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Sign Of Doctor In Palmistry

Sign Of Doctor Palm Reading

Medical Stigmata (Chikitsak Rekha): Vertical lines on Mount of mercury, healer.

A line from headline goes to Mount of mercury.
Mars Line ends on bracelets (manibandh) or long mars line.

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Sign of Medical Stigmata

Image Of Fish Symbol End Of Life Line In Palmistry

Fish Mark On Hand

A well formed fish mark is always a boon to the subject.  A clearly formed fish mark will show that the planet Jupiter is strong in the hands and horoscope of the subject.  The subject will be financially strong and learned and good-hearted, and enjoy a post of authority.  It is excellent for a woman to have a clear strong fish mark on her palms.  If she is a housewife, it is clear indication that her husband will rise materially in life.  This will be all the more certain if the favorable strong fish mark is found in the woman's right hand.  This is because in the Indian Hand Reading System the right hand reveals something of the material prospects of the husband.  This only applies if the woman is fated to have only one marriage in this birth.  In Indian Palmistry and astrology the destiny of the husband and wife are inter related due to the karma of their previous life or lives.

The fish mark can be found on Mount of Moon in the palm but in general it is found near the wrist and frequently attached to the Life line.  The fish mark may or may not have an 'eye' mark to it.  If the fish symbol has the face pointing towards the wrist the subject will rise in life in middle age but if the face of the fish points towards the fingers then the subject will be blessed with prosperity at an earlier age.  Also in this case these blessings will basically last throughout life.

Let us assume that a married woman has a clear strong fish mark on her palms.  In this case she will not be childless if she keenly desire children.  This should be of interest to gynecologists.  But the important point to note is that the fish sign must be clear and prominent.   

Above Image is example of fish mark (mastya sign) on hand. For more detail about fish tail and fish sign read this article 

Fish Sign In Hindu Palmistry

Sun Line In Palmistry

The Line Of Sun In Palm Reading

It starts from the wrist and moves upwards between the mounts of the Venus and moon ending on the mount of Apollo. It indicates intellectual, brilliance, fame and wealth, social life. This is a vertical line in the hand, long or short. If it is long, it starts from the upper part of the Mount of Moon and runs towards the Mount of Sun and generally terminates on the same Mount. If it is short, it starts high on the hand and ends on the Mount of Sun. 

If a person do not have Apollo line then he fails to have success in projects and enterprises. 

Functions of the Sun Line

It is the Line of capability, expressive of he possible accomplishments in which the subject would excel.

It shows sufficient talent and intelligence which may lead to success and happiness if properly used.

  • Rising from the wrist running through the hand - Possession of great talent
  • Rising from the Line of Fate - Success through personal efforts and merits.
  • Rising from the Mount of Moon - Success or failure through the influence of external factors
  • Rising from the Plain of Mars - A stubborn nature coupled with sufficient self-confidence and right resolution to achieve success - hands of a self-made person.
  • Rising from the Line of Head - Success achieved late in life.
  • Rising from the Line of Heart - A favorable sign revealing good tastes and adequate talents useful in old age.
  • Rising from the Line of life - Great interest in fine arts and occult study.

Characteristic features of the Sun Line

  • Long and uncrossed - Riches
  • Straight and strong - Fame in art
  • Well formed in both the hands - Successful career.
  • Very broad and shallow - Showy.
  • Very deep - Exaggeration of one's art.
  • A clear, deep and well-cut Line - Brilliant success assured -clear cut aim in life.
  • Poorly formed Line - Superficial Love of arts.
  • Chained Line - Inherent talents not properly recognized.
  • A wavy line - Vacillating career - erratic and unreliable.
  • Several vertical Lines present - Diversity of interest - difficult to attain success.
  • Twisted - Permanent failure accompanied by wickedness and misery.
  • Zigzagged line and the Heart line is shallow or absent - A high degree of infidelity and misconduct.
  • Long and uncrossed with twisted fingers - Talent for evil purposes.
  • A branch from the Line rises to the Mount of Mercury - Distinguished success in the direction of business, scientific pursuits and in the power of expression;
  • A branch from the Line merging into the Head Line - Success through mental caliber
  • Deeply marked on the Mount of Sun with pronounced Mount of Jupiter and Mercury - Aptitude for fine literary work.

Marks On Line

  • An island on the Line - Serious loss of money or reputation.
  • Bars cutting the Line - Constant impediments to success.
  • Breaks in the Line - Versatility that brings neither money nor fame to the subject
  • Dots on the Line - Menace to the reputation of the subject.
  • Ends in a dot - Indication of a brilliant success.
  • Begins with a star and ends with a star - Brilliant success throughout life.
  • A cross at the end - Protection from evils of all sorts.
  • An island at the end - Later portion of life dull and insipid.
  • A fork at the end - Subject's talents in more than one direction.
  • Trident on the - Celebrity - wealth from mental efforts.
  • Ends in a tassel - Talents fritter away in so many directions and accomplishments nil.
  • A star at the end - Success due to the assistance and good-will of others
  • Rising Offshoots - Increases the good effect of the Line.

