You can get depressed when life overwhelms you. You can be very charming and people flock to you! You tend to do things your own way and love to put a new spin on things. 

#9 - Medium bosoms, small areola, nipples facing slightly outward - You love to fit in with all the popular people but are a bit shy. Even though you might seem a little gullible to some, you are no dummy. You are a good judge of character and were born for special things in life. You have many hopes and dreams and believe in yourself. You are a great friend and an especially hard worker. 

#10 - Large breasts, medium areola, nipples facing slightly outward - You always see the best in other people. You love going new places and love new adventures. You are highly sociable and fun loving. You love to amuse others and carry your positive attitude with you wherever you go. Best known for your great smile! 

#11 - Smaller breasts, medium areola, nipples facing downward - When you walk into a room, heads turn! You are breathtakingly beautiful and love to seduce attention. You detest boring routines and love traveling to exotic lands. You can be manipulative at times but let your heart lead the way most of the time. You are also very smart! 

#12 - Medium sized breasts, medium areola, nipples facing outward - People trust you explicitly and find it easy to confide their deepest secrets with you – which they have no doubts you will keep private. However, you don’t allow everyone to be a close friend. In fact, you often say you have enough friends and don’t need more. Your breast shape predicts that you can be elusive and mysterious, even to your closest friends. You tend to hold all your cards privately – trusting only those whom you consider to be family. You hold high standards for life in general. 

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