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FATE LINE - Bright Fortune From Middle Age

Fate-line Emerges From Mid-Portion Of The Palm And Proceeds To Mount Of Saturn

FATE LINE - Bright Fortune From Middle Age
At times line of Saturn does not start form lower portion of palm but from the middle portion of palm (see fig 358). In this case native's childhood and first part of age is insignificant and negligible but when he enters his young age he will make strides towards progress and accomplish his desires and aims. They are not lucky and rich at the time of birth or infancy. Golden period of his life starts at the time when his fate-line starts or emerges (see fig. 358). 

Absence of Saturn-line signifies that he has to really work hard but its presence indicates that he will earn tremendous profits with minimal efforts and achievements will welcome him and his efforts with open arms. Delay or instant rise in luck will be dependent upon the height from which Saturn-line starts. If Saturn-line is defective, its impact will be reflected in middle or terminal portions of his palm.

Faint or weak lifeline and fate-line beginning from mid-part of palm (progress in trade and business)

absent saturn line
Suppose Saturn line is invisible initially then fate-line will also be thin and delicate at that stage (see fig. 359). You will yourself conclude that the native had not worked hard due to his weak health. But favourable and gainful period will start as soon as effect of Saturn-line starts to show its benefic results, as faintness of his lifeline will dilute and he will be on way to achieve profits and better yield/production. If lifeline is thin/faint and the site from where the lifeline becomes more distinct, clear and succinct at the starting point, and position of Saturn-line is also identical, then it is the starting point when native's trade/business will start to prosper and his capacity to work will also improve and enhance. But from which stage of life such favourable position will commence, should be determined by counting the years from lower portion of Saturn-line and from the upper portion in the case of lifeline.

Saturn-line starts from mid area of palm and brain-line is defective (Rise in fortune due to right thinking)

If line of Saturn starts from mid part of palm and brain-line is defective at the initial juncture (see fig 360), it denotes that native's work, which had been obstructed due to his mental weakness, will commence at the age when his brain-line assumes its correct position, and it would also be the time which will account for his rise in his fortune.

Fate-line begins from mid-part of palm, but brain, life and heart-line are defective (Rise in fortune consequent upon ups-and-down in status of health)

When brain-line is initially debilitated and starts to torment the native, and lifeline is also thin during that stage of life (see fig. 361) then native's personality, and period of excellence are first adversely impacted by ill developed brain and then weakness of heart will add to his miserable conditions. His exalted period of fortune will start from the time of development in brain and heart-lines. If Saturn-line is elevating in right direction and life, heart and brain-lines are also flawless, then reasons for absence of invisible Saturn-line and other sites and mounts should be looked for. If Saturn-line starts from downwards in the left hand but in the right hand, it starts from mid-palm, then there is natural progress of this line. 

bhagya rekha
But if Saturn-line rises from the mid-palm area in the right hand, it indicates some basic difference in the formation of this line. Its cause could be a native's inactivity, indolence and fluctuating health condition, or else family circumstances and indifferent attitude of friends and colleagues could also be the contributory causes of such impediments. Whatever be the cansative factor we can find out the facts by studying other sites on the palm. Absence of Saturn line can also point to some mishaps to one's parents in the early childhood, because childhood period is fully dependent on one's parents. Adverse and unfavourable episodes, spent in the company of parents, can also create hurdles in a native's rise in fortune.

Fate-line emerging from mid-palm area, reaches the end of line of influence where a sign of star exists (Delayed fortune rise)

Saturn-line is seen clearly surfacing from the middle of palm, and there is no other ominous line also but due to paternal effect, sign of a star is seen at the fag end of the line (see fig. 362) it indicates death of native's parents at his infancy stage. It also indicates native's fortune can not brighten at the appropriate time, because fate line emerges from mid-palm area. Remember, all the signs visible in the Saturn-line clearly depict financial aspects of the native. 

If Saturn line is neither lengthy nor deep, as it should be, that it is not so deep as outer lines are, then Saturn-Line is weak or not so strong as it should have been.

Fate-lines rises after the brain-line (Delayed rise in fortune)

If and when the fate-line rise after the brain-line, the native's fortune brightens after the age of 36 and then he plans for new jobs and progresses well towards his aim.

fate line fake
If principle fate-line is not present, then the native's fortune suddenly brightens after the 45th year, in accordance with the smaller fate-line. Such a native's early life might have been struggle-prone but after 45 years he continues to achieve progress at a stretch. 

In addition, his prestige also rises in the family, clan and society. The native is a person of broad-minded nature and everyone is impressed by his amiable demeanor.

Source: Wonders Of Palmistry


Fate Line In Your Hand

saturn line
Any line which charges/ proceeds towards the zone or mount of Saturn, is termed as the line of Fate or Fortune. In a native's hand Fate-line emerges from Moon, lifeline, brain-line or heart-line and then proceeds up towards finger of Saturn. In some cases Fate-line also emerges from zone of Mars or Saturn and, then, ultimately proceeds towards zone of Saturn. The best type of fortune-line is the one that emerges from bracelet (place) and reaches up to the Saturn's finger, but without any fragmentation, i.e. on a straight line. But remember, any small fortune line should start an inch after the lifeline and then proceed straight away to the finger of Saturn, as otherwise even the best fate-line will not be able to bestow beneficent gains on the native. But in the case of a potent and strong lifeline, the said condition is not necessary in the case of fate-line as, in the present case, it is not necessary that if there are more than one fate-line, and that all should emerge from the lifeline. A native is as fortunate, lucky, wealthy and successful as there are number of fate-lines or there is only one best and unfragmented fate-line. A wide, heavy, fleshy/ thumb, delicate and glazy hand will enhance positive and salutary effects of luck-line. If a fate-line emerges from Moon/Mars its effect will be observed from the time it enters the Saturn zone and before its entry into Saturn's zone, it serves as an effective line alone. In thin hands a good fate-line is an indication of penury but good fate-lines are seen in the hands of beggars even. The heavier and softer the hand, the better the fate-line. The best type of fate-line is that emerges from the vicinity of lifeline, or from the zone of Moon or Saturn, pierces the heart-line and , then finally reaches below the area of Saturn's finger. It is an ominous and defective sign if the line of fate terminates at brain or heart-line, actually this the most damaging/ defect of the fate-line. An emergence of a fragmented and then fate-line in the vicinity of a thick lifeline is the worst condition. But if fate-line is posited away from a length, and thin lifeline, it indicates plenty of peace, comforts, prosperity, wealth and money.

