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मोटी गद्देदार हथेली - हस्तरेखा ( Fleshy Hand/Palm - Palmistry )

मोटी गद्देदार हथेली -                                                                                                                                                                                                                 मोटी गद्देदार हथेली में प्राय: शुक्र और चन्द्र पर्वत विशेष उभर लिए हुए होते है । हथेली को दबाने  (नितिन कुमार पामिस्ट )  पर यह पिलपिली सी महसूस होती है । ऐसा जातक आरामप्रिय, आलसी, भोग प्रवृति वाला होता है तथा कर्म से दूर रहने का प्रयास करता है । असफल होने पर ईस्वर, किस्मत एवं भाग्य को कोसता है । (http://indianpalmreading.blogspot.in)

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Palms: Mirror of Self VS Predicts the Future

Future Predictions Through Palmistry 

Loopers , you must know the forecast line of palms, or you actually never predictable line of hands, here. Well it turns out, reading palms line is there knowledge you know, that palmistry . According to those ancient times, human life is the real picture is already plastered on her line, whether it's love, sustenance, health, luck, mate, and others. All that has illustrated clearly in the hands of everyone.
Well, this time, the Loop will invite you to know info about reading palms. Before that, Loop would explain how the heck history of palmistry or palm reading this art.

Sejarah palmistry
People antiquity like something mystical-mythical, loopers. Weve due to lack of knowledge, a factor also affects the ancestors. In antiquity,, Hindus had written a book called ' The Teaching on Male Palmistry '. After that,palmistry spread rapidly in Asia, including China, Tibet and Persia. Then, in Greece, there is also a picture of the palms of Hermes, the Greek god.
After that, many books on palmistry that circulated in the early 1900s. The author is the famous William John Warner, or often called Cheiro. Cheiro've traveled the world to read the palms of famous people, such as Mark Twain and Thomas Alva Edison.
Palm reading techniques
Loopers, if we read the palm of the hand, which is shown by a left hand or right hand? The answer, which is more dominant hand is the hand that you read.
  • Life line
This is the line that you have to read it first, loopers. This is the line that represents a person's life. In this line would be visible health, domestic relations, family, as well as physical strength.
  • heart line
This is the top line, the line showing feelings and emotions. But it can also be interpreted on the health of vital organs such as heart, kidney, liver, and so on.
When the line is thick, then the person is lucky in relationships. Meanwhile, when the line is long, it means you have a smooth relationships. But if you see a line of thick, then thin, then thick again, means the relationship percintaanmu experienced many problems.
  • head line
This is the line in the middle, usually shorter in between the lines on or bawah.Garis represent ideas, concentration, mental, and intelligence. When this line is thick, it shows high intelligence. Meanwhile, if the line is thin, it means less intelligence.
  • The lines of destiny
This line will look very thin. In fact, the line some people will not be seen. So, it takes palmistry more skilled if you want to see these lines. If you see a thick line, then the proficiency level has quite a lot of experience. If the line is thin, then the person is experiencing the fate capricious.
  • line wedding
Well, this is a hidden line, If striped thick, then you will quickly be able to mate. If thin, then you will be a little difficult to get a mate.
It is partly a science palmistry you can learn, loopers. Actually, palm reading not as simple as the above ways.You see, you need to be more careful in studying the science of palmistry, but you do not believe the same forecast yes.

Nitin Kumar Palmist

Palmistry and Forecast Future - Reading Palms

Your Future Forecast From Palmistry

If you want to know the forecast hand line , this article is about how to read palms that may interest you. Learn basic art of reading forecast palms and palm reading alone would be very interesting.

Believe it or not, your palms can tell a lot about the prophecies of health, wealth, relationships and more. There are also courses palms predict which specialized in providing training to the same thing. Anyone interested in the art of divination palms can enroll in the program learn how to read palms . However, to learn how to read palms in itself can be a fun entertainment. All you need is a little patience to learn the basics of palm reading and understand it.

How to Read Palms 

Many people believe in the interpretation of the lines in the palm of the hand . According to the science of predictions, the hidden facts about life can be revealed with the help of palm reading. Each line in the palms of particular importance. Here are some tips for reading palms.

Determine palms 

First step in palm reading is to determine the palms to be read. In reading it, right hand side represent the personality, while the left side shows the potential. According to forecasts by the line of Chinese hands, the left hand is used for men under 30 years, while for women under 30 years old to use the right hand.


In palmistry, there are 4 things in the art of divination palms;

Lifeline - used to predict the vitality and quality of life. It starts from the right hand side, between the thumb and index finger and walked down the wrist. A curved line shows that you are always energetic, while the line is closer to the thumb showed a lack of energy.