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Love & Palm Markings

The Love lines of the Palm
Think of your palm as a road map of your life, a guide to romance and love. When reading the palm you should always read your dominant hand, the one you use the most. Therefore, if you are right handed, read the right hand. If you're a lefty, read the left hand.

On another note, the lines in your palms can change from month to month and year to year, depending on the emotions, the crises, the fortune, and the paths you experience. A palm reading done in August may not be the same as a reading done in December. Examine your palms every so often. You'll be amazed at the changes you may find. If you're like millions of other teens who want to see what their love line (a.k.a. the heart line) has to say, it will be extremely important to look at your palms every few weeks to see if there are any changes in this line. It will tell you when a new love interest is coming your way or if a breakup will occur. This is the line of the palm we'll explore in depth.

In order to get a good palm reading, you should have a magnifying glass so you can pick up the smaller, faint lines in the hands as well as the more defined ones. The deeper the line, the more strength its meaning will have. Faint or shallow lines show a lack of strength and energy. The number of lines is also a key factor. When you look closely at your palm you will see many lines; some long, others short and faint. These lines, along with meshing, netting, crosses, and other designs, are called palm markings. For a few specific definitions, read on.

Palm Markings
Branch: A line branching off from the original line. It usually means a change or new direction in a relationship. Perhaps a new love is on the horizon. If you're already dating someone, you could break the relationship off now.

Crosses; Two lines that are intersecting on a line means a struggle or hard times, The event or problem will be one you will not likely forget. Expect a crisis in your love life soon.

Stars: Seeing stars means your dreams will come true. Stars mostly show up on the head or heart lines. Expect true love to come to you!

Triangles. A good sign. These tell of happy times ahead in romance.

Breaks: Breaks mean endings. If there is a break in your heart line, it could mean the end of a relationship. If the broken line begins in a new direction, it means a complete change and a new love interest.

Netting or mesh: Usually shows up in your palms when you're tired and overwhelmed by your love life, and nothing seems to be going right in matters of the heart.

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Via Lascivia Line On Hand

Spiritual Line Or Jupiter Line In Palmistry

The Ring Of Solomon

jupiter ring, girdle of jupiter, ring of solomon, diagonal line on mount of jupiter, mound of jupiter, hill of jupiter

It is a small line appearing as a semi-circle, embracing the Mount of Jupiter and ending near the beginning of the Life Line.

This line starts from between the first and second fingers (Jupiter and Saturn), grows downwards, circles the Mount of Jupiter, and ends near the start of the Vitality Line.  It is therefore a semicircular line and very rarely is it seen to be a flawless, complete line, generally it is not formed perfectly in the palm.  This line shows a latent ability for occult studies.  With other favorable indications the subject can become a good hand reader astrologer or numerologist.  It is of course ideal if the ring of Solomon is well marked and perfectly formed on the mount of Jupiter.  Almost invariably this mark reveals that the subject has a linking for the human mind.  By itself how ever the ring of Solomon will not indicate high development the ring of Solomon will not indicate high development in the field of the occult sciences,.  A good line of mentality a strong thumb and well marked fate line are very helpful or even necessary complementary indication as a very great deal of study is necessary before the subject can develop his native ability in this field.  On the hands of businessmen the mark has a different meaning.  They will be blessed with a knee business intuition which will help them when making major business decisions.

Function Of Ring Of Solomon

Presence of Ring Of Solomon indicates a love and flair for occult sciences

It also suggests spiritual help from one who is deeply involved in spirituality.

Characteristic Features Of Ring Of Solomon

Absence of the Line - No special significance

Clear And Deep Line - Strong leanings towards the occult and the esoteric sciences.

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Lines On Sole Of Foot (Padma Rekha) In Palmistry

Lines On Sole Or Feet (Padma Rekha) - Astrology

Lines On Sole Of Foot

There are lines under the feet with indications.

1. If a line starts from the sole of the foot and runs to the first toe, Such a lady is married early and is the beloved of her husband.

2. Hairlines on the feet denote a passionate nature and a flirtatious disposition.

3. If signs like fish, conch, flag, lotus, etc., are found on the feet, the woman will be very wealthy and lucky and will have children. She will be a blessing to the man she marries.

Meaning Of All Signs On Hand In Palmistry


An important point to be observed is to examine both hands and to depend more upon the information given by the right then that given by the left. There is a well known old saying on this point : "The left is the hand we are born with, the right is the hand we make."

