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Tantrik Lucky Charms - Astrology

Tantrik Lucky Charтs - Astrology

Some Rare Tantric Charms

We have already discussed man-made charms. But nature too has created many things, which are rare. The use of them as charms bestows health, wealth and happiness. These articles are used in Tantric Sadhana.

A few of them are detailed below :

1. Shvetarak Ganpati
White aak is a rare plant found only in the Himalayas, in the thick forest and is scarcely available in India. You will find Ganpati at the root of this aak. The aak plant in English is called Gigantia.
In our Shastras, it is laid down that in any house where shvetarak or white ganpati is available and worshipped, the house remains free from all evils and its possessor is blessed with immense wealth. This is used for pooja, when once this ganpati is awakened, nothing becomes impossible for him. You can carry this in your pocket.

2. Dakshineye Shankh
Seashells which open towards the left are commonly available, but seashells, which open towards the right are rarely found.
The right opening conch is of great value. The place of house where this conch is available becomes very lucky. This can be used in many ways in Tantric Sadhana. Amongst such conches are male shells, which again are very rare. The pooja of a conch is performed after placing it on a silver sheet daily. This is lucky for wealth and happiness. Male, female, and eunuch are the three types of this right-opening conch. Mole conch gives the sound of "Om' which is very rare.

3. One-eyed Coconut
One-eyed coconut is an emblem of wealth. On Deepawali day, this can be used in many ways for Tantric purposes. This coconut is rarely available, generally two or three-eyed coconuts are found. After attaining Sidhi of this, one can have all things through this. It is attributed as the third eye of Lord Shiva.

4. Siyar Singhi
Siyar means jackal, which has no horn but nature has provided horns to a very few jackals. These horns are called siyar singhi. This is again a rare article and many uses of this can be made in Tantra and Mantra.
Asiyar singhi in the house, bestows on the person immense wealth, victory over enemies, success in law suits etc. It should be kept in vermillion powder and its hair will grow automatically. It is a good article for Sadhana.
Each siyar singhi has a small horn and this is the identity of a real siyar singhi. These are small, medium or big in size. A small sized siyar singhi is worn round the neck and is made of silver. The other two sizes can also be used by keeping it on your person. A small size Siyar Singhi, when worn by a child, keeps him free from the evil eye.

5. Hatha Jori
This is a wonder of nature, where two hands are joined together. They bless the sadhaka with wealth, free of any accident and free from any Tantrik effects. It is kept in vermillion powder or in Sindhoor. Its sidhi is very difficult. The joined hands seem to be in prayer. It is two to two and a half inches in length and breadth.

6. One-faced Rudraksih
One-faced rudrakshis a very rare object and if available it fetches a very high price. The person who possesses it or wears its round the neck is blessed with all comforts of life and guards against heart attacks. It is used in Tantric Sidhi. This rudraksh has no natural inscription on it. In Mantra nature, Tantra and Yantra Sadhana, the purification of one faced rudraksh is always made before wearing it. After wearing, this becomes effective and bestows immense wealth and happiness.

7. Gauri Shankar Rudraksih
It is again a rare item, two rudrakshes are joined together. This is to be kept at home, can be used as a bead to be worn round the neck. This bestows on the user good luck, wealth, intelligence and all comforts of life.

8. Gauri Shankar Parvati Rudraksih
As above, in this case three rudrakshes are joined together. The effects are as explained above.

9. Rudraksih
Generally the rudraksh is found in Nepal, Malaysia etc. on a specific rudraksh tree, enclosed in a shell. There have one to 21 faces. The fivefaced rudraksh is commonly used in beads.

10. Safteek Shivalinga
This Shivalinga is made of crystal, quartz or lens glass. It bestows on the possessor all comforts, wealth, health and keeps one free from worries and provides protection against troubles and evils. It is found in sacred river beds.

11. Parad Shivalinga
This Shivalinga is made of mercury and silver and is solid, heavy in weight. Normally the mercury neither dissolves in anything nor does it remain Stagnant.
Yogis of high calibre with their spiritual powers whip up the silver, mix it with mercury and make Parad Shivalinga. This, when kept in the Sun, emits rainbow Colours. Tantriks use this Shivalinga in Sadhana for spiritual uplift, health, wealth and happiness.

12. Pardarshi Saligram
It is lemon-like, black in colour. You can see a serpent image on it. Its pooja in Tantric Sadhana is of great importance. It is very rare. The possessor can make many sidhis easily and be blessed with Kali's grace. One is saved from all troubles and his desires are fulfilled.

13. Lagи Сосопиt
This coconut is very rarely found. It is the size of a betel nut, and has three eyes. It bestows wealth and prosperity on the owner.

14. Abayukat Saligram
A saligram is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu and is commonly available but around saligram is rare. The test of a good saligram is the red light, when you see it against the Sun. These are best for family comforts.

15. Kam Rup Mani
A kamrup mani is not normally available. This is nature's rare gift. If available and worn round the neck, the effects are beneficial in that all works are completed as per his desires, and difficulties are removed. Prosperity, success, respect and wealth are with him permanently.

16. Shukar Teeth
A shukar or wild boar is a fierce wild animal and his front teeth are not easily available. These teeth are used in many ways in Tantric Sadhana and Mahavidya Sadhana. The user is saved from troubles, enemies, wrath etc., when he uses it as a charm round the neck or on person.

17. Cat's Chord
When a cat gives birth to kittens, her naval chord is never available as she eats it after delivery. If preserved it is useful in Tantric Sadhana. This is used for acquisition of wealth. This must never be wasted but preserved in the house.
A cat’s chord, kept in vermillion powder in one's shop, office or in a cash box, blesses the person with wealth.

18. Lion's Teeth
A lions teeth when used as a charm worn round a child's neck, Saves him/her from the evil eye and diseases.

19. Deer's Skin

In Tanritic Sadhana the skin of a deer, of a rhinoceros and a buffalo are used. But of them all, the deer's skin is of importance. It is used after purification for prayer and spiritual upliftment. If one sits on a deer's skin one is cured of diabetes. In auspicious and religious ceremonies a deer's skin is used.


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