One can ascertain about wealth, vehicles, service, trade and business, life-partner etc. from the fate-line. Since there is individual significance of any line on the hand, the foreteller should take into account status and effect of all other lines also before predicting any facet, as each line reciprocally impacts other lines. Hence no conclusions should be arrived by merely focusing attention only one line- rather prediction should be based on cumulative effect of all the lines, and never on fate-line alone.

On the basis of foregoing observations, it can be concluded that fate-line occupies an important place in one's hand. So, always minutely study the fate-line, before predicting future of a native.

Excellent Fate-line

The best type of fate-line is that which emerges from the vicinity of lifeline, emerges from Moon/Saturn's site and straightaway proceeds to Saturn's finger. It is flawless and excellent if it is thin and emerges from a distance of lifeline. It is repeated that emergence of a fine fate-line from the zone of Saturn is an utmost necessity, otherwise fate-line will not be able to bestow luck but, when there exist more fate-lines, the said condition is not a necessity.

The birth of a person, having the best type of fate-line, will cause progress by leaps and bounds in the family he is born; all the hindered jobs and feuds dispel, odd situations turn into favourable ones and as his age progresses, his luck and wealth also enhance. He enjoys comforts and pleasures of income, wife, progeny, property and prosperity. Such persons are highly ambitious, well established, famous, leading lights of their families, bread winners and nurtures of family members, utilize services of servants and are renowned personalities; even if such exceptional lines are found in the hands of a lucky few persons only. Even if born in an ordinary and/or poor families, they earn fame and repute. There are the signs of extraordinary personalities. Even the most indolent and noncooperative persons do not hesitate to be of avail to them. They have never to face failures and their prestige never suffers any setback. They usually enter business line but if, at all, they enter service, they hold high profile jobs like ministers, ambassadors, heads/managers of a concern, leaders, orators or advisors.

If fate-line is excellent and other lines in hand are also favourable, they continue to progress, even if there are other defective lines. Due to defective lines they face problems also but, due to their capacity and prowes to grapple with the odd situations, they emerge successful. After attaining success, they will always declare that God has come to their rescue. But they will not hesitate to say that if there had been any other person in such a situation, he would have died. They lose peace of mind due to impact of defective lines. but they ultimately accomplish their motives. Without fear of contradiction, it can be said that their children are affluent, scholarly and obedient. If good luck-line is accompanied by defective brain and heart-line, such natives are blessed with progeny but their children are initially careless and irresponsible (even if they are ultimately competent and capable).

A good fate-line is neither conducive nor benefic for the inmates having thin hands, rather it is harmful. But, all said and done, they are not starved of bread and butter. Such persons waste their line by indulging in creating feuds, confusions, meddle with quarrelsome affairs of other, take to useless arguments and try to bring round people. These persons are seen to waste their time, money and energy and, thus spoil their life by indulging in consuming drugs and prostitution etc.

Lines should be proportionate to size of the hand. Best lines bestow excellent benefits to the natives whose hands are heavy, broad, rosy, tender, right-angled, rectangular, idealistic, such natives are philosophers and idealists. Persons having curvatured, and distorted hands, having small fingers, have condemnable and vitiated thinking, are thieves who cannot derive advantage even from the best type of fate-line. Persons having knotless fingers are indolent and lascivious, like the Nawabs of Lucknow.

Person having a good fate-line also enjoys good health but, if his life and brain line are defective, his health remains poor, but not to damaging extent.

If there is a good fate-line and there also exist thick lines at the root of thumb, the native will change as many professions as there number of lines or resorts to as many jobs. Lines found on the mount of Sun also denote the said observations. A native, whose fate-line is an excellent one. will have contacts with persons who belong to status families or occupy vantage positions. If the hand is slightly hard, such persons resort to technical work, but when the hand is soft or tender, they take to intellectual work, like clerical work, oratory, accountancy etc. If nail on Mercury finger is wide and other planets have also (raised) mounts, they become advisors or teachers. If lines exit on the brain-line and hand is tender also, such natives work in political field.
If a good fate-line is thick, the native becomes an exploiter, and no partnership should be ever entered into with them; as they are greedy and become rich by usurping other person's wealth and property.

If lifeline bends and surrounds Venus zone (when inclining), such natives take to trading and business and if the line inclines towards Moon. they enter service. If the lines incline towards both the sides, they do service and business. At whichever stage of life they enter service or business they never face failures. They at once apply themselves to work, are rich and have not to bank upon any person's help, but carve out their life by dint of their efforts. They are bold amiable and active.

Time of one's financial independence, money gain, marriage, love affairs and progress starts from the age at which fate line is posited away from lifeline, is thin and independent.
There is an element of permanency in persons having a good fate-line. They also do not face ups and downs, and every change ushers in a period of new hopes, zeal and progress.
The more the fate-lines in a native's hand, will correspond to the numbers of jobs and sources of income - it is also an indication of money gain fortune and fame.

Howsoever a native's hand and lines may be good but he reaps fruits of his efforts after 43rd year, provided Venus is strong and benefic, which fact can be ascertained by simply looking at a native's hand - in this condition it will exclusively distinct and formidable. This aspect has been laid open and fully discussed under the context of Venus.

Generally a large sign of an island is seen at the inception point of fate-line, which. in fact, is formed by combination of various lines. This island will torment and cause misery to a native in respect of life, family, clan and employment and thus, the native remains dissatisfied - such conditions will persist until the age it stays in the fate-line. Then it hardly matters whether the fate-line is excellent, then and independent. One can enjoy fruits of his luck when life ceases to be impacted by this island. But, due to defective and malefic island, the native fails to gain the desired benefits.