Transverse Markings

A transverse marking is an evil sign that serves to drain the positive qualities of any mount it is found upon. Though a person may have the markings of a heroic mount, these qualities can be reduced to depravity if bespoiled with a score of transverse lines. An example of such a misfortune are transverse lines across the Mount of Mercury, which indicate that the bearer will use their talents of diplomacy and tact for deceit and guile for ill gains.

Vertical Markings

Vertical markings are not to be confused with sister lines, which accompany a major line on the palm. They are, however, still a beneficent sign. If found on the mount, they heighten its positive qualities

and assist in annulling any poor signs also located on the mount. They are the antithesis of the aforementioned transverse markings. To use the case of the Mount of Mercury as expressed above, vertical markings upon this mount will bring a great deal of tact and loquaciousness to serve for

pleasant communication and camaraderie. It will emphasize science and business skills. In fact, two vertical lines on the Mount of Mercury are often the symbol of a doctor or biologist.

The Grille

The grille is a point at which the energies of the hand dissipate. If grilles enmesh the entirety of the hand, the power of its bearer is constantly drained by vexations and imagined slights. If a grille appears on the mount, it saps or thwarts the qualities of the mount, e.g. such a mar on the Mount of Apollo will forever dash the attainment of any true success in life.

The Cross

Crosses denote troubles, disappointment, danger, and when found on lines, the harm to the bearer may be aggravated. Occasionally it can refer to a dramatic change in one's life due to a crisis or hardship. They should always be considered an ill omen save for two cases: when found on the Mount of Jupiter and when located between the head and heart lines, known as the "Croix Mystique". The bearer of such a symbol is purported to possess a greater degree of mysticism, occultism, and

superstition. The length of the head line in conjunction with the Croix Mystique is quite important; should the bearer demonstrate a short (hence, unimaginative and uncreative) Line of Head, they will tend to be quite superstitious, bordering on paranoia. One with a longer Line will have a greater affinity and comfort with the occult. The position of the "Croix Mystique" is also quite important. If located high up, near the Mount of Jupiter, the bearer will exhibit belief in mysticism only for their own gain. When their future is divined, they care not for the means and the circumstance of their oracular prediction, but only for how it will relate to their life. Those with crosses further from the Mount of Jupiter will care more for the principles and methods by which the mystical experience was expressed rather than its immediate application to them. If it be at the other extreme, near or on the Mount of Luna, the bearer ascribes great feeling to mystical experiences, and possesses a flair or affinity for sensationalism and miracles.

The Star

The star is a symbol of great and sudden brilliance in a person's life. This brilliance is often arbitrary and unexpected, and is always an event that the individual can exercise little control over. A line that ends in a star signifies the greatest accomplishments possible; however, the star often carries with it an unpleasant price. For example, put it the case that the Line of Apollo ends in a star: this denotes great fame, but this often results in the bearer suffering the loss of their private sphere to their successful public sphere. Though the bearer is now extremely famous (or perhaps infamous), they may find their accomplishments to announce a hollow victory. A star on the mounts will naturally denote great proficiency with the mount's corresponding traits, yet these traits may consume some of the other bearer's qualities. It is no enigma that the star on the Line of Head may at times be the harbinger of blindness or damage to the eyes, for its brilliance is so great as to tumble the most virtuous of individuals. The star is certainly a sign to be viewed with great caution. Seek temperance and balance when marked with such a capricious blessing.

The Island

The Island is always a negative sign, save for some systems in determining an individual's fecundity. It is often a sign of some hereditary evil, such as a heart condition or intemperance with spirits, but it may just as easily represent non-congenital emotional stress or a dire pecuniary situation. Unlike the star or the cross, the island is a gradual and prolonged, and oft times subtle period of strife in an individual's life. It could represent mounting stress on the line of the head, and manifest itself as headaches. Because of the gradual nature of this malady, the bearer may not have even noticed that they are in a darker period of their life. On the Line of Fate, It could be a period in which the individual finds themselves surrounded with mounting debts that peak at the widest point of the island. In accordance with the interpretation above, it should come as no surprise that these misfortunes will last to the extent that the island is long.

The Square

The square is almost always a beneficent symbol. It denotes an especial significance when covering an area that is experiencing turmoil, such as chained, broken, or dotted lines. In this instance, difficulties will arise (whose nature are to be discerned from the line), but the bearer will

persevere and the crisis will be averted. Damage may be reduced or prevented all together. A square after perturbations in a line signifies repair. The one instance in which the square denotes negative influences is when it is found on the upper portion of the Mount of Venus near the life line, where it portends detention or incarceration.

The Circle

The circle is a very rare marking in chiromancy, and little is said about it. It is an evil mark unless it is on a mount, in which case it usually augments the powers and promise of a mount. If it touches any line, it brings inescapable misfortune importuning to the line it touches. "...In other words, he will, as it were, go round and round in a circle without being able to break through and get free.