Mindline / center - personality and beliefs reflected in the mind line. According to the basics of palm reading, a curved line represents creativity, short lines mean physical achievement and straight lines reveal that you tend to have a realistic idea.

Heart line - also known as a love line, starting from the left-hand side curved to the index finger. The line that begins just below the index finger means that you are satisfied with your love life. If the tip is located between the index and middle fingers, you tend to give your heart easily. A long and curved lines show an emotional person.

Fate line - Talk more about how to read palms, the fourth line in the palm of the hand is a quirk of fate. This line starts from the base of the palm of the hand and walked to the top, separating palms into two parts. This line of destiny or rather the luck of a person. A deep fate line indicates inheritance, a faint line indicates the failure and the chain line expresses the struggle.

Sun line - the line is located beneath the ring finger and showed artistic talent. Other sun line is derived from the base of the palms and angled towards the little finger. This small line indicates spiritual growth.

Line Chart Hand Sketches 

Examining the hand size, shape and texture is another aspect of the art of divination palm known as chirognomy. You will find varying theories and beliefs are different. However, there is one important thing to consider in knowing how to read palms of the hands, that you do not quite believe just based on the texture of your hand lines. You are entitled to define your own life and not the line of palms that will be decisive.

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Learn How to Read Your Palm Online

How to Read lines in Palms

Palm reading is a method used by many modern forecasters as a form of divination or read personality. Deciphering the lines in your hand is an important part of palm reading. Palm reading requires understanding that there is a so-called main line / major and minor lines. This article will explain how to interpret the different lines on the palms.

Choose a hand that will be read lines. 

In palmistry (the art of prediction palms), there is the concept of hands active and passive. Your active hand is dominant hand while your other hand is a passive hand.

  • Passive hand is the hand that is used to read the traits.

  • Active hand is used for reading the state change the default for perisitiwa things that happen in life, and so forth.

  • If there is a noticeable difference between the lines in the hand in the hand of passive and active, it means the person has been striving to develop itself.

Find four main lines. 

These lines are the heart line, head, life and fate line (not everybody has this line): 

  • Heart line is a horizontal line at the top of the palm. These lines reflect both the physical condition of your heart, and the condition of your heart emotionally.

  • Head line is a horizontal line in the middle of the palm. This line describes the state of mind and your brain.

  • Life line is a curve near the bottom of the thumb, started in between the index finger and thumb. Contrary to popular belief, this line does not indicate how long your age, but described other aspects such as strength, vitality, and well-being.

  • Fate line is a vertical line from the bottom of the palm of the hand to the middle (not everyone has this line). This line indicates aspects such as success, career, and work. 

Read the heart line

This line can be read from any direction (from the little finger to the index finger or vice versa), depending on which tradition you follow. This line is believed to signify emotional stability, love life, depression and heart health. How to read this line and what they mean specifically is as follows: 
  • If the heart line starts from the bottom of the index finger, it means the person is a voter in love. Heart line that starts under the middle finger indicates a selfish person in love. If it starts in the middle of the palm, it indicates that it is easy to fall in love.
  • The absence of heart line indicates that a person is governed by logic and not emotion. Thin line indicates someone who is alienated and only pay attention to the feeling.
  • The lines were straight and short signify someone who is not interested in romance. The lines were long and curly signifies someone who express their feelings freely. Wavy line signifies a lot of girlfriends or lovers, but nothing serious.
  • If the heart line parallel to the line head, it indicates that a person can control his emotions well. Heart line that come into contact with live lines mean you heart broken.
  • Heart line is broken or that traversed a smaller line may indicate emotional trauma. Line shaped like a chain could mean depression.

Check the head of the line

This line shows the learning style, communication style, intellect and thirst for knowledge. How to read this line specifically is as follows: 
  • The absence of head lines signify someone who is lazy. Blurry line denotes someone who is easy to forget and hard to concentrate and love imagining things. The lines in signaling a good memory, good concentration, and nature wise.
  • Short head line indicates someone who is practical and no-nonsense. A long line denotes someone who is focused and very successful with selfish tendencies.
  • Head straight line indicates someone who thinks realistically, logical, orderly and attention to detail. Wavy line signifies the jittery with short attention spans.Curly or sloping line that denotes someone who is very creative.
  • If the line starts at the head of the line of life, it means someone who is determined. Head line separate from life line denotes someone who like adventure and enthusiasm in life.
  • Severed head line indicates someone who is consistent in thinking. The existence of lines that cut across the head signifies that the important decisions are made has a huge influence in his fate. Chain or spheres in the head lines indicate a personal conflict or emotional difficulties.

