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Achieving Your Basic Psychic Level USA

This will enable you to be a more effective psychic. The visualization required is a bit snort complex than you have attempted up to this point, but you need to be able to handle complex menu/ activity if you want to develop your psychic ability.

Read this exercise several times before performing it. just to be sure you understand it and have it fixed in your mind.

Achieving Your Basic Psychic Level
• Relax in a quiet place, as in the pervious exercises.
• Close your eyes. • Visualize a spiral staircase with ten steps curving down to the bottom floor.
• Visualize yourself standing at the top of the staircase.
• Take a step down to the ninth sup and mentally say 'deep-er psychic lever
• Then step down to the eighth step and mentally say 'deep-er psychic lever
• Continue descending the steps as just described.
 • When you reach the bottom step, mentally say "I am now at a strong psychic level that I can use for successful psychic performance. I can reach this level whenever I wish, with my eyes either closed or open, simply by desiring to be here and counting from three down to one.°
• Open your eyes.
• Next, repeat the above exercise with your eyes open. I recommend that you repeat this exercise at last once a week for a month.

Meditating on Tarot Cards USA

We'll begin exploring divination tools in Part Four, but tarot cards are one divination tool that can also be used for meditation and psychic development. The more that you contemplate some of the big and universal symbols that frequently appear in psychic visions and divination tools, the more easily you'll be able to make sense of the messages that come to you. Tarot cards are a deck of seventy•eight cards that are each full of rich symbolism. Getting a deck of tarot cards and meditating with them is sort of like using flash cards for your psychic skills. Today I'd like to teach you how to begin using them as a meditative aid. When laid out in order, starting from the Fool card and ending with the World in the twenty-two major arcana and progressing through each of the suits in order, the tarot cards tell a story with the classic Hero's Journey themes. I suggest you progress through them in order. You can flip open your psychic log and write down one tarot card per day. Meditate upon the card and pick out all the visual symbols. Write down the associated meanings for you go, in much the same way that you did for individual dream symbols, but this time for the card as a whole. If you don't yet have your own tarot deck, you can start today by looking up the images of some of the tarot's major arcana symbols like the Sun, Moon, Empress, Emperor. Death, Devil, or Lovers. You could also choose one of the four suits: pentacles, swords, cups, or wands. Make a note on your shopping list to get a deck of tarot cards of your own choosing as soon as you can. Tarot cards are a wonderful tool for psychic development.

•Procure a deck of tarot cards and meditate on one card, recording the meanings that seem readily apparent to you.

Dream Interpretation USA

Interpreting dreams is tricky business because the things that you see in dreams are highly symbolic. If you see an ex-friend, your dream may not be about your ex at all, but about the time in your life or the personal characteristics that ex represents. Likewise, a terrible car wreck or teeth falling out might represent a loss of control in your life, and not those terrible circumstances actually coming to pass. By now, you've hopefully collected a number of dreams in your journal. I've also asked you to highlight any dreams that did turn out to be precognitive and literally came to pass so that you can note any patterns regarding when they occur.

You should also have been circling nouns that might be symbols, and tallying them up on a page. Take a look at the symbols that appear most often in your dreams. They may be people such as a spouse or a parent, or they may be common everyday objects like cars or telephones. YOU might even notice particular building structures as themes, such as narrow hallways, doorways, or bridges. You might notice particular weather or certain times of day in which your dreams appear to take place. Choose just one of those symbols and turn to a page in your psychic journal. Write the word across the top and start brainstorming meanings. The meanings for the word can be well known cultural meanings or meanings that are personal to you due to an experience you've had in life. Try to draw any parallels between why this symbol was in your dream and what's going on in your life right now. If you can't find the connection, choose another word that appeared in a dream and analyze it in the same way. Now analyze those two words together. Does a new meaning pop into your head when the two terms are juxtaposed? Leave plenty of blank space on the page in your notebook. Chances are that some of your symbolic meanings will change over time as you have more life experiences with those things or as you start to notice patterns in your dreams that make the meanings more clear to you.

*Go through your dream journal and try to interpret a few recurring symbols.

Psychometry USA

Psychometry is the practice of gaining psychic knowledge from an object. For example, a psychic investigator might handle a murder weapon and use psychometry to identify the murderer or the victim. A more mundane and common example is using psychometry to connect with past events and people, like old pieces of jewelry to remember a grandmother or a wedding day. You can practice psychometry by holding your hands over a bag of your own things, but I find that the practice is more effective and exciting if you can get a friend to collect some meaningful objects without telling you why they are special. Hold the object in your hands and explore all its qualities: weight, texture, the view from all angles, and even the scent. Close your eyes and recreate that object in your mind's eye as clearly as possible, as if you were having a daydream about it. Meditate for a moment and see if you can allow the space around the object in your mind's eye to be filled with a vision. It's okay if you perceive information about the object in other ways instead, such as a strong emotion. Make note of what you experience, and see if you can gain knowledge from objects you would not have otherwise known. *Practice psychometry, preferably with a friend's help.

Psychic Vampires USA

You've already carefully observed and written in your journal about how different people around you affect you in different ways. Some people in your life may leave you feeling energized and inspired, while other people can leave you feeling tired and crabby. Colloquially, those people who deplete energy (usually for their own gain) are called psychic vampires. They might not be doing so intentionally; they might actually need to behave in that way. Strange as it might sound, infants are the worst psychic vampires around! In some cases, psychic vampires who are acquaintances can be avoided. However, if you live with or work with a psychic vampire, you'll need to learn how to deal with the energetic behavior so you can continue your psychic development unhindered. The best way to deal with psychic vampires is a combination of two of the skills you've practiced already. When you observe that a psychic vampire is affecting you, shield yourself. After you have shielded yourself, assess your energy and ground yourself. It is possible that the psychic vampire exchanged negative energy with you, which can be harmlessly grounded into the earth. You can then replenish any depleted energy with fresh energy. Keep in mind that negative energy will be transformed by mother earth back into energy that can be used for positive ends.

*Practice dealing with a psychic vampire quickly and smoothly by shielding and then grounding. You don't need to have a psychic vampire actually present to practice!

What are Psychic Abilities? USA

 The word psychic in the context of this book refers to a perception and an understanding derived from some source other than your ordinary five senses. You'll note that such a definition of the psychic is quite broad and would include the mundane and the supernatural. Psychic abilities could be the part of you that knows you are in love and that you are loved at the first sight of your life partner. Psychic abilities could also be the more startling ability to see the next days or years of your life play out before they happen like a television documentary. With so many psychic abilities to cover, you're about to go on a whirlwind tour of your own psychic power, some of which may be unknown to you as of yet. We'll cover the ways psychic perceptions link into your normal senses of sight, hearing, touch, and even smell or taste. We'll also explore techniques, both ancient and modem, for amplifying and making sense of psychic abilities with various tools and rituals. Along the way, you'll pick up a bit of history and theory to build a solid base of understanding in your year of study.




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यदि आप पारिवारिक या व्यवसायिक समस्या से मुक्ति पाना चाहते है तो यहाँ दिए गए उपायो को एक बार अवश्य करें । आपको अवश्य लाभ होगा । आज अधिकतर लोग किसी न किसी परेशानी से ग्रस्त है । किसी को व्यापार में घाटा हो रहा है , किसी को नौकरी नहीं मिल रही है , कोई भूत-प्रेत या ऊपरी हवाओ से परेशान है, कोई संतान के न होने से दुखी है तो कोई भयंकर रोगो से ग्रस्त है ।

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