1f joining point of brain and life lines is lengthier, then the native gains Fruits of his efforts and luck-line when the duration of age of such a joint 'ias been worked out.
If defective effects persist, the native will manage to meet his both hand meet, but better conditions will emerge when defect has dissipated. But if many fate-lines exist, the native's life is progressive and satisfactory rom the very beginning. Even if he earns name, fame, money and wealth, let elements of permanency and mental peace will surface only after the defect has disappeared. He will enjoy all-round progress only after all the defects and hurdles have disappeared.

Faulty Fate-Line

A defective or faulty fate-line is that which is fragmented/broken into arts, is having an island, a large island exists at the starting point, is thick and wary, is stuck in the brain or heart-line and lies adhered to the lifeline. Such flaws taper down value of the fate-line. Malefic effects will last until le age such flaws persist.

Such type of fate-line is an indication of emergence of obstacles.  Specially with regard to education, marriage, service, business etc. Partnership cause losses, feuds and obstacles. As the number of partners is gher, one of the partner's may be hot-headed, or the other may be a reason of depraved health and/or moral wreck.

Such couples cannot concur and see eye to eye with each other, do not :e each other and suspect each other's intentions and motives. They are )liged to live together under odd circumstances. If fate-line is faulty, tersects at the marriage-line or when a thick branch of heart-line lanates from the brain-line, either there is divorce or the spouse passes /ay. But such situations persist till the time fate-line is faulty and also re is no mental peace.

All the said situations cast a bit adverse impact on the life as a whole. firing the period of persistence of flaw, there is unrest, expenditure, money Inch, internecine feuds, ill health, litigation, death etc. The native is der one trouble or the other and continues to reel under multiple ) blems, as he has to face hurdles at each step. Flaw in fate. There could o be hurdles to marriage, breakdown in matrimonial negotiations, satisfaction from wife and her poor health, or feud in the family may be fixed by some lady in the family.

If fate-line is flaw), at the inception stage, the native has to stay away from the spouse or family, despite his reluctance, and he always remains dissatisfied. During this period expenses mount up or there is a habit of overspending. Such persons hesitate to shoulder responsibilities. Some event pinches them and they keep on escaping.

As a rule, such persons get embroiled in some problem, due to their bad habits; resultantly they do not pay attention to spend life nicely nor do they think of mending their ways. They also get autagonised, waste time with friends and family members, do not pay head to anyone, stay away from home - all these problems continue till the defects get removed. If the fingers are thin, small and straight, thumb is also small and long, brain line is also faulty, then malefic effects tone down to some extent if the brain and fate lines are defective.

The natives remain hasty, morose and angry until the time of defect, They have more intense sexual tendency during this period due to which get entangled in some love-affairs and do not pay any attention to reforming their life.

If the flaw surfaces at the beginning, there is death of some responsible person, like father, mother, grand parents etc.; due to which they become free and careless, and ultimately become free birds.

Due to excessive and wasteful expenditure, they are unable to make ul financial crunch, and they get involved in theft etc. They also skip awa their school classes, do not take interest in studies. If the colour of hand i red, the natives will take to drinking, gambling etc., if the colour is blac they resort to theft, pick-pocketing and hooliganism. But such forecast should be made only after taking into consideration cumulative impact c all the lines and symptoms. Do not forecast any hasty result.

If the native is a female and is unmarried also, there will be disorder i her father's house due to misery, money crunch, love affair or due to an other reason. If she is a married, she Nvill remain tormented due to beir married, big size of family, irritable nature of her husband, her mother-it law or any male member, bad habits of her husband, money crunch etc. B' -as fate-line improves/ betters, all the said and many other problems aut matically dispel when habits improve and paucity of money no more e ists.

More than one Fate-line

In some hands more than one fate-lines are noticed and they exist in a good hand, the good results are unlimited. Such persons are extremely lucky as they are blessed by money, property, conveyance, prestige and fame. Such lines also minimise defects found in other lines (like brain and lifelines), even if the native's thumb is thick, short or wide. These fate-lines if found in thin, curvatured, distorted or black hands, they are causatives of feuds and squabbling. If the thumb is good, such inmates do progress but have no peace of mind. Even if they grow rich, their conditions do not remain normal.

If many fate-lines exist, even those persons, who are never ready to help any person, will offer their help and services to these natives. If these persons have flexible thumbs, they are readily influenced by others, otherwise they normally Nvill never submit to any wrong suggestion. Generally their conclusions are true and factual to a greater extent.

Good fate lines help to protect from bad effects. Such persons apply their brain. If they are Venus dominant and brain and life lines are also closely adhered to each other, they turn whimsical also and view everyone and work with a suspicious eye. Initially they suffer the consequences due to their too much reliance on others but if many fate-lines exist, intensity and volume of losses gets diluted, they earn money and enjoy comforts of life.

They undergo and face problems if sign of an island surfaces on life and sub-lines. They also face hurdles, losses, litigation, hurdles in their work, even if their major work progresses well. But the losses sustained cannot be circumvented by the profits. Even if second source of income exists, such persons undergo difficulties as faced by a labourer.

If the hand is soft and pink and there are two or more than two fate-lines, such natives are nobility personified. If their thumb is hard and tough, they become men of independent nature and principles, and do not tolerate any interference in their work. They wiser to lead a decent and princely life resultantly they spend money lavishly or their domestic expenses shoot up. If thumb is flexible and fingers are long, they are kind hearted also, and their family members, relatives, servants etc. take advantage from their money and they help them also as per their limitations. But if the hand is tender and lifeline is flawless and deep, they will first think of their own interests and then about service to the country. If such natives are doctors or advocates. they will never attend to their clients after realising prescribed fee, as they stick to their avowed principles.

