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Palmistry Spiritual Line

The Ring Of Solomon

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It is a small line appearing as a semi-circle, embracing the Mount of Jupiter and ending near the beginning of the Life Line.

Function Of Ring Of Solomon

Presence of Ring Of Solomon indicates a love and flair for occult sciences
It also suggests spiritual help from one who is deeply involved in spirituality.

Characteristic Features Of Ring Of Solomon

Absence of the Line - No special significance
Clear And Deep Line - Strong leanings towards the occult and the esoteric sciences.

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Girdle Of Venus In Palmistry

The Girdle of Venus exists in the form of a semi-circle rising between the first and second fingers, and ends between the third and fourth. It relates to emotional intelligence and the ability to manipulate. It Shows highly-strung, nervous temperament. People possessing the Girdle of Venus are capable of rising to the highest pitch of enthusiasm over anything that engages their fancy, but keep on fluctuating between high and low spirits.

Functions of the Girdle of Venus
It adds to the power of the Line of Heart
It indicates the high-strung disposition, nervous temperament of an individual.
Formed as a single deep Line adds to the power of the Heart Line - passion within control.

Characteristic features of the Girdle of Venus

Composed of broken fragments - Increased nervousness - prone to suffer from hysteria.
Bulging Mount of Venus, broken Girdle of Venus - Liable to indulge in masturbation during adolescence.
Sloping Head line, a star, cross or island at termination, broken Girdle of Venus - Grave danger of mental illness
Broken Line, cross on the mount of Saturn, an island on the Head Line or Fate Lien, a grille on the Mount of Moon with brittle or fluted nail - Tendency to paralysis
Connects Mount of Jupiter and Mercury - Refinement of the passions and refined eroticism.
Finely marked but cut by a bar line under the Mount of Apollo - A life spoiled - reverses experienced on account of passionate attachment.
Unbroken - Tendency towards hysteria and despondent.
Comes in contact with Marriage Line - Happiness of the marriage will be marked through the peculiarities of the temperament.

Headline In Palmistry

It starts from the edge of the palm under the index finger and flows across the palm towards opposite edge, represents the person's mind and the way it works, including learning style, communication style, intellectualism, and thirst for knowledge. It indicate preference for creative or analytical approaches to information. Narrow space between Head Line and the Life line - Quickness of judgment and independent thinking - mental and moral courage-success in life.

Rising From Jupiter - Great brain power, ambition, and power.
Rising From Life Line - Cautious and extremely sensitive. 
Rising From Mars Mount - Frightful worrying nature, conflicting and quarrelling attitude.

Characteristic Nature Of The Line
Straight and Clear head - Practical common sense and a love for material things more than those of the imaginations. 
Straight then Sloping - Balance between the purely imaginative and the purely practical.
Sloping - Romance, idealism, imaginative work, and Bohemianism. 
Sloping and Ending with fork - Literary talent of the imaginative order. 
Extremely long and straight - High intellectual power and selfish nature.
A long line - A wide field of understanding
A short line - A more limited mental range.
A chained Line - Fluctuating attention - lack of concentration.
Double Line - versatility of the mind.
Curved Line - Mental and moral spheres are more predominant.
Deep and strong - Generosity and broad - mindedness.
Deep - High Concentration Power.
Wide and broad - Less concentration - vacillating and changeable.
Wavy - No fixedness of ideas.
Ladder-like Line - Utter lack of stability - fickle mindedness - continuous head - aches
Breaks in Line - Indicative of some mental trauma
Extending across with a Line of Health - Distinct and straight good memory.
Long straight Line, long conical first finger, Appropriate Mounts of Sun and Jupiter - Love of reading.
Short and poorly marked Line, Small thumb - Idiocy.

Marks On Line

Rising Offshoots to the Heart Line - The affection will be a matter of fascination and not of love.
Multi-formation - A split personality.
Sloping near to the Rascette and terminating in a cross or star - Brilliant future.
Sloping and terminating in a fork - Imagination coupled with analytical reasoning.
Large island at the termination - Severe intestinal trouble.
Circle on Line under the Mount of Saturn - Eye-trouble.
Triangle on Line under the Mount of Mercury - Success in scientific researches.
Ends in a grille or Cross on the Mount of Moon - Tendency to insanity.
Ends in a star, grille or cross on the Mount of Saturn or the Line of Fate - Unnatural death caused by accident or murder.