The Triangle

The triangle is nearly always a positive sign, though strong significance should be ascribed to it only when it stands as an independent mark, not composed of intersecting lines. It denotes mental flourish and success corresponding to the location of the mark, i.e., if it were to be found upon the mount of Apollo, it would denote an artistic success, such as music or acting. If found alongside a line, it will naturally take on significance dependent upon the line, marking a point at which satisfaction and

accomplishment is achieved through the exercise of mental powers. The triangle will never reach the great heights of success that its cousin, the star, but it possesses balance and will not carry with it the backlash that so often accompanies the star.

The Spot

The spot is a sign of a distinct event or malady, though it often comes in groups that betoken a chronic disorder. If found on a line, it typically signifies a temporary illness corresponding to the demesne of the line, e.g., a spot on the Line of Head portends some violence to the head or brain

fever. If located on one of the mounts, it is the bearer of unique and possibly lasting meaning. Cf. the individual mounts for their specific meaning.

The Trident

The trident is a most propitious marking wherever it may lay. If it rise from a line, it will expound the qualities of that line and draw additional power from the mounts or lines that the branches on either side head towards. If found on a mount, the trident carries with it great flourish of the properties

of that mount in conjunction with its neighboring mounts. The trident is such a powerful symbol that it eclipses the star in beneficence.

The Tassel

The tassel one may liken to a frayed rope, whose tightly-coiled energy and structure has dissipated in the wake of stress, age, or a sudden calamity. A tasseled line can oft be found at the end of the lifeline; as the individual weakens and deteriorates with age, so too does the line. Such is the case with the Line of Head, where it denotes a weakening of mental clarity and approaching senility; the Line of Heart with a deteriorating heart condition or emotional trauma that has left the individual enfeebled and unstable, et cetera.

Drooping Offshoots

Lines that droop from any larger line each indicate a disappointment in life. Along the Line of Heart, it denotes disappointment in love or an unfortunate event in which the individual became too emotionally involved. Along the Line of Head, it may signify the thwarting of one's ideals or disillusionment.

Rising Offshoots

Rising offshoots are the inverse of drooping offshoots. They represent periods of sudden inspiration, fruition, and happiness. When determining the nature of the offshoot's properties, it is essential to observe in which direction the offshoot is headed. It will draw upon the qualities of the mount that it is directed to. For example, an offshoot springing from the Line of Head and nearing the Mount of Mercury is a sign of scientific prowess--perhaps an invention, or a discovery, or a synthesis of concepts that have long been drifting through the individual's mind, but had hitherto been dissociated.

Sister Lines

Sister lines bolster the line along which they follow. Some sister lines are quite common, such as the Line of Mars, which accompanies and strengthens the constitution denoted by the Line of Life; some chiromancers feel that the Line of Apollo is a sister line for the Line of Fate, as it serves a similar function and accentuates the fulfillment one feels in the course of their career. In a more generalized sense, however, sister lines protect and heal lines that are broken, crooked, frayed, or side-by side. Lest a line exist with several negative markings, sister lines will be the guiding hand that shall shield the bearer from the brunt of life's assaults.

The Lines

This point marks the beginning of the navigation of the lines within the palm itself. Before the reader embarks upon this journey, it should be assured that he keeps the lessons discussed in previous sections in his memory, for though each line and mark carry their own particular import,

these inferences should not be announced lest they be collaborated by accompanying marks (or their absence). For no single evil mark must be accepted as decisive. If the evil is important, almost every principal line will show its effect, and both hands must be consulted before the decision can be final. A single sign in itself shows only the tendency; when, however, the sign is repeated by other lines, the danger is then a certainty. Also of importance are the mounts, which may prove to cancel some of the qualities read within the lines. Though an individual may have a strong Girdle of Venus denoting a great force to the passions which may eventuate in carnal gratification, it would be unwise for any chiromancer to declare their subject a sensualist without first consulting the mount of Venus, whose great flatness could annul the overabundant qualities embodied within the Girdle. These things being considered, the reader is presented with a choice. Below are discourses on the five principal lines of the palm, and eight auxiliary lines.