Such persons do not relish feuds and also keep away from family feuds as they believe in their individual progress, and the said factors stand in the way of their accomplishments.
If 2 or 3 fate-lines can cause equal amount of progress and retrogression, because their profits and losses are according to their status. Such persons at times suffer from pain in the chest - it should be confirmed when other symptoms also correspond. There are as many sources of income as there are number of fate-lines. Since they are capable persons, they take up only responsible jobs. They do not wish to work with their own hands and God also helps them to accomplish their desires. During their lifetime they make strides in their profession or services. They are highly educated as they take much interest in studies and education and, even after attaining practical training they continue with their studies as per their inclination.

When there are two lines of inner-sense out of many fate-lines, the natives progress a lot in business. If brain and heart-lines are parallel and hand is also heavy, such persons are rich, famous and take up a permanent job. Other persons cannot compete with them, as they are complete competent and fit persons for the job, that is why they maintain their super supremacy and superiority.

The native constructs the best type of property if there are many fate-liness. If sign of a triangle exists on the life-line, volume of his property is too large, as he expands his property by joining the adjacent property with his own. They live in open and any houses far away from maddening crowds. If fingers of Saturn is longer, there is also a garden or park within the boundry of house. if fate-line emanates from moon, thee will be artistic water ponds/reservoirs or a swimming pool for swimming.

If another subsidiary and thick fate-line runs parallel to principle fate-line, and is situated at 1/4th distance from the latter and runs concurrently upto some distance, the native has to face monetary, mental and family related problems during the period when both the lines rur parallel to each other. Such persons first refuse to marry and if they gel married, they cannot see eye-to-eye with the life-partner and their wives also suffer from ill health and may even be operated upon. If Venus is elevated, their wives first gain weight but, after delivery, their weight sheds Their life partners are snobbish and adopt in the art of saving money.

If any other fate-line runs parallel to the main fate-line at the later stage, the native falls in love or marries late in his life - in such a situatior it should be ascertained whether the wife is alive or dead. The life partner is beautiful but after delivery she has weak health. Her husband is either impotent or diseased. Hence, such ladies establish extra marital relations with other men. If Venus is exalted and the hand is soft and tender, the native will suffer from urinary diseases and will not be able to get respect from the spouse.
If two fate-lines meet at one place and form shape of an island, then the native suffers during later period of life, but middle age is quite good as the native progresses and enjoys pleasures and leisures.

If either of the fate-lines is deep and terminates at brain or heart-line and the other fate-line emanates from zones of Moon, lifeline, bracelet or fate-line itself and reaches Saturn's zone, then flaws of deeper fate-line are removed by the other fate-line.

Smaller lines emerging from the Fate-line

At times more lines emerge from the fate-line or fate-line itself divides into two or more lines. This is known as a fate-line having multiple branches.

The age, at which a line emanates from the fate-line, is the period or time when the native experiences changes in his work, promotion in service and progress in business. Natives plan for new schemes during this period and if other conditions are favourable, they continue to progress by leaps and bounds.

If a branch line emerges from Sun, the native does such a feat during that period, that his fame rises. When such a line emerges from Jupiter, he occupies a vantage position, and whatever he plans, his desires and plans get accomplished, and he continues to progress on the way to his success.

If fate-line touches Mercury-line it is an indication of progress in business. Such natives are brilliant advisors, engineers, technocrats in their own field of work. Prediction should be based on quality of the hand.

If fate-line ends up below the Saturn zone. it is an excellent sign, and the native can enjoy the fruits of his labour at any stage. Such divisions show their excellence whenever chances of progress surface. Such natives might have faced a number of problems at an early stage, but at the age of maturity they are blessed with wealth, progeny and money, and such gains help them to forget their (earlier) bad times. This is how such natives develop an insight to know before hand the events likely to occur in the future and their premonition of future events at least six months earlier.

When the fate-line makes shape of a `Trishul' (A triple-pronged spear), such natives are followers of Lord Shiva, and they are often fortunate to have `Darshan' of Lord Shiva.

If a native is devotee of another deity but has symbol of a `Trishul', he should be advised to worship Lord Shiva.

At times the fate-line segregates into two branches, and meets at the brain-line and also forms of an island, it indicates turmoils and troubles at a specific age, but cause of such troubles is native's own (bad) habits. It also indicates probable change in habits/attitude in native's dealings. They are agitated at one moment and calm at the other. But it can be said with certainty that such natives have the capacity to successfully overcome such unfavourable site during the effective period.When many lines exist on the fate-line, it is indicative of simultaneous changes in life, progress and gains.

If a line emanates from the fate-line, proceeds towards Saturn and, at the end, sign of an island also exists, the native commences a sort of work which ultimately causes losses and discomforts. If his work is related to partnership, he will be embroiled in litigation and other problems and ultimately he is a loser. Some one torches his shop or office, or loots it or captures his well established business. Such natives are not in a position to quarrel or litigate and if at one they do so, they are sure to lose. If there are other favourable aspects to ward off the damaging effects, such persons neither gain nor lose but feud is a certainty.

Source: Wonders Of Palmistry

Sign Of Bechelor Palmistry

A) Marriage Line will be leaning upwards.
B) The presence of a ring at the base of the ring finger along with the marriage line.
C) The influence line or the attachment line from the mount of moon does not join the fate line.


The Great Triangle Palmistry

The Great Triangle Palmistry
The Great Triangle is formed by the Lines of Life, Head, and Health. If the Line of Health is absent, as is frequently the case, its place is filled by an imaginary line to form the base of the Triangle, otherwise the Line of Apollo forms the base (Fig. 13). Three angles are formed in the Great Triangle by the Lines of Life, Head, and Health. The first or upper angle is formed by the Lines of Life and Head; the second or middle angle is formed by the Lines of Head and Health; the third or lower angle is formed by the Lines of Health and Life. When the Great Triangle is well formed by the Lines of Life, Head, and Health, it denotes a good future and longevity.