Nature Of Line Depending On Mounts

Long line, high Mounts of mars, Jupiter and Mercury - Unusual power of concentration
Long sloping line, strong Mount of Moon, Second and third fingers of same length - Love of gambling-disposition to take great risks in business.
Short line, low Mount of Jupiter, exaggerated Mounts of Venus and Moon - Laziness.
Short Line, low Mount of Venus - Narrow mindedness and uncharitable nature.
Pale and broad Line, low Mount of Venus - Dull intellect.
Wavy Line, exaggerated mount of Mercury - Dishonesty.
Separated from Life Line, exaggerated Mounts of Jupiter and Mars - Over-confidence.
Forms curve towards the Mount of Moon - Wide understanding but limited by imagination which repels mere practicality.
Slopes towards the Mount of Moon, cuts the Line of Mercury and ends in the middle of the Mount - Betrays acute imagination which seeks trouble and excitement.
Long straight line ending on the Mount of Upper Mars - Generous and merciful - carries the burden of the family and friends for a long time.
Sloping and terminating with a trident on the Mount of Moon - Literary talent of the imaginative order.
Straight and slightly curved upwards on Mars - Unusual success in business - keen sense of value of money.
Terminates on the Mount of Moon - Poetic ability-artistic talents-scholarly.
Terminating under the Mount of Saturn - Premature death or great intelligence faded out.
Terminating on the Mount of Saturn - Death by an head injury - a sign of fanaticism.
Terminating on the Mount of Sun - A passion for fine arts and literature.
Broken under the Mount of Saturn and sloping deeply into the Mount of Moon - Danger of abnormal mental disposition.

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Importance Of Simian Line (Fused Line) In Indian Palmistry

If head line and heart line are joined together in a single line known as simian line.  

This indicates someone whose thoughts and emotions work together.  

Also indicates depression, ADHD, troublesome childhood and suicidal tendency. Keywords:- Baby lines in hand palmar medical definition   

Mole (Til) on Palm Palmistry


There are different types of Til (moles) found in palms like white, red, yellow, dark red, blue, brown, black, etc. These have varying size (some large and some small). Some of these moles have permanent effect and some are temporary (disappear after giving result). These have different positions and locations and have different results for different positions on palm (like on mounts, fingers, on lines, etc.).

Most of the til (moles) indicates diseases, accident or bad phase in life. It needs a lot of experience and practice to identify the correct location and type of mole and its effects.

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White mole—It is good. It is temporary (mostly found on nails).

Red mole—These are not good. Mostly indicate sudden accident.Yellow mole—These are not good. Mostly indicate blood related disease, blood loss, anemia. These are temporary.

Black mole—These are mostly not good but good in some positions. If a black mole is present inside of the palm (i.e, when you make a fist it should not be left outside) then the person is very lucky. These indicate a lot of income but the person is not able to save money. If a black is present for some time and disappears later then it indicates problems in the period while it was present.

Brown mole—These are similar to black moles but these are less effective than black moles.Out of all the above described til (moles) black moles are the ones that are found most.


Guru parvat (Mount of Jupiter)—Not good. Person could have difficulty in getting married or in married life. Not getting desired success. Deception.

Shani parvat (Mount of Saturn)—Not good. Luck not favors. Person may commit suicide. Aloof. Deception.

Ravi parvat (Mount of Sun)—Defamation. Eye problems.Budh parvat (Mount of mercury)—Restless. Cheater. Problems in married life and with children.

Mangal parvat (Mount of mars)—Head injury. Coward. Suicidal tendencies.

Chandra parvat (Mount of moon)—Late marriage, sinus and mental issues.

Shuker parvat (Mount of venus)—Sexual diseases and other venus related problems.

Ketu parvat (Mount of ketu)—Illnesses in childhood or troublesome childhood.

Rahu parvat (Mount of Rahu)—Not good. Problems related to money, business. At age 30 to 36 person gets a big loss.


Moles present on lines varying results according to there position on the lines (like present at start, middle, or end of line)Time (age) can be calculated according to position of mole on line.

Jeevan Rekha (Life line)—Indicates health problems.

Mastak Rekha (Head line)—Accident, head injury, or head problem.

Hirdya Rekha (Heart line)—Heart problems. Deception and defamation in love.