Summery Of Hand Sings

Triangle : Business success.
Star : Charisma
Cross : Financial obastacles
Grille : Healing abilities
Square : Illness recovery

Triangle : Success in arts
Star : Wealth
Cross : Opposition
Grille : Desire for fame
Square : Honor

Triangle : Increased strength
Star : Uncertain destiny
Cross : Depression
Grille : Over-sensitivity
Square : Protection

Triangle : Politician
Star : Powerful positioing
Cross : Competition
Grille : Vanity
Square : Spiritual development

Upper Mars
Triangle : Bravery
Star : Explosive temperament
Cross : Struggle for power
Grille : Confusion
Square : Military career 

Triangle : Emotional Happiness
Star : Love of sex
Cross : Suspicious
Grille : Flirtration
Square : Security

Triangle : Psychism, Balances with reason
Star : Psychic breakthrough
Cross : Lying
Grille : Disturbing dreams
Square : Safety in dreams

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Meaning Of All Mounts On Hand In Palmistry


The mounts refer to the fleshy lumps that appear on your hand, the high spots or "mountains" on the plane of the hand. The most prominent ones are roughly at the base of each finger and thumb.

These are named after the finger or other feature which they are nearest. In general, the larger
the mount the stronger the characteristic in the person. There is a special meaning if the mount is not exactly under the proper finger, but that's more specific than will be discussed here.


expansion, ambition, religion, philosophy, prosperity, direction, leadership, honor, love
of nature

atheist, pride, power, authority, corruption


work, karma, limitations, paternalism, solitude, tradition, seriousness, soberness,
wisdom, superstition, balance wheel

cynicism, depression, negative attitudes, complaints, restrictions, sadness, gloom


creativity, entertainment, love of the arts, majesty, benevolence, nobility, happy, successful, dashing

egocentricity, prudish, dependency, lacking self respect, lost potential



communication, business, finances, medicine, science, quickness, industry

dullness, exaggeration, treachery, indebtedness, procrastination, lethargy


energy, assertion, warrior, calmness, courage, adventure, sports

anger, quarrelsome disposition, gambling, aggression, combat, resistance, coolness



physical defense




strength, skill, courage



sensuality, sympathy, aesthetics, love, sex,
family, music, grace

uncontrolled passion, lack of feelings,
insecurity, lust, dependency


imagination, subconscious receptivity, travel, poetry, dreams, fancy, mystical

moodiness, restlessness, melancholy, deception, coldness, selfishness

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Meaning Of All Signs On Hand

Fingertips & Love In Palmistry


There are four types of fingertips you'll want to memorize. The tips of the fingers will reveal even more interesting info on your potential love interest.

The Cone Fingertip: Visualize a finger that tapers off to a delicate point. This is called the "cone." If you have your eye on someone with a cone fingertip, he or she is very sensitive. Consider this person to be romantic, as cones"live to love." Cones are also intuitive. They react to their environment and can "pickup" easily if you are interested in them. You won't have to drop many hints if you find them attractive; they already feel your vibes!

The Round Fingertip
: These friends are just plain fun! They are relaxed, easygoing types who despise mind games and power plays. They go with the flow. Many are excellent communicators and love to talk, swap stories, and share ideas. Just don't tell them your biggest secret, because they like to blab! They wouldn't intentionally expose a confidence, but may kiss and tell. Their heads and hearts are equally balanced, so these teens are ideal if you want a good, stable relationship.

The Square Fingertip: You'll find longevity in love here. Square tippers usually hang on and hang in there. These folks are confident, self-assured, and like themselves . . . sometimes a little too much. Egos can get in their way, but overall, these people are salt of the earth types and once they make a commitment, they will honor it. They'll except the same from you. No flirting with anyone else allowed!

The Spatula Fingertip:  These fingertips flare to a very wide tip and belong to free spirits who love adventure. They're hard to tie down, but when they do make a commitment, its serious business. Spatula people are the best bet for long-term romance. Seldom do they stray. If you are open minded and not the jealous or smothering type, the spatula could be a match for you.

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Attachment Line & Friendship Line Palmistry

The Attachment line that rises from the Mount of Moon and touches the Fate Line shows Love Marriage or Marriage by own choice. If this line is trying to touch the Fate Line but actually does not, then it is the Attachment Line, a Friendship Line that helps one in his career. Such a line gives a desire for union and love. The date of these lines should be counted from the fate line where they try to touch, or touch, or cut or run parallel, each having different meanings. The explanation hereby illustrated

a) Attachment Line
b) Union occurred, Marriage took place, Love Marriage, Abroad Travel
c) Unhappy Union
d) Capricious fancy rather than real love.
e) Wealthy Marriage but sometimes second marriage or extramarital affair

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Separation Due to Abroad Travel In Palmistry

If fork on marriage line at both sides then it indicates separation between husband and wife due to travel/overseas job.

This type of fork on marriage line is rarely found on hands.  If fork is big (inside of palm) on marriage line then there are strong chances of divorce.

If fork is big (outside of palm) on marriage line then there are strong chances of separation for long period of time.

Fork on marriage line is always considered a bad sign and unfortunate sign which denotes unhappy married life.