Check out the life line. 

This line describes the physical health, general well-being, and major life changes (such unfortunate events, physical injuries, and resettlement). The length is not related to the age of the owner of the hand. The specific meanings are as follows: 
  • If there is no line of life, it indicates a person who strung, anxious and tense.Faint line denotes someone who is energetic weak and her life without adventure. The lines were in signify someone who has a life journey that is more subtle.
  • If the line is long and deep, this indicates a stamina good health and vitality. The lines were short and to signify someone who is easy to overcome physical problems.
  • Lifeline curly signifies someone who has lots of energy. A straight line and close to the end of the palms means a person who carefully.
  • The lines were approaching thumb signify someone who is tired. If this line is curved to form such a circle, it demonstrates the strength and enthusiasm. A straight line and close to the tip of palms signify someone who is very cautious.
  • Note if there is more than one line of life. Life line of more than one signifies strength and greater vitality.
  • Broken life line indicates a sudden change in the lifestyle of the owner of the hand. If the line is disconnected in both hands, it could indicate the presence of disease or serious injury. Circle or form a chain in this line could indicate that a person susceptible to health problems and life can take him to a lot of different directions.

Learn the fate line. 

This line is also known as the line of destiny and signifies the point of a person's life is affected by external circumstances beyond her control.This line begins at the base of the palm. The main directions of this specific line is: 
  • Line in showing the man strongly controlled by fate. Remember, not everyone has this line.
  • If the fate line begins to fuse with the life line, it indicates a person who self-determination, that is, those who have developed his goal since the beginning of life. If this line is fused with the life line in the middle, it indicates a point in her life when her interests should be sacrificed for the sake of others. If the fate line starts at the base of the thumb, it indicates someone who has strong ties with family and friends.
  • Fate line breaking and change directions indicate many changes in life as a result of external circumstances.
Learn the lines of significant others in the palm of the hand. 

In addition to the four major lines (heart line, head line, life line and fate line), there are several other lines that need to be considered and read. These lines include health line, fame line, marriage line, money line, and the line of travel.

  • Health line can be found extending from below the little finger, to the bottom of your palm to the base of the thumb. 

  • Line fame, if it appears, begins under the palms, and went up to below the ring finger, parallel to the line of fate. 

  • Line marriage is a minor line (or lines) that is located just below the little finger.

  • Money line, have different paths and means adapted to its location.

  • Line journey usually starts from the end of the palms on the side opposite the thumb and extends horizontally. 

Deciphering health lines. 

The lines of health-related material and physical well-being. This line appears if the life line of vague or hard to see. If someone has a quirk of fate, fame, or success are vague, health line will play a big role in the development of material prosperity. Health line can be found extending from below the little finger, down across the palm of the hand, to the base of the thumb. Sometimes, this line even joined a lifeline. Some traits that need to be seen is: 
  • The absence of this line indicates that a person will only have fewer health problems, or even not at all. Strong lines and uninterrupted signify someone who has business sense and strength to work hard for money.
  • Wavy lines indicating the possibility of health problems as a result of anxiety and nervousness.
  • The lines were disconnected could indicate poor health, leading to business problems. If there is a small line is cut, it means the person is prone to accidents. If there is another line branching out into the line of life, this is a sign of life-threatening situation in old age. Square shape surrounding the line is a sign of protection, either in the form of good medical care or assistance in solving business problems. Pieces of this line if it formed a "donut", indicating that it may require hospitalization.
  • The triangular shape of the lifeline, the head of health and is known as the "Triangle of Luck". This triangle indicates a greater fortune if the angle is widening.

Read the fame line. 

The line fame affect social rewards to the success of the owner of the hand. This line, if it appears, it starts at the base of the hand and move up to the bottom of the ring finger, parallel to the line of fate. Here are the characteristics of fame line that need to be considered: 
  • Absence of fame line signifies that a person should be sought fame in other parts of the hand. Someone might be successful but have received no public recognition. If the fame line looked strong and clearly it indicates their recognition and satisfaction with your work.
  • If the fame line interrupted several times, it is a marker of rise and fall of public recognition.
  • Fame line that extends to the ring finger indicates someone who is well-known in the art possibilities. If it starts at the line of head and extends to the heart line, it indicates hard work and success in old age. Separation of fame line into two smaller lines signify that the success of the owner of the hand may be questionable value.
  • Line fame that led below the ring finger to form a star or triangle shows the great success waiting in the arts (acting, music, or dance). If tipped below the ring finger, rectangular, indicating a good protector.