 A good Line of Life ensures a long life; a well-developed Line of Head indicates broad-minded thinking; a sound Line of Health signifies good health. All these contribute greatly towards a good livelihood. If any of the lines is defective, the positive effects related to that line will not be realized. [http://indianpalmreading.blogspot.com]

Importance Of Simian Line (Fused Line) In Indian Palmistry

If head line and heart line are joined together in a single line known as simian line.  

This indicates someone whose thoughts and emotions work together.  

Also indicates depression, ADHD, troublesome childhood and suicidal tendency.

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Round Ankle Of Women Predictions - Astrology

Round Ankle Predictions - Astrology

Round And Broad Ankles Of Women

1. When the ankles of a woman are fleshy and round, they promise a fortunate life.
2. If the ankles produce a sound when they get rubbed against each other while walking, it denotes widowhood.

3. If the ankles are broad and disproportionate, it denotes bad luck.

Ideal Love Palmistry

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1. If heart line is starting from top of the mount of jupiter and forkless which indicates ideal love with no trace of sexuality.
2. Mount of Jupiter apex on center.

Girdle Of Venus In Palmistry

Girdle Of Venus In Palmistry
The Girdle of Venus exists in the form of a semi-circle rising between the first and second fingers, and ends between the third and fourth. It relates to emotional intelligence and the ability to manipulate. It Shows highly-strung, nervous temperament. People possessing the Girdle of Venus are capable of rising to the highest pitch of enthusiasm over anything that engages their fancy, but keep on fluctuating between high and low spirits.

Functions of the Girdle of Venus
It adds to the power of the Line of Heart
It indicates the high-strung disposition, nervous temperament of an individual.
Formed as a single deep Line adds to the power of the Heart Line - passion within control.

Characteristic features of the Girdle of Venus

Composed of broken fragments - Increased nervousness - prone to suffer from hysteria.

Bulging Mount of Venus, broken Girdle of Venus - Liable to indulge in masturbation during adolescence.

Sloping Head line, a star, cross or island at termination, broken Girdle of Venus - Grave danger of mental illness

Broken Line, cross on the mount of Saturn, an island on the Head Line or Fate Lien, a grille on the Mount of Moon with brittle or fluted nail - Tendency to paralysis

Connects Mount of Jupiter and Mercury - Refinement of the passions and refined eroticism.

Finely marked but cut by a bar line under the Mount of Apollo - A life spoiled - reverses experienced on account of passionate attachment.

Unbroken - Tendency towards hysteria and despondent.

Comes in contact with Marriage Line - Happiness of the marriage will be marked through the peculiarities of the temperament.

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2 Head Line Or Double Head Line On Hand Palmistry

Double Head Line indicates dual mentality, talented, concentration issues and fickle mindedness.  

In my practice I found that if subject has Double Head Line on both hands then the subject may not be able to concentrate in one field.  In case of Double Head Line strong Head Line needs to be considered as Head Line.  

Some Indian Palmists consider double headline indicating remaining unmarried, problem in married life, famous person and famous businessman. (But this is not very clear as this is not true in every case).

Rahu Lines Palmistry

Rahu Lines On Middle Of Palms Palm Reading

Rahu lines are diagonal lines starting from mount of lower mars inside of life line which indicates problems in life (family problems, business loss, and marriage problems).

Rahu lines are also known as Tension Lines, Worry Lines, and Obstacle Lines on Hand.

Most people have a series of lines that radiate from the base of their thumb towards the life line, sometimes even crossing it. These are known as worry lines, and some people have a few while others have hundreds. Most worry lines are not important, but worry lines that cross your life line could have the potential to affect your health and family. Most of us worry about things that never happen, so if you see lots of worry lines it might be time to relax more and enjoy life.

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Natural Formation and Type of Hands

Natural Formation and Type of Hands

Before we enter in the field of Palmistry, it is imperative to know about form, formation, types and kinds of hands. This way, if we learn the preliminary traits and related factors, we can easily discerni a person's personal traits that spell his character and inclinations. Even though hands could be classified into number of categories and types, but for practical purposes, we can earmark eight types of hands quite easily and such a delineation would suffice to meet our requirements. Main classifications are as follows:

1. Elementary Hand :

It is undeveloped, not well built and inferior type of hand which is called an `Elementary Hand'.

2. Square Hand :

It is a quadrangular, equiangled hand which is indicative of trade and business hence it is a practical hand.

3. Spatulate hand :

This is called a labourious and active person's hand, and nervous system of such a native is active. It is also called a `labour hand' in English.

4. Pointed Hand :

It is a pointed hand that refers to a native's artistic tendency, hence it is called an `Artistic hand'.

5. Philosophic Hand :

This is a thicker hand, having muscular fingers, thicker skin.

6. Psychic Hand :

It is also called an intellectual, Idealistic or a Psychic Hand.

7. Conic Hand :

It is an angular hand.

8. Mixed Hand :

This hand has inherent traits of other types of hands.

These classifications are based on hand's formation and look (appearance) but this classification has been made for the sake of convenience and categorization though there could be other types of hands, even if those are referred to for cosmetic satisfaction only.

Nitin Kumar Palmist

Books Written By Indian Authors On Palmistry

Books written by Indian Authors on Palmistry

In some of the under-mentioned books there is only reference and explanation of all or some of the subjects, related to Palmistry, but some books have been written specifically on this subject.