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Health Line In Palmistry

Meaning of health line and business line palmistry

It starts at the base of the hand near the Line of Fate and runs upward till it ends on the mount of Mercury. The line of Health is also known as 

The Line of Mercury
The Line of Hepatica
The Line of Liver

Functions of the Health Line

It represents the health and disease of the individual.

It is an indicator specially of the state of the digestive apparatus, the operation of the liver and various maladies which may arise from the impairment of important function of these organs.

Characteristic features of the Health Line

Rising from the Life Line Most unfavorable sign of bad health.

Straight deep - Good and sound constitution - robust health.

Composed of many small lines - Unstable condition of general health and bad temperament owing to diseases of the liver or gall bladder - sign of restlessness and pessimism.

Chained Line - Diseased liver and stomach.

Wavy Line - Chronic diseases belonging to the ruling Mount.

Bars on Line - Constant headaches.

Star on Line - Mental disorder which might develop serious complication.

Cross on Line - Severe agonies and sufferings from disease, in old age.

Forked in the Quadrangle and one branch touches Heart line - Heart trouble at prime of youth.

Island on the Line - Delicate health.

Line runs deep into the Mount of Mercury and branches rise from it - Excellent health and great success in business.

Straight not joined with the Line of Life and with a well formed Rascette - Longevity very well assured.

Ending with cross, a circle on Head Line - Blindness.

Line inside triangle and a star close to it - Blindness.

Absence of the Line - Not bad health.

Break In Sun Line On Hand In Palmistry

Line of sun broken inside the quadrangle and it is connected with the branch from Mount of Venus denotes misfortune from opp. sex and own people.

Sun Line broken at the junction of head line denotes misfortune due to self stupidity of person.

Result: Loss of reputation, financial loss, break in studies and eye problems.

Break On head Line In Palmistry

Broken Head Line

Breaks on the line of Mentality are defects. This is because the current has been cut off and thus interrupted. These breaks are always undesirable and may reveal illness, a physical injury to the head or danger of a nervous breakdown. But if the head line overlaps, the subject will recover. The overlapping of head line ensures that the current flow again, and hence it is called a repair line.

Result: Head injury, Depression and obstacles in education.

Long Break In The Fate Line On Hand In Palmistry

A break in the fate line or line of Saturn is a serious defect.  It means that the current has been short circuited and that a major crisis has or will threaten the subject.  The subject may lose his job, or be forced to give up his career. The longer the break, the longer it will take the subject to overcome the difficulty. 

Result:  Loss, change in career and change of place/residence/location.

Delay In Marriage Palmistry

If there is a fork outside of the palm on marriage line or at the beginning of marriage line then it indicates delay in marriage.

A fork can also be seen at the beginning of the marriage line.  According to some hand analysts this means that the affection was of great emotional depth and strength but according to other hand analysts this means that the engagement or marriage was delayed due to unforeseen circumstances.  This latter interpretation could be due to any kind of reason such as one partner living abroad.  The observation of yet other palm reader is that a fork at the starting of the marriage line shows some kind of separation.  If separation take places it will be largely due to the mistakes of the subject.  

As per some Indian Palm Reader subject is Manglik if fork is present inside or outside of marriage line.

Meaning Of Double Life Line In Palmistry

The Life Life

First you need to understand about life line and role of life line on hand.  Life line is also known as Vitality Line and this normally starts just below the Mount of Jupiter and goes round the Mount Of Venus.  If the life lines on both hands are long, deep, perfectly flawless and healthy pink in color, then the subject will enjoy a good life span.  But there are some very important features to be borne in mind.  Such Life lines must at the same time also be free of crosses, breaks, starts and any irregularities such as fading away for any considerable length.  Only then, with all these very important points being observed, can a good palm reader promise the subject a long life on this earth planet.   

Double Life Line is considered as auspicious sign. Double Life Line denotes protection from long-illness and accidents. Double lifeline indicates good health and vitality.  Double Life Line shows influence or impact of spouse and family.

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Lucky And Good Fortunate Signs In Palmistry

Luck and Good Fortune as Revealed by Scientific Hand Analysis

This is a materialistic world. Most clients are interested to know about their financial position, when they will join the Millionaire's Club, and their chances of sudden wealth. They are concerned about having a healthy bank balance. Being rich is good fortune and luck to them. I have seen the hands of extremely rich clients from various parts of the world. To my surprise, however, I have found that most of these people are pretty unhappy. In their pursuit of Mammon they have sacrificed the interests of the family. A large number have also paid the penalty for an excessive drive for money by suffering from ruined health.

Hand analysts believe that health is wealth. Having a very strong bank balance is only one aspect of good fortune. Our concept of good fortune and luck is comprehensive. To have true blessedness, the subject should be financially sound, have excellent health, a happy married life, as well as peace of mind. He must basically be a happy, well-adjusted personality.