Line marriage.

 The relationship is indicated by a small line (one or more) which is located just below the base of the little finger. The closer this line with the base of the little finger, the slower this relationship will be established. Characteristics of the line of marriage to note are: 
  • Some faint lines indicate relationships. Strong and clear lines signify marriage.Some lines overlap signifies infidelity. Lines meet but do not intersect show the children that will be born.
  • The form of a fork in the line leading to the back of the hands signifies a long engagement. Fork shape at the end which leads to the palms signify separation (with or without divorce).
  • The lines at the end of the line that cuts sharply marriage means the end of a relationship through death or divorce. However, the line is disconnected and knit overlap signifies separation and then reunite.

Read the money line. This line is not a marker of wealth directly. 

This line only describe one's ability to obtain wealth, as well as how. Here is a characteristic line of money: 
  • Money line that starts from the base of the thumb down the index finger ends with a star shape indicates the natural ability to make money.
  • The line that starts from the base of the thumb to the little finger signifies that a person's wealth derived from family inheritance. The line that starts from the base of the thumb down the middle finger signifies the money earned from the business. The lines leading to the ring finger through the line signifies wealth gained fame fortune and surprises.
Read the trip line. 

The line of travel is the main marker of the trip is going to happen in life either already or will affect your life. The line also indicates your desire to roam. Some things to diperharikan associated with this line is: 
  • Line of travel that intersect with the life line indicates impending travels relating to or affecting the health of the owner of the hand. Line of travel that intersect with fate line indicates that the trip will provide a life changing experience that person.
  • If the trip is truncated line, it means there is a danger or a problem on the way. If there is a square shape surrounding these lines mean no protection throughout your trip. The lines were disconnected likely to mean a delay in your journey.

Read the minor lines. The lines of this minor can be found on almost all hands.
  • This line includes the line resistance, line intuition, break-out line, and the line of influence.
  • This line might seem very sketchy in some people.

Discover a resistance line. These lines can be found on the outside of the palm of the hand, between the heart line and head lines. 
  • This line illustrates the opposing forces that we have to face in life.

Discover intuition lines. These lines appear on the outside of the palms (at the base of the hand below the little finger). 
  • This line illustrates the strong views. If you have this line, you are very sensitive, intuitive, and may have a sixth sense ability or "ESP" ( extra-sensory perception).
  • Intuition line may appear to curve into the palm of the hand or to the outside edge of the palm. However, the meaning remains the same.

Break-out line. This line is heading into the bottom of the palm, near the bottom.
  • This line is often cut line of life, and this intersection symbolizes the time in one's life where certain experiences occurred.
  • These lines describe an individual who escape from her problems by submerging himself in his imagination. If the line is associated with a line of fame, he will focus on the creative arts to cool down.
  • If this line is tangent to the lines of health, the man escaped by drowning in problems of drugs and alcohol. This line can also be a warning of possible suicide.

Lines of influence. This line comes from the base of the thumb and spread throughout the palm of the hand. 
  • In persinggungannya point to another line, this line depicts important events.
  • Line influences the most sought after is the line that can show how and where you will find the money, if it crossed the line of finance.
Nitin Kumar Palmist

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Dharmik Guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Palm Image Palmistry

 श्री श्री रव‌िशंकर के हथेली के मध्य देख‌िए हृदय रेखा, भाग्य रेखा, मस्त‌िष्क रेखा और जीवन रेखा से म‌िलकर M आकृत‌ि बनी हुई है। यह आकृत‌ि ज‌िनकी हथेली में होती है वह अधिकतर धनवान होते हैं बशर्ते हाथ में दूसरे अशुभ योग न हो वरना धन का नाश  भी होता है ।  श्री श्री रव‌िशंकर के पास भी धन दौलत की कोई कमी नहीं है।

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Sampoorṇa hastarekhaa gyaan

Sampoorṇa Hastarekhaa Gyaan

(Jaanie apanee hastarekhaa/hathelee ke prabhaav aur laabh)—
Jaanie haathon kee ungaliyaan evn hathelee par sthit vibhinn chinh—-

Hamaare haath ke angooṭhe ke mool men brahm teerth hotaa hai. Brahm snbndhee tarpaṇaadi brahm kṣetr se hee karane chaahie. Tarjanee evn angooṭhe ke madhy men pitri kṣetr hotaa hai. Atah pitri tarpaṇa kaary tarjanee evn angooṭhe ke madhy se hee karane se pitri tarpaṇa kaa pooraa fal milataa hai. Karatal par sabhee dev evn teerth nivaas karate hain. Haath ke aage lakṣmee, madhy me sarasvatee evn mool men brahm kaa nivaas hai. Isalie haath dekhane se puṇay praapt hotaa hai evn subah uṭhane ke pashchaat sarvapratham karatal ke darshan karane se puṇay fal milataa hai.