Shrimad Bhagwat, Agni Purana, Aapstamba Dharam Sootra, Garg Samhita, Garud Purana, Jatak Parijat, Jataka bharan, Jatak Sudhakar, Jainmat Pataka, Daivagya Kamdhenu, Narad-Samhita, Narad Purana, Parashar Smriti, Parashar Vrihat Hora Shastra, Prayoga Parijat, Vrihat Jatak Phaldipika, Vrihat Samhita, Vrihat Samudrik Shashtra, Baudhayana Dharam Sootra, Bhavishya Puran, Bhoja Samudrikam, Mahabharat, Ranvir Jyoter Mahanibandha, Rekha Vimarshani, Valmiki Ramayan, Vivek Vilas, Vishnu Dharmottar Puran, Veer Singhodaya Jatak, Shaiv Samudrik, Skand Purana, Saravali, Samudrik Chintamani, Samudrik Rahasya, Samudrik Deepika, Samudrik prabodh, Samudrik Kunjika, Samudrik Sopan, Samudrik Darpan, Hasta Sanjeevani, Hastamalak, Hasta Parikhsha, Kartal Rahasya, Sachitra Samudrik Navneet, Angushtha Se Bhavishya, Paon Taley Bhavishya, Hastarekhaon Ka Gahan Adhyayana (2 parts), Jyotish Aur Aakriti Vigyan, Hastarekha Vishwakosh, Saral Hastatkundli Darshan, Brighten Your Fu­ture through Palmistry, Vrihat Hastarekha Shashtra, Palmistry for Pleasure and Profit, Sachitra Hastarekha Samudrik Shiksha, Bharatiya Samudrik Darshan, Kundali Hasta Darshan (2 parts), Palmistry and Vocational Guide, Your Palm-Your Mirror, Secrets of Palmistry, Natal chart from the palm, A birth chart from finger-print, Planets, Palms and Predictions, Fingers Re-veal Characters, Colmplete Astro-Palmistry, Your Destiny in Thumbs, Hastarekha Vigyan, Sadhana Hastarekha Vigyan, Palmistry For All, Bhrigu Hastarekha Vigyan, A to Z Palmistry, Study of Person, Modern Cheirosoply the Art of Hand Analysis, Cheirosoply, Jewel and Palmistry, Samudrik Shastra, Dictionery of Palmistry, your Palm and my Palmistry, Vrihad Hastarkha Vigya.

Ancient and Modern Palmists of India

Attre, Gaalav, Kashyap, Garg, Gautam, Vaishampayan, Ved Vyas, Valmiki, Samudra Rishi, Lord Mahadev (Shiv), Varah Mihir, Raja Bhoja Kashinath Patwardhan, Pt. Lakshmi Narain Tripathi, (Rajgarh, M.P.), Shrinivas Pathak (Ratlam), Acharya Bhaskaranand Lohri (Lucknow), Pratap Singh (Delhi), Hari Dutt Sharma (Sujangarh, Rajasthan), M. Kattakar, Dr. Narain Dun Shrimali, B.A.K. Aiyar, (Bombay), Pt. Kalika Prasad (Varanasi), N.P. Thakur (M.P.), Pt. Vaaman Shastri Phadke (Nagpur), Jagat Singh Bright (Bombay), Pt. Bhalchandra Vairatkar (Surat), S.R. Vertaak (Nasik), Bhriguraj Sharma (Mathura), Shiraj (Delhi), Satya Veer Shastri (Ateli, Haryana), Rajesh Dikshit (Delhi), Manubhai Shah (Gujarat), Dr. Chandra Shekhar Thakkar (Bombay), R.P. Rao (Bangalore), V.K. Subaramanian (Bangalore), Prof. Dayanand (Delhi), L.R. Chaudhary (Delhi), Dr. Suresh Chandra Gaur (Delhi), Raja Ram Shastri (Delhi), Pt. Aashutosh Ojha (Delhi), Gopesh Kumar Ojha (Delhi), Bhartiya Yogi (Mathura), Dr. Bhojraj Dwivedi (Jodhpur), Himmat S. Galhot, Dr. J.P. Singh, Prakash Dixit, Pal Nayyar, Bhimsen Sharma, Rameshwar Asthana, Bhavdeva Bhattacharya, R.P. Dey, H.P. Gautam, Basheer Mir, A. Rafell, Pt. Harish Chandra Shastri, Pt. Santosh,Siraaj etc.
There are many other acclaimed, (old and new) authors and scholars who have contributed to the literature of Palmistry and if some names could not be mentioned, due to space crunch or for any other factor, it does not imply that they are less important. In a way, every person has contributed to propagate and establish the authority and popularity of Palmistry in his own inimitable style and way.
The names of authors, mentioned above, and the period runs from antiquity to the end of the twentieth century.

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हस्तरेखा में दोषी रेखाओं के उपाय

हस्तरेखा में दोषी रेखाओं के उपाय

 कभी.कभी कुछ हाथों में पर्वत व रेखाएं दोषी होती हैं या किसी कारणवश उसका विपरीत फल मिलने की आशंका होती है। उन दोषों से मुक्त होने के उपाय भी जानना आवश्यक हैए अन्यथा हस्त परीक्षा का कोई लाभ नहीं होगा। इसी क्रम में अंगुलियों की मुद्रा  द्वारा अनेक दोषी रेखाओं से लाभ हासिल किया जा सकता है। तपस्वी लोग तपस्या के अवस्था में अपने अंगुलियों को विशेष स्थिति में रखते हैं जिसे हम मुद्रा  कहते हैं। मुद्राओ  का उद्देश्य  मस्तिष्क के कुछ केन्दों की अतिरिक्त शक्ति को दुसरे केन्द तक पहुंचा कर लाभ देना होता है।

ह्रदय रेखा का दोष निवारण

यदि ह्रदय  रेखा दोषपूर्ण हो तो व्यक्ति को रक्तचाप और ह्रदय  रोग की बिमारी होती है। ऐसी अवस्था में जातक अनेक प्रकार के औषधि उपाय भी करता है परन्तु उसे लाभ नहीं होता ऐसी स्थिति में ह्रदय  रेखा के दोष को समाप्त करने के लिए कनिष्ठा अंगुली को छोड़कर अन्य तीनों अंगुलियों के सिरों को अंगूठे के सिरे से मिलाएं तो यह मुद्रा  बनती है।

 इस मुद्रा का नित्य अभ्यास करने से अधिक लाभ प्राप्त किया जा सकता है। यह मुद्रा प्रातरूकाल करने से अधिक लाभ मिलता है।