Ravi Rekha (Sun line)—Unsuccessful. Defamation.

Bhagaya Rekha (Fate line)—Loner. Bad family relations or loss of money.

Swastaya Rekha (Health line)—Diseases in this time. Bankruptcy.

Vivah Rekha (Marriage Lines)—Not good for marriage/children.

Mangal Rekha (Mars Line)—Coward.

Chandra Rekha (Line of Intuition)—Not getting success and fame.

Yatra Rekha (Travel line)—Loss from traveling.


Mostly results are same as for moles present on mounts except for some differences.

However, when reading palms it should always be kept in mind that no statement should be made based on the moles alone.

Other factors also need to be considered because results of moles are not always correct for each person.

Broken Head Line Underneath Mount of Sun Palmistry

Broken Head Line:  Head Injury, Head and Heart Issues due to depression .

Forked Marriage Line - Fork On Marriage Line - Marriage Line Forked In Palmistry

Interpretation Of Forked Marriage Line On Palm

Reading Palms Love Line


1. If there is fork sign (<) at the end of Marriage Line it indicates chances of Break up. If fork is not big then it means Break up for some period of time, reason being differences of opinion, Extramarital Affair.  (Fig-1)


2. If fork (>) is at the beginning of Marriage Line there would be lots of problems in getting married or remaining unmarried or first phase of Married Life is problematic.   (fig-2)


3. If Marriage Line is forked and one branch of fork meets with Heart Line then it indicates Extramarital Affair, most probably in blood relation.  In this situation Breakup is possible. (Fig-3)


4.  If fork on marriage line and one branch of fork crosses the Heart Line and then crosses Head Line then the person could lose mental balance due to failure/disappointment in love/marriage. If this line cuts the Fate Line and Life Line then it indicates death/suicide. (fig 4)


5. If a line raised from Heart Line reaches the middle of the fork then it indicates that the person could have a third person in life which could become the cause of his/her death also. (fig-5)

6. If a branch from Head Line reaches the middle of the fork then there would be always tension in Married Life due to difference of opinions. (Fig-6)


Influence Lines In Palmistry

The lines are found on the Mount of Venus either vertically or horizontally.
Function Of Influence Line
These lines indicates the extent to which the subject may be influence by others. The intensity of the influence depends on the how deep the lines are, if the line is deep then the influence is more.

Characteristic Features Of Influence Line

Rising from Life line - Influence of mother is more in that persons life.
Rising from Mount of Venus cutting the root of the second finger - Difficulty in child -bearing, womb troubles in general.
Rising from the Mount of Venus cutting Life Line and ending on the Mount of Saturn - Divorce or separation
Rising from the Mount of Venus to the Mount of Mercury - Great success in business or science.
Rising from a star on the Mount of Venus and ending in a fork on the Mount of Saturn - Unfortunate marriage ie. the partner may either die or turn eccentric.
Rising from the Mount of Venus to the Mount of Jupiter ending in a Star - Ambition of the subject crowned with brilliant success.
Ending with Star- Negative influence of others .
Star is present and distant from Life Line- Possibility of death of a parent at the age shown by the star and a distant relative coming into the life.
Semi-circular crossing the Life Line - Sudden illness or even death of the subject.
Cutting the Life Line and Fate Line - Opposition from relatives in business and worldly affairs.
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Via Lascivia Line Palmistry

Via Lascivia Line:  Parallel to Line of Health (A) and Semicircular Line from Mount of Venus to Mount of Moon.

If Health line is not good (weak) but there is a Via Lascivia line parallel to health line (as sister line) indicates Via Lasciva Line gives strength to weak health line and reduce the bad effects of Health line. (A)

If Via Lascivia line is like bridge in between mount of venus and mount of moon then indicates addiction to drug, alcohol and increase in sensuality.  (B)

Travelline In Palmistry

The Travel Lines start from the edge of the palm at the base, opposite the thumb, and extend horizontally. These Lines appear on the Mount of Moon. They are also the little hair lines that leave the Line of Life towards the Mount of Moon. Sometimes the short lines that join the Life of Fate at the conjunction where a line shoots downward into the Mount of Moon clearly suggests profitable and intellectual foreign travels.