Haathon kee unguliyaan saralataa se milane par jisake haath men chhidr naheen rahataa to vah vah vyakti atynt bhaagyavaan evn sukhee hotaa hai. 

Chhidravaan haath daridrataa kaa upakaarak hai. Tarjanee evn madhyamaa ke madhy men chhed n ho to baaly avasthaa men sukhee hotaa hai. Madhyamaa evn anaamikaa men madhy men chhed n ho to yuvaavasthaa men sukhee tathaa anaamikaa evn kaniṣṭhikaa ke madhy chhed n hone par vridavasthaa me sukhee hotaa hai.

Haath kee hathelee ke rng laal hone par vyakti dhanee hotaa hai. Peet varṇa hone par dhan kee kamee hotee hai. Yadi karaagr bhaag neelavarṇa ho to madhyasevee evn dukhee jaatak hotaa hai. Jisake haath kaa madhy bhaag unnat ho to vah paropakaaree hotaa hai. Karatal kaa madhy bhaag nimn hone par vyakti pitri dhan se heen hotaa hai. Haath kee hathelee men sthit vibhinn chinh evn unake fal…

Saṭkoṇa – jisake haath men ṣaṭakoṇa kaa chinh ho vah dhanee evn bhoomipati hotaa hai. Shnkh – 

Shnkh chinh hathelee par hone par vyakti samudr par kee yaatraaen karataa hai. Videsh gaman ke vyaapaar se dhan kamaataa hai. Dhaarmik vichaaron vaalaa hotaa hai. 

Svaastik – svaastik chinh vaalaa vyakti dhanee, pratiṣṭhit, dhaarmik yaatraaen karane vaalaa evn vaibhav sampann hotaa hai.

Trikoṇa – bhoomipati, dhanee evn pratiṣṭhit hotaa hai.

Chhatr – Jisake haath men chhatr kaa chinh hotaa hai vah raajaa yaa raajaa ke samaan hotaa hai. Padm – dhaarmik, vijayee, raajaa yaa raaj vaibhav sampann evn shaaktishaalee hotaa hai. 

Chakr – Jisake haath men chakr ke chinh ho vah dhanavaan, vaibhavashaalee, sundar evn aishvaryashaalee hotaa hai.

Machhalee – Jisake haath men do machhaliyon ke chinh hon, vah yagyakartaa hotaa hai.

Kalash -Jisake haath men kalash kaa chinh ho vah dharm sthaanon kee yaatraa karane vaalaa, vijayee evn dev mndir kaa nirmaataa hotaa hai. 

Talavaar – Jisake haath men talavaar kaa chinh ho vah bhaagyavaan evn raajaaon se sammaanit hotaa hai. 

Dhvaj – Jisake haath men dhvaj kaa nishaan ho vah dhaarmik, kuladeepak, yashasvee evn prataapee hotaa hai.

Haathon kee aadee-tirachhee rekhaaen, vyaktitv aur svaasthy——

Manuṣy ke mastiṣk men bhaviṣy jaanane kaa kautuhal aadikaal se banaa rahaa hai. Bhaviṣy kee gutthee sulajhaane ke usane laakhon-laakh jatan kie. Kaheen use aashaa kee kiraṇa najar aaii to kaheen vah niraash najar aayaa. Par usane ummeed kaa daaman naheen chhodaa. Apane haathon kee lakeeren use sabase jyaadaa rahasyamay najar aaiin. Usane in aadee-ṭeḍhxee lakeeron ko apane bhaviṣy kaa taanaa-baanaa maanaa aur isake sahaare apane aane vaale kal ko dekhane kee koshish kee. Rriṣiyon-maneeṣiyon ne ise saamudrik shaastr kaa naam diyaa, jo kaalaantar men hast rekhaa gyaan yaa vigyaan ke naam se jyaadaa prachalit huaa. Aaie adhyayan karate hain haathon kee inheen lakeeron ke kuchh maayanon kaa.

– Jinakaa budh unnat, suḍaaul aur uchch kaa hotaa hai unakaa sens ŏf hyoomar bahut achchhaa hotaa hai tathaa unakee vaaṇai aakarṣak v vaktavy kṣamataa prabhaavashaalee hotee hai.