मस्तिष्क रेखा का दोष निवारण

 यदि मस्तिष्क रेखा दोषपूर्ण हो तो जातक को स्नायु से संबंधी अनेक बिमारी उत्पन्न करती है। ऐसी स्थिति में परस्पर तर्जनी और अंगूठा को मिलाकर मुद्रा बनायेंए इसे चिन्मुद्रा कहते हैं। यह मुद्रा  करने से गुरु पर्वत का दोष भी नष्ट हो जाता है। यह मुद्रा  प्रतिदिन प्रातरूकाल एवं सायंकाल में 15 मिनट करना चाहिए।

जीवन रेखा का दोष निवारण

यदि जीवन रेखा दोषपूर्ण हो तो जातक के जीवन में अनेक दुर्घटना एवं शारिरीक बिमारी उत्पन्न करती है। ऐसी स्थिति में कनिष्ठा और अनामिका को अंगूठे से मिलाकर मुद्रा  बनायें। इस मुद्रा  को करने से शुक्र पर्वतए मंगल पर्वतए जीवनरेखाए बुधरेखा आदि का दोष नष्ट होता है तथा जातक को अच्छा फल मिलता हैं ।

शनि दोष निवारण

यदि शनि पर्वत में या शनि रेखा में दोष हो तो तर्जनी को मोड़कर उसे शुक्र पर्वत पर लगायें। शेष सभी अंगुलियां और अंगूठा अलग रखें। यह मुर्दा  शनि रेखा एवं शनि पर्वत के दोष को नष्ट करती है तथा अनेक बिमारियों से रक्षा करती है।

बुध दोष निवारण

यदि बुध रेखा अथवा बुध पर्वत में कोई दोष हो तो उसके निवारण हेतु बायें हाथ की तर्जनी का शिरा दांयें हाथ के तर्जनी और मध्यमा से जोड़े । यह मुद्रा करने से बुध दोष नष्ट होता है। पेट अथवा शरीर के किसी भाग में गैस इकठी होने पर भी इस मुद्रा  द्वारा लाभ पाया जा सकता है।

प्रस्तुत मुद्राय बारी-बारी से दोनों हाथों द्वारा करना चाहिए। यदि रेखाओं में दोष न हो तो भी इन मुद्राओं  को दो.चार मिनट अभ्यास करने से इसका लाभ शरीर में अनेक बिमारियों का शमन करके शक्ति प्रदान करता है।

नितिन कुमार पामिस्ट 

रेखाओं का प्रभाव (Effects Of Lines Palmistry)

रेखाओं से लेकर हस्त रेखाओं

शरीर की त्वचा बड़ी संवेदनशील है इसमें तापए दबावए दर्दए आदि को शीघ्र जान लेने की क्षमता होती है परन्तु कुछ रेखाएँ अटल होती हैं। उदाहरण के तौर पर एक कुष्ठ रोगी की अंगुलियों में तंत्रिका खोने के कारण परिधि
प्रभावित होती है तथा उसकी संवेदनशक्ति खत्म हो जाती है परन्तु अंगुलियों के पोर पर स्थित रेखाएँ ज्यों की त्यों बनी रहती हैं।

एक शोध के अनुसार ये रेखाएँ लगभग एक खरब सात लाख आदमियों में से सिर्फ दो व्यक्तियों की समान फिंगर प्रिंट हो सकती है। अपराध विज्ञान में अंगुली की एक छाप को दीर्घीकरण करके उसे कई टुकड़ों में विभाजित करके उसके आठ कोण किसी व्यक्ति की छाप से मिल जाने पर वह अंगुली उसी व्यक्ति की मानी जाती है।

त्वचा रेखाओं से लेकर हस्त रेखाओं के अनोखेपन ने जहां आज अपराधियों को पकड़ने में सहायता दी है। वहीं इन त्वचा रेखाओं से पैदा होने वाले कुछ रोगों के परिणाम इन त्वचा रेखाओं पर आ झलकते हैं। इनके अध्ययन से आगे होने वाले रोगों की रोकथाम हो सकती है। अंगुलियों के पोर पर सामान्यत या कई तरह के चित्र पाये जाते हैंए जो साहित्य के अनुसार लगभग 50 प्रकार के हैं। पृथ्वी पर लगभग 6 अरब मनुष्यों की आबादी है जिनमें से एक.दूसरे की चेहरे व रेखाएँ समान नहीं होते। चाहे वे जुड़वा भाई ही हों उनका चरित्रए हाथ की रेखाएँए अन्यए व्यक्तिव सबका सब अलग.अलग होता है।

Long Nails Versus Short Nails In Palmistry

Yeddyurappa Hand Image Palmistry

Yeddyurappa Hand Image Palmistry

NAILS are made of a substance called `keratin'. It is a tough, dead form of protein or horn-like material. Finger nails grow about 50 millimeters in a year.

Medical practitioners in the West have devoted themselves to the study of the human nails, which generally run in a family as a hereditary trait. The nails grow from skin at the end of the fingers and take six months to grow completely from the base and cover the ends of the fingers. The nails, besides protecting the fingers, tell us the condition of the blood and health of a person as it was six months ago.

While examining the nails, their colour and texture should not be ignored. The nails show the state of health and disposition of a person. In ancient scriptures, it is claimed that planets influence, filter into the blood through the nails and vibrations from the atmosphere are also absorbed through them.

Long Nails

They indicate a weak physique. The person is liable to suffer from chest and lung troubles. Long nails, which are also curved and thick, show a cruet nature and doubtful morals. Long-nailed persons are impressionable. Long, sharp nails of pink colour indicate intelligence, good health, artistic tastes and a sympathetic and emotional nature.

Large nails, which cover the fingers at the end, irrespective of the type of the finger, indicate delicacy of bronchial tubes, throat and lungs. This is confirmed if the Line of Heart has island(s). Oblong nails are indicative of a congenial temperament.

Short Nails (more broad than long)

The possessor of short nails is aggressive in approach, impulsive in speech and action. He is critical, analytic, quick and sharp. He is not logical. If short nails are found on short and thick fingers, the person is self-willed and opposed to every-thing and is likely to suffer from dental troubles.

