The Three Bracelets

The bracelets have not much importance in reading the lines. There is one strange and peculiar point with regard to then, when it is high on the wrist, almost rising into the palm, particularly when it rising into the palm, particularly when it rose in the shape of arch, it indicates weakness in the relation to the internal organs of the body - as, for instance, in the bearing of the children. 

Another significance attached to the bracelets is that, if well and clearly defined, they mean strong health and a robust constitution, and this again, it is interesting to notice, bears out in a manner the point I have called attention to. 

The general characteristic of the line of Mars is that it denotes excess of health on all square or broad hands to a man of this type gives a martial nature, rather a fighting disposition, and robust strength. It also denotes that while it runs close to the life line the individual will be engaged in many quarrels, and will be subject to a great deal of annoyance, which will bring all his martial for fighting qualities into play. It is always an excellent sign on the hand of a soldier. 

When a branch shoots from this line out to the Mount of Moon, it tells that there is a terrible tendency towards intemperance of every kind, through the very robustness of the nature, and the craving for excitement that it gives.

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