– Jisakaa brihaspati parvat suḍaaul, unnat v vistrit tathaa tarjanee ungalee adhik lnbee ho aur ungaliyon kaa triteey parv any parv se jyaadaa unnat v puṣṭ ho, aise log thode yaa jyaadaa shakti snpann v prabhaavashaalee hone ke saath khaane-peene ke shokeen hote hain. Yadi hathelee men laalimaa adhik ho to aise log madiraapaan ke shaukeen hote hain.

-Haath kee lakeeren yadi jyaadaa gaharee hon to ye jeevan mn thode yaa jyaadaa sngharṣ kee or ishaaraa karatee hain. Bahut moṭee yaa gaharee rekhaa_en shubh naheen maanee jaateen. Isee prakaar halkee aur ṭooṭee-fooṭee lakeeren shreṣṭh naheen hoteen.

– Yadi jeevanarekhaa any rekhaa_on se jyaadaa maheen v patalee ho to aise log svayn kaa jeevan sngharṣ se bharaa samajhate hain aur sadaiv chintit rahate hain. Yadi jeevanarekhaa par koii gaḍaḍhaa, nishaan, dveep, krŏs yaa ṭooṭan ho to yah svaasthy ko lekar shubh snket naheen hai. Aise logon ko badaa jokhim naheen lenaa chaahie, kyonki ye log kaalpanik aashnkaa se sadaiv bhayabheet rahate hain.

– Bahut gaharee v moṭee jeevanarekhaa bhee svaasthy yaa aatmavishvaas ke lie achchhee naheen hotee. Aise log svayn ko bahut svasth mahasoos naheen karate. Inamen aatmavishvaas kee behad kamee hotee hai. Ye log bhaagy ko jyaadaa jimmedaar samajhate hain. Inamen utsaah aur sfoorti kee kamee hotee hai. Hastarekhaa v rog——-

– Koii rekhaa jeevanarekhaa ko kaaṭate hue soory parvat ke neeche hriday rekhaa par ruke aur vahaan hriday rekhaa kaṭee huii ho yaa us par bindu yaa dveep ho to yah hriday rog kaa kaarak hai.

– Koii rekhaa jeevanarekhaa ko kaaṭate hue chndr parvat ke ooparee bhaag par ruke to aanton ke rog ho sakate hain.

– Yadi koii rekhaa jeevanarekhaa ko kaaṭatee huii chndr kṣetr ke madhy bhaag men ruke to isase gaṭhiyaa yaa vaayujanit rog ho sakate hain.


Aapakee hathelee kaa rng aur aapakaa bhaviṣy—–

Hastarekhaa vigyaan men jahaan rekhaa_on aur chinhon ke saath haath v naakhoon ke prakaar mahatvapoorṇa hote hain vaheen hatheliyon ke rngon kee bhee bhaviṣy kathan men badee bhoomikaa hotee hai. 

Hast rekhaa
Grathon men spaṣṭ varṇaan hai…

‘dhanee paaṇaitale rakte neele madyn pivennarah. Aagraayaagamanah peete kahamale dhanavarjitah.’

Arthaat samriddh v dhanee vyakti kee hathelee kaa rng ‘rakt varṇa’yaanee laal hotaa hai. Neele rng kee hathelee vaale mady premee yaanee sharaabee hote hain. Kahamale yaani maṭamaile rng kee hathelee vaale log saamaanyatah dhanaheen hote hain. Hast snjeevan naamak grnth men bhee laal rng kee hathelee ko sarvashreṣṭh maanaa gayaa hai.

‘karatalairdev shaardool lakṣmaabhaireeshvaraah smritaah. Agamyaagaameenah peetairakṣainirdhanataa smritaah. Apeyapaann kurvanti neel kriṣṇaaistabhaiv ch.’

Arthaat hathelee kaa rng laal honaa vyakti ke aishvaryashaalee hone kaa prateek hai. Chamakeelaa v chikanaa hast dhanee hone kaa snket hai. Aabhaaheen v shuṣk hast daridrataa kaa kaarak hai. Neelaa v kaalaa haath sharaabee tathaa peet hast vyabhichaaree hone ke lakṣaṇa hain.

 Hathelee kaa rng v usake prakaar:- 

Laal rang:- is rng kee hathelee vaale log jeevan men samast aishvary ko bhogate hain. Inhen naanaa prakaar ke sukh aur aannd praapt hote hain. Ye log prachur dhan ke svaamee hote hain. Svabhaav se ye bhaavuk aur krodhee hote hain. Ye log vaichaarik roop se asthir hote hain. 