But in this elementary work on hand analysis, let us limit the scope of the discussion to signs of wealth in the hand. After having examined the hands of hundreds of really wealthy clients, certain laws of wealth in this science can be worked out accurately.

First of all, let us study the position of the Line of Mentality. This line, in normal circumstances, divides the palmar area into two zones. When we talk of the palmar area, we do not include the fingers. The palm is that area between the wrist and the base of the fingers. This is the area divided into two halves by the Line of Mentality. There is the upper active Zone, and the lower passive zone. The upper zone, being nearer the fingers, refers more to concern for the future and planning for a rainy day. In general, the upper zone refers to the nobler aspirations. The lower zone contains the pleasure-loving planets and mounts, the Mounts of Moon and Venus. List us assume that the lower zone is prominent in the palm. In this case, the subject will not be thrifty, and will tend to spend excessively. So even if this subject earns a lot of money, his savings will tend to be meagre. The reverse will be the case should the upper zone be prominent. Of course, other factors of the hand have to be taken into consideration.

Then there is another important factor of assessment as regards acquisition of wealth. In this case, we consider the back of the hand. We must measure the length of the fingers, as well as the length of the palm. The important finger length to consider is that of the middle or Saturn finger. We measure this finger from the base to its tip. In an earlier chapter, we have learnt that the fingers refer more to the spiritual or mental side of the individual. The palm area of the back of the hand symbolizes the materialistic aspect of the subject's life. Let us now assume that the back of the palm is longer than that of the fingers. Then we can easily deduce that this subject will have a materialistic mentality. He will be more interested in money-making than in intellectual and spiritual attainments. On the other hand, the subject whose fingers are longer than the length of the back of the palm will not be so interested in material wealth.

We must analyse both these points carefully before we can assess the attitude of the subject towards material gains.

The hands of very wealthy subjects have certain common characteristics. The planet Mercury stands for money, trade and commerce in hand analysis. This planet has its seat on the Mount of Mercury and the little finger. Generally, a wealthy man will have a long little (Mercury) finger which will touch the top crease of the ring (Sun) finger. This means that the subject will be worldlywise, shrewd, and have the ability to rake in money. The little finger is connected with communication and public relations. Most wealthy people are good salesmen and know how to project a good image of themselves and the businesses they are involved in. Hence a long, prominent Mercury finger reflects all the necessary qualities so helpful in amassing money.

The four mounts at the base of the fingers should bè well-developed. This is most important indeed. The four mounts are the Mounts of Jupiter, Saturn, Sun, and Mercury. I have, so far, never seen a really wealthy man with flat or depressed mounts. When the four upper mounts are well-developed and favourable, it means that the horoscope is fundamentally solid, and the subject has the capacity to amaSS wealth. The money-making potential is there. However, if these four upper mounts are weak, flat, or depressed, the honest hand analyst can tell his client - "Better luck next time, or in the next birth!"

The Line of Health (Mercury) should either be absent or straight, long, and well-marked. The Lines of Fate and Mentality should be favourable and strong. The Indian school of hand analysis calls the Line of Mentality Dhan Rekha. Dhan means wealth, while Rekha means a line. So the Indians consider it to be also the Line of Wealth. There is a lot of solid common sense in this viewpoint. Success in business and money matters depends largely on a healthy, positive attitude, plus lots of Self-confidence. These essential qualities are reflected by a prominent, deep, long, well-marked Line of Mentality. With other favourable supporting features on the hand, a good Line of Mentality will help substantially in accumulating wealth.

The possession of a good, strong Sun Line is most important in this aspect. The Sun Line is the barometer of wealth. The subject without a good Sun Line will not have Luck in worldly matters, while the presence of a favourable Sun Line means that success will smile upon the subject. His efforts will be crowned with success from the time the Sun Line makes its appearance in the hand. In my experience, all my extraordinarily rich clients have had good Sun Lines in their hands.

It is also favourable when the Sun Line rises from the Fate Line, and joins up with a Line of Sun on the Mount of Sun (Apollo). The age has to be worked out on the Fate Line itself. From that time, the subject will attain wealth, and probably social prominence as well. All international celebrities have favourable Sun Lines. Without a good Sun Line, the talents of the subject will not be recognized by society.

The palm should be broad. Also, the fingers should be evenly set on the palm. This means that there will be no major defects in the strength of the four upper mounts. After all, the fingers partake of the qualities of the mounts at their base.

A trident formation of the Heart Line on the Mount of Jupiter is an indication of wealth or fame. This is a sign very often seen on the hands of rich people. I have confirmed this indication hundreds of times. A star on the mount of Jupiter is also a most desirable sign to have. It is a mark of wealth. The subject may have a sudden rise in wealth as a result of this sign. We must note that Jupiter is a planet of expansion. A star on the Mount of Jupiter shows that the subject will think of expanding his business, and be outstandingly successful.