Short nails, flat and curved out or lifted up at edges, indicate risk of paralysis and throat trouble.

Small nails with square ends tapering towards the base, or of equal breadth at the bottom, indicate some sort of weakness of the heart. Blue colour of such nails confirms this indication at an advanced stage.

If nails are short, brittle and high on one side and low on the other, there is risk of paralysis.

Broad Nails

Broad nails are more broad than long and square at the base. Such nails are found on square, spatulate or philosophical hands. They indicate good mentality, practicability, frankness, simplicity, self-confidence and optimism.

Broad and hard nails belong to physically volatile persons, possessing good stamina.

Thin Nails

Thin nails are those which have less thickness. The person has poor health and suffers from headache or body ache. He has less amount of energy in his body.

V-shaped or fan-shaped

Indicate the dissatisfied, fault-finding, easy-going, pessimistic, impulsive and nagging attitude of a person. .They also indicate nerve trouble.

Square Nails

Square nails signify good judgment. Such nails are generally found on the, hands of businessmen, lawyers and politicians, who are aggressive, practical, honest and hardworking.

Narrow Nails

When the nails are narrow, long and curved, they indicate spinal disorders. Possessors of such nails gain through diplomacy. They are narrow-minded, nervous, apprehensive and obstinate and have a weak physical constitution.

Circular Nails

Circular nails indicate weakness of the heart. Persons with circular nails are endowed with courage and perseverance and the ability to take prompt decision.

Hippocratic or Bulbous Nails

Such nails indicate advance stages of tuberculosis of the lungs. This type of nails grow on bulbous finger-tips; that is, the ends of the fingers look like knobs. I did not come across this type of nails among the patients I examined in a TB Hospital. However, the patients had mostly the raised type of nails. Filbert or egg-shaped nails were also seen among them.

Spoon Nails

These are concave on the outer surface and show malnutrition, causing mental disorders in a few cases. Oval-shaped nails indicate a balanced and calm person.


A deep furrow across the nail tells about a serious nervous illness at the time shown by the nail.

A watch-crystal type of nail is associated with lung trouble. Very flat nails, excessively tough and dead white, show paraly¬sis. A warm moist hand, with fine tremor, and clubbing of fingers suggest an hyper-active thyroid gland or twitching of the upper chamber of the heart.
Horizontal deep lines on the nails, causing a dent (called "Beau's lines") show scarlet fever, typhus and accidental traumas. White horizontal lines occur in high fever and arsenical poisoning or coronary heart disease.

Longitudinal ridges show chronic colitis or old skin disease. Like the skin, nails also have texture. A coarse texture of fluted or ridged nails indicates nervous disorder.

White spots give advance warning of weak nerves. In the advance stages of nerve disorders, the nails become brittle and turn hack. A black spot on the nail shows had health, death of someone or a loss.

White nails show nervous disease. Red nails indicate acidity in the stomach and anger in temperament. Pink nails with a small moon (except on the finger of Mercury) are healthy nails.

Nails broad at the tip and the base and pink in colour, having a fine texture, indicate an open. frank and honest nature.

Good, healthy nails are broad in shape, round at the base, without ridges, pink coloured, with good moon.

The habit of biting of nails by a person indicates a nervous and worrying temperament, timidness and inferiority complex.

Broken nails indicate some physical or mental defect or weakness.

Moon in Nails

A white semi-circle shape at the base of the nails is called the `moon' or "lunule". While the thumb generally has a moon at the base, the little finger does not have it.

If the moon is missing on all the four fingers, the circulation of blood is poor, or weak or blood pressure is not normal. If the moons are too large, the vascular nerves are very sensitive, blood circulation is irregular or the thyroid gland is not functioning properly and there is a tendency to hypersensitivity.

Irregular moons, two large-one small, one absent-indicate some glandular trouble or hypertension or mutability of moods. Discoloration of nail beds (base) gives early signs of
jaundice or liver weakness.

A long, narrow, shiny nail with a large moon indicates hyperthyroidness. A thin, brittle, ridged, short and moonless nail is a sign of unsatisfactory functioning of the thyroid and
sex glands.

Medium or small moons at the base of nails indicate normal blood pressure and a good temperament.

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Answer: Capture your palm images by your mobile camera or you can also use scanner.

Question: Give me sample of palm images so I get an idea how to capture palm images?

Answer: You need to capture full images of both palms (Right and left hand), close-up of both palms, and side views of both palms. See images below.

Question: What other information I need to send with palm images?

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लाल किताब के प्रभावशाली टोटके

यदि आप पारिवारिक या व्यवसायिक समस्या से मुक्ति पाना चाहते है तो यहाँ दिए गए उपायो को एक बार अवश्य करें । आपको अवश्य लाभ होगा । आज अधिकतर लोग किसी न किसी परेशानी से ग्रस्त है । किसी को व्यापार में घाटा हो रहा है , किसी को नौकरी नहीं मिल रही है , कोई भूत-प्रेत या ऊपरी हवाओ से परेशान है, कोई संतान के न होने से दुखी है तो कोई भयंकर रोगो से ग्रस्त है ।

यहाँ पर प्राचीन टोन टोटके द्वारा  अनेक समस्याओ का समाधान प्रस्तुत किया गया है ।

राशि रत्न

अपना राशि रत्न प्राप्त करें । सभी राशियों के रत्न लैब से प्रमाणित  मिलते है । यदि आप अपना राशि रत्न लेना चाहते है तो व्हाट्सप्प पर संपर्क करें ।

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Client's Feedback - SEPTEMBER 2017

If you don’t have your real date of birth then palmistry is there to help you for future life predictions.  Our palm lines, signs, mounts and shapes which are very useful in predicting the person’s life. We can predict your future from the lines and signs of your both palms. We can predict your future by studying your palm lines and signs. There is no need to send us your date of birth , time of birth , place of birth etc . Palm told the personality ,future ups and downs thus a experienced palmist can guide you to deal with upcoming challenges with vedic remedies.