Gaharaa gulaabeeah is tarah kee hathelee vaale saamaanyatah dhanee hote hain. Ye log krodhee v tunak mijaaj bhee hote hain. Inakee buddhi sthir naheen hotee. Ye jaldee prasann ho jaate hain aur jaldee naaraaj bhee ho jaate hain. Inake vichaar, soch, pasnd, naapasnd sab kuchh parivartanasheel hote hain. Inhen madhy aayu tak haa_ii blaḍa preshar kee samasyaa gher letee hai. 

Halkaa gulaabeeah ye log uttam maanaveey guṇaon se snpann, dhanee v aishvaryashaalee hote hain. Inake andar gajab kaa utsaah paayaa jaataa hai. Dhairy inamen kooṭ-kooṭ kar bharaa hotaa hai. Dayaa, kṣamaa aur prem inake svabhaav kaa mool aadhaar hai. Ye log aashaavaadee v prasannachitt hote hain. Ye log kalaa evn prakriti premee hote hain. 

Peelaah ye log driḍhx vichaaron vaale naheen hote. Maanasik roop se pareshaan v niraashaavaadee hote hain. Svabhaav men madhurataa kee kamee hotee hai. Inhen pairon ke rogon se kaṣṭ praapt hotaa hai. Aalasy ke kaaraṇa pragati naheen kar paate. Inake jeevan men sngharṣ hotaa hai. 

Baiganee yaa neelaah neele yaa baiganee rng kee hathelee vaale niraashaavaadee hote hain. Inake jeevan men sngharṣ kee adhikataa hotee hai. Ye log ekaant vaalee hote hain. Inhen rakt vikaar se kaṣṭ praapt hotaa hai. Madyapaan sahit any vyasanon kee or lagaav hone kaaryakṣamataa v pratibhaa naṣṭ hone lagatee hai. Ye log samaaj ke prati apanee jimmedaaree se door rahate hain. Svabhaav se ye log rookhe v chidchide hote hain. 

Maṭamailaa rngah kaale, bhoore yaa maṭamaile rng kee hathelee vaale log karmaṭh naheen hote. Ye log behad rahasyavaadee hote hain. Baatacheet men asaty tathyon kaa sahaaraa lete hain. Puruṣaarth kee kamee hotee hai. Inakaa vyaktitv nistej hotaa hai. Svaasthy kee samasyaa_on se ghire rahate hain ye log. Inake chehare par udaasee kaa bha_aav hotaa hai. Dhan kee kamee banee rahatee hai. Inhen rakt v kaf snbndhee samasyaa_en praapt hotee hain. 

Nistej safedah safed hathelee ke log utsaahaheen v ekaant priy hote hain. Maanasik shakti kee kamee hotee hai. Ye log bahut karmaṭh naheen hote. 

Chamakadaar safedah chamatkaaree shvet hathelee vaale log alaukik shaktiyon ke svaamee hote hain. Inhen paraashakti kaa gyaan hotaa hai. Vichaaron se ye behad sntulit hote hain. Inakee vichaaradhaaraa aadhyaatmik hotee hai. Ye log shaanti ke doot hote hain. Ye log svasth rahate hain. 

Hathelee ke rngon kaa pareekṣaṇa karane se pahale haath kaa sparsh naheen karanaa chaahie anyathaa haath ke gharṣaṇa se, sparsh se, vyaayaam se, kaṭhin shram se hathelee kaa rng kṣaṇaik roop se badal jaataa hai. Isase bhaviṣy kathan men vyavadhaan utpann hotaa hai yaa bhaviṣyakathan prabhaavit ho sakataa hai. Atah jab vyakti svasth ho, aaraam se baiṭhaa ho, tanaav men n ho tabhee rngon kaa pareekṣaṇa saty bhaviṣy kaa snket de sakegaa.


Dekhen apane haathon kee rekhaa_en, jaanen kaisaa rahegaa jeevanachakr..????——-

hast rekhaah hast rekhaa vigyaan ko saamudrik shaastr bhee kahate hain. Is paddhati men hatheliyon kee banaavaṭ ungaliyon ke aakaar-prakaar ke saath hatheliyon par ubharee rekhaa_on ke aadhaar par bhaviṣy kaa vishleṣaṇa kiyaa jaataa hai. 