According to the Indian school of hand analysis, certain signs are indicative of wealth or great riches. The signs of the Conch, Temple, Crocodile and Fish are symbolic of great wealth. A few years ago, an extremely rich UK client from London, consulted online me. He was in business, and had a well-marked temple on the Mount of Jupiter. He was a multi-millionaire.

A star on the second phalange of the thumb is also a sign of wealth. Similar is the case if there is a beautiful mark of a wheat-line or Yava (Yaba, as it is called by some Indian hand analysts).

The double Lines of Mentality is a rare mark. It is indicative of material wealth, if the other features of the hand support this exceptional sign. It indicates that the subject will be rich in middle age.

Vertical lines are always favourable in this science. The more long, strong, ascending lines, the better. It is most favourable for material wealth if there are three to four strong, long, vertical lines rising from the wrist or the base of the palm. With such vertical lines, it is sure that the career and material wealth of the subject will be well above average.

Mercury is the planet symbolizing trade and business, so it is only logical that a strong, well-developed Mount of Mercury will suggest profit through gain in business or the private sector.

Ascending lines from the Vitality Line are lines of ambition, signifying success. The bigger, longer, and clearer these lines, the more marked the success.

Observe the Fate Line or the Line of Saturn. Determine the period when this line is deep, well-cut and bright in appearance. At that time, the material prospects of the subject will be enhanced. This will last for the duration of the brightness and clarity of the line.

A triangle on the Fate Line can mean financial gain. This success may or may not be expected.

Together with all these favorable features, I have noticed that the palms of extremely rich subjects are thick and slightly soft as well. The thickness of a palm has got nothing to do with the height or body weight of the subject. The thickness is entirely controlled by the strength of the planets in the palms or the horoscope. I have seen thin subjects with thick palms. I have also seen very muscular, robust clients with thin palms.

There is a certain line on the hands known as the Line of Wealth. This line rises from the Mount of Jupiter and runs across to and up the Mount of Saturn. It should not be confused with Solomon's Ring. Solomon's Ring is strongly curved and does not really enter deep into the Mount of Saturn.

The Line of Wealth, as its name denotes, refers to the wealth earned by the subject. It can also show a gain of property from the father. Should this line be long, clear, well cut and flawless, the subject will attain sudden wealth. It is even more favourable for wealth if the Sign of the Fish is found on the top and lower areas of the palm.

The sign of a cross on the ring or Sun finger means that the subject will amass wealth in diverse ways with the aid of friends. Generally, a cross is unfavourable in the palm proper, but it can be a favourable sign on certain fingers. So let us not be misled into thinking that a cross is always un favourable in the hands.

A cross on the middle or Saturn finger is another beneficial sign. The subject may acquire sudden wealth, or hidden property - that is, property the existence of which the subject was not aware. Why hidden property? The nature of the planet Saturn gives a clue. Saturn represents things coming from the bowels of the earth, so this is how a cross on the Saturn finger can signify hidden property.

Should the Fate Line itself go up to the Mount of Mercury, and it is long and favorable, the subject can become a successful businessman.

Let us now examine signs of wealth shown in other ways. A line running either from the Mount of Lower Mars (under the Jupiter Mount) or Mount of Venus towards the Mount of Jupiter is a good sign for money success. The subject will advance in his career and/or business affairs. It is ideal if this line goes right up to the Mount of Jupiter. Should such a line end in a star on the Mount of Jupiter, it is a sign of sudden wealth and some extraordinary achievement in money-making. It is rare to find such a sign. I have seen it only a few times, once on the hands of one of the richest industrialists in India who has a vast industrial empire in India.

Let us conclude this chapter by analysing some of the features showing poverty. The palm will have many signs of islands, especially on the Lines of Fate, Sun and Health. The Fate Line will be poorly formed or totally absent. But the most important feature will refer to the mounts of the hand. The development of the four Upper Mounts will be very poor. These mounts will be flat or depressed. The little finger, or finger of Mercury, will be short and perhaps badly shaped as well. Further, the fingers will not be evenly set on the palm. In particular, the finger of Mercury (little finger) will be low-set on the hand. It may very well be lower set that the other fingers of the hand. There will be gaps or wide spaces between the fingers when these are stretched and held together. Metaphorically, money will escape through the subject's fingers! The shape of the hand may be awkward. It may be that of the elementary type of hand. The Rascettes or Bracelets will be badly islanded or chained. There are other signs of poverty, but these will suffice for our purpose in the study of this elementary work.

Do not be disheartened if the hands do not show extraordinary wealth. After all, some of my most unhappy clients have been extremely rich and have told me openly and ruefully that money cannot buy happiness.


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