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Meaning Of A Dream Washing Toilet

The Toilet Dreams

(Lavatory) In a dream, a toilet means relief from distress, satisfying one's innate needs, a bathhouse, taking a ritual ablution, a place where one's secrets are exposed, a place where one hides his money, a treasury, a coffer, a rest room, or a place to reflect.

The toilet is a complicated dream symbol primarily because of how it is perceived culturally. Some people grow up being afraid of the toilet and being afraid of the bathroom in general because they have been told about germs. A dream dictionary will usually give multiple dream meanings of toilets both positive and negative because of this duality in perception. The meaning of dream about toilets all depends on how the dreamer feels about toilets. 

For some, the dream meaning of a toilet will be related to fear and self consciousness. This is especially true if the toilet that is the focal point of the dream is in a public stall. In a public bathroom, the toilets are seen as filthy, and because of the status of it as a public toilet, there will always be a lack of privacy involved. If you happen to dream about public toilets it might be because you are simply self conscious about something. Perhaps something has occurred recently which caused you to re-evaluate yourself or your attractiveness, or maybe you were just forced to do something that you were not comfortable doing. No matter what the issue, the fact of the matter is, this is a good reason why you may be dreaming of toilets.

Another dream interpretation of toilet is based on the toilet as a form of release, and your excrement as emotions. You are pent up with emotions and searching for somewhere to release them. The toilet represents a place for you to release all of the emotions that you have been holding back for so long. Perhaps in waking life you have an opinion on an issue that you’ve refused to share with anyone, or maybe you simply do not feel comfortable talking about something that is actually really important to you. If any of these things are true, this could represent the reason that you are seeing toilets in your dreams.

Some dream interpretations see the toilet as more of a practical symbol. You might see toilets in your dream if physically; you have a full bladder and need to release it. The toilet may appear in your dream to attempt to bring your full bladder to your conscious mind so that you know that you need to get up to use the bathroom. If you see yourself doing something in a dream such as cleaning the toilet, or scrubbing the edges of the toilet this can mean that you are expressing a desire to let down your inhibitions. Not only that, but you also may be expressing your desire to break down social barriers and let other new people into your life. Surprisingly enough, seeing something as strange as toilet cleaning in your dreams can lead to great social changes. If it does not directly lead to social change, then it certainly shows your innate desire to expose yourself more in a social manner. You have the need to let out your emotions. This is what the toilet dream is trying to tell you.


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