Function of the Travel Lines
These Lines indicate the restless disposition of the subject or any allergy that he might have developed because of delicate health.
They may also indicate travels and voyages of the subject.

Characteristic Features Of Travel Line

Intersects Life Line - Trip will be made under circumstances of health, or your health will be affected by a trip.
Intersects Fate Line - Travels will present a life-changing experience.
Intersects Head Line - Some danger to the head from journey.
Lines crosses Travel Line - Danger, or problems with in travel.
Square - Protection in travels.
Breaks - A delay in travels.
Ends with cross - Journey will end in disappointment.
Ends in a square - Subject protected from danger during the journey.
Ends with an island - Journey in loss.

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Hand Image Of Clairvoyant Cheiro Palmistry


A person who claims to have a supernatural ability to perceive events in the future or beyond normal sensory contact.


Double Line of Head The most important sign on the hand of Cheiro was his Double Line of Head. This is what Cheiro writes about his own hand:—"A Double Line of Head is very rarely found. The character shown by each of these Lines of Head is in apparent contradiction to the other. For example, the lower closely joined to the Line of Life denotes a mentality extremely sensitive, artistic and imaginative.

 "The upper line gives the reverse characteristics, namely, rising on the Mount of Jupiter and running nearly straight across the palm, it denotes self-confidence, ambition, power to dominate others and a level-headed, practical way of looking at life.

 "One can hardly imagine such mentally opposite characteristics in the same person, but the impression given of my hand is a good illustration of these statements. "On my left hand there is no sign whatever of any m, upper Head Line there is only the lower line to be seen; and is a curious fact that the appearance of the Upper Head Line on my right hand only commenced to be noticeable when I was about thirty years of age.

"At this point of my life, circumstances brought me before the world as a lecturer and public speaker. This forced me to make a supreme effort to overcome my supreme sensitiveness as shown by the lower Head Line, with the result that the upper line began to develop and in a few years became the dominant one on my right hand.

"I have also stated that in cases where double Line of Head is found, persons who possess these lines are inclined to live what are called double lives of one form or another.

 "In my own particular case this has been remark-ably true, for more than fifty years one section of the public only knew me under my own name.

"I can further state here that due to the influence of the more sensitive side of my nature, for many years I gave vent to my feelings by writing poetry. both sentimental and religious, while at the same time. the other side was engaged in appearing as a lecturer on public platforms. as war correspondent, and later, as editor of newspapers in London and Paris."


Machli - Fish Sign | INDIAN PALM READING

Machli (Fish Sign) is big oval shape sign and only found on Mount of Ketu or Mount of Moon.

If a person has Machli (Fish) sign in his/her hand then that person is religious and prosperous. He is noble minded and works for charity.

He will be always scared of water. He will have an incident of drowning in his life but someone will save him. He always suffers from sinusitis type of problems.

Shankh (Conch Shell) present in hand also has same results as mentioned for Macchli Chinha/Fish Sign.

Macch Rekha (Fish Tail/Fish Line)

Macch Rekha (Fish Tail/Fish Line)

Macch Rekha (Fish Tail/Fish Line) is a semicircle branch at the end of lifeline or if Machli (Fish) is not completely formed (only one semicircle line present at the end of life line) then it will be called Machh Rekha. It gives strength to Life line and indicates hereditary disease.

     Difference Between Fish and Island

Island and Square Shape Sign Not Fish Sign

Machli Chinha (Fish Sign) is big oval shape sign and only found on Mount of Ketu or Mount of Moon. It is not found in the middle of lifeline or starting of lifeline, it is only found at the end of lifeline. 

Island is always small in size and fish is always big in size.

Everywhere else where it is like shape of rectangle/square/kite it is not Machhli (fish) sign. People tend to think those as Machli sign but those are only squares and triangles. Mostly these Kite like looking signs which are mistaken as Machli sign are underneath Jupiter finger or are found in between Heart line and Head line.

Image Of Fish Sign 

Illicit Relationship Palmistry

There are few indications on Palm :-

If Mount of Venus is overdeveloped and net (criss-cross mark) on it and also Heart Line is chained in both hands then there are always chances of extramarital affair.

If two fate line starts from Mount Of Moon and run parallel to each other, it indicates that a person will follow two careers simultaneously or illicit relationship (unhappy married life, not interest in wife/husband, affair/relationship outside of marriage).

