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Loose Character Women Features

Loose Character Women Features

woman will be a cheat, of loose morals, wicked and mischievous. She will marry twice. If the hair is black, the eyes are big and beautiful, the tongue is long and she eats more, such a woman is unlucky. If the eyes are blue, the body colour has a reddish tinge, such a woman is wealthy but will not outlive her husband. If the colour of the eyes is grey and the nose is small and the tongue and palate are of black colour, these are the indications of widowhood. If her eyebrows are curved and lips red, she is sweet of speech, and fond of music, it indicates that the woman will be intelligent, wealthy and well-versed in household chores. A short statured woman with small eyes and hands will be a sex ridden, morally loose person, fond of the pleasures of the bed. If in addition to the above, the eyes are bluish, hanging, the lips and tongue are black, such a woman will be the killer of her husband and a whore. If the woman has hair on her forehead, waist and belly, early widowhood is indicated. If hair is found on the face, chin, ears and lips, it denotes that she will be a widow without shame and may lead a troubled life. A broad mouth and nose, long neck and fleshy waist denote a woman of loose character, greedy, wicked and perhaps a widow. If the mouth or nose is black or red in colour and the chin long, the woman will be very sexy, of loose morals and full of worldly desires. If while talking a dimple is formed on the cheeks and the fingers and toes are bulky, such a woman is not trustworthy but passionate and sex-ridden. If she also has broad shoulders, her lips are hanging downwards, then also she is passionate, sexy, worried and of a loose character. If a damsel has thin lips, small and shining teeth, thin and small hands and soft palms, then she will be wealthy. If the lips and tongue are red and the body is soft, then she will be very intelligent, wealthy and respected everywhere. If the nose is small, the teeth are long, the palate and tongue arc of black colour and the waist and thighs are big, such a woman will be unlucky.

If the teeth of a woman are irregular and separated, and her hands and feet are big and long, she will have loose morals.

If bluish or blackish veins are seen on the tongue, thighs and feet of a woman, she will bring misfortune. She will ruin everything, even if she marries a wealthy man.
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