If relationship line (marriage line) is forked then there are always chances of difference of opinion or separation and also indicates illicit relationship.

If there is a small vertical bar line on quadrangle (above head line) parallel to the main fate line then always chances of new relationship or second relationship or second income source.

If there is a Bindu (mole/black spot) is present on Mount of Venus then there are always chances of hidden relationship and diseases of reproductive organs.

If branch of marriage line runs parallel to heart line and meet with Girdle of Venus or cuts Sun Line then there are always chances of divorce, illicit relationship, defamation through opp. sex.

If another line runs almost parallel to the marriage line in both hands there are always chances of an extra-marital affair. 

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Love Marriage/Arrange Marriage

Calculate Your Age Longevity Lifespan Through Palmistry


Understand the life line. The life line primarily indicates health, significant life changes, and the general well-being of a person. Contrary to popular belief, there is no real consensus on the correlation between the life line and a person's longevity. However, there is some consensus within palmistry studies that a person's vitality and quality of life can be determined by the life line.

Broken Bracelet Palmistry


Broken Bracelet 

First line of bracelet is broken indicates careless in matter of health or accident from animals, fall from tree or rock etc. 

Learn About Traveling Lines With Figures In Palmistry

Description of Traveling Lines

Foreign Settlement Line And Signs
Traveling Lines are found on palm in following places:

1. Line going upwards from first line of bracelet. (D)
2. Line starting from Life Line and going to Mount of Lower Moon or Mount of Ketu or running parallel to the Life Line. (B)
3. Line starting from Mount of Lower Moon and going towards Life Line. (A)
4. Line starting from Mount of Lower Mars and meeting the Life Line and going toward Mount of Rahu. (A)
5. Horizontal lines on Mount of Moon. (C)
6. Line starting from Mount of Upper Mars and going towards Mount of Sun indicates abroad travel. (E)
6. Other than these lines, we can also know about travels by Sun, Fate, and Head Lines.

Indications on travel lines:


1. If there is fork at the end of Life Line and one branch goes towards Mount of Lower Moon and second branch goes towards Mount of Venus then this indicates that the person will leave his homeland and settle in different country or place forever. If there is no fork at the end of Life Line and Life Line is covering Mount of Venus then this indicates the person will settle in his homeland forever. (A1)


2. If lines start from Mount of Lower Moon and are going towards Life Line then it indicates small travels but if these lines are meeting Fate, Sun or Life Line then it would indicate big and beneficial travels. (A2)

3. Line starting from first line of Bracelet and going towards the Mount of Lower Moon indicates good travel. (a). If this line reaches Mount of Jupiter then it indicates person will go for long travel and it would be good for him. (e). If this line reaches Mount of Saturn then it indicates unfortunate incidents while traveling. (d). If this line reaches Mount of Sun then it is good and indicates name, money and fame from traveling. (c). If this line reaches Mount of Mercury then it indicates success in business and sudden financial gains from traveling. (b)


4. If Traveling Line coming from Mount of Lower Moon is not going upwards and is going downwards towards the bracelet then it indicates unsuccessful travels. (A4)


5. Cross at end of travel line-Unsuccessful travel. (A5)


6. Island at the end of travel line-Unsuccessful travel and loss from traveling. (A6)


7. Two travel lines cutting each other-Needing to go two to three times for the same work to get it done.


8. Travel line meeting Head Line and spot, island, or cross is there-Head injury while traveling. (A8)

9. Travel line starting from Mount of Lower Mars and meeting Life Line or reaching Mount of Rahu-Long travels (mostly in childhood). (Travel Line On Palm - A)

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यदि आप पारिवारिक या व्यवसायिक समस्या से मुक्ति पाना चाहते है तो यहाँ दिए गए उपायो को एक बार अवश्य करें । आपको अवश्य लाभ होगा । आज अधिकतर लोग किसी न किसी परेशानी से ग्रस्त है । किसी को व्यापार में घाटा हो रहा है , किसी को नौकरी नहीं मिल रही है , कोई भूत-प्रेत या ऊपरी हवाओ से परेशान है, कोई संतान के न होने से दुखी है तो कोई भयंकर रोगो से ग्रस्त है ।

यहाँ पर प्राचीन टोन टोटके द्वारा  अनेक समस्याओ का समाधान प्रस्तुत किया गया है ।

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