Mukhy rekhaa_enah is paddhati men yoon to hatheliyon kee samast rekhaa_on kaa vyaapak v sookṣmataa se adhyayan kiyaa jaataa hai. Par kuchh mukhy rekhaa_en is prakaar hain-

Jeevan rekhaah yah rekhaa hastarekhaa vigyaan yaa saamudrik shaastr men behad aham lakeer maanee jaatee hai kyonki isee se aayu, upalabdhiyaan jeevan, mrityu, snkaṭ, durghaṭanaa kaa pataa lagaayaa jaataa hai. Yah rekhaa angooṭhe aur tarjanee ke madhy se nikalatee huii hathelee ke nichale bhaag yaani maṇai bndh tak aatee hai. Ek svasth lakeer jahaan achchhe jeevan kaa snket detee hai, vaheen ṭooṭee fooṭee rekhaa, kaṭee rekhaa, adhooree rekhaa yaa rekhaa par gol chakkar kaa nishaan (yaanee dveep) shubh snket naheen hai. 

Mastiṣk rekhaah jeevan rekhaa ke saath mastiṣk rekhaa bhee nikalatee hai. Ye kabhee seedhee to kabhee neeche kee taraf jaatee hai. Kabhee-kabhee yah rekhaa jeevan rekhaa ke saath n nikalakar kuchh oopar se prakaṭ hotee hai. Is rekhaa se maanasik kṣamataa, buddhi, yogyataa, maanasik star, vaichaarik kṣamataa ityaadi kaa aankalan hotaa hai. Yah rekhaa jitanee nirdoṣ hotee hai, utanee shreṣṭh maanee jaatee hai. Aadhee adhooree rekhaa maanasik kṣamataa men kamee kee or ishaaraa karatee hai. Kuchh neeche jhukee rekhaa bhaavukataa pradaan kar kalaa, sngeet v saahity men roochi ko prakaṭ karatee hai. 

Hraday rekhaah chhoṭee ungalee ke neeche se aarnbh hokar tarjanee ungalee kee taraf baḍhxne vaalee rekhaa hraday rekhaa kahalaatee hai. Yah rekhaa aantarik kṣamataa, snvedanasheelataa, svabhaav, guṇa, avaguṇa ityaadi kee or ishaaraa karatee hai. Neeche jhukee huii rekhaa antarmukhee, saahity-sngeet priy v kalaa rasik banaatee hai. Oopar kee or jaatee rekhaa, bahirmukhee, takaneekee vidyaa kaa jaanakaar v dimaag se kaary karane kee kṣamataa ko prakaṭ karatee hai. 

Bhaagy rekhaah maṇai bndh yaani hathelee ke neeche se nikalakar jo rekhaa madhyamaa ungalee ke nikaṭ jaatee hai, vah feṭ laa_in yaanee bhaagy rekhaa kahalaatee hai. Spaṣṭ bhaagy rekhaa vaale log bhaagyashaalee hote hain. Hathelee ke neeche se nikalane vaalee rekhaa paarivaarik samarthan se bhaagyoday kee or ishaaraa karatee hai. Vaheen, chndr parvat se nikalane vaalee rekhaa hamaare self feṭ hone kee kahaanee kahatee hai.


Kyaa bataatee hai kaun-see ungalee aur hathelee ke parvat?

 Haath men chaar ungaliyaan hotee hain tathaa pratyek ungalee kisee ek grah kaa pratinidhitv karatee hai.

· Tarjanee ungalee – guru

· Madhyamaa – shani

· anaamikaa – soorya

· kanisṭhikaa – budh

Tarjanee ungalee—-
yah ungalee vyakti kee mahatvaakaankṣaa, aham evn netritv kee kṣamataa ko darshaatee hai. Is ungalee se vyakti ke bhaagy evn kaary kṣetr ke baare me jaanakaaree milatee hai. Tarjanee ungalee kee saamaany lnbaa_ii madhyamaa ke ooparee bhaag ke madhy tak hotee hai. Yadi yah ungalee saamaany se adhik lnbee hotee hai to vyakti men netritv kee kṣamataa bahut hotee hai. Isake vipareet isake chhoṭe hone par vyakti saamaanyatah doosaron ke maargadarshan men hee kaary karataa hai yaa vah akele kee kaary karanaa pasnd karataa hai tathaa svayn kaa hee kuchh kaary karataa hai. Is ungalee kaa lnbaa hone par vyakti kaa guru prabal hotaa hai. 

Yadi tarjanee ungalee saamaany se adhik lnbee ho, to vyakti men laaparavaahee aur taanaashaahee baḍhx jaatee hai. Jab yah chhoṭee ho to vyakti men ye visheṣataa_en lupt hotee hain. Yadi yah ungalee vikrit hai to vyakti chaalaak, svaarthee aur paakhnḍaee hotaa hai. Jab tarjanee ungalee kaa pahalaa khnḍa lnbaa ho to vyakti raajaneeti, dharm, aur shikṣaṇa kṣetron men kushal hote hain. Yadi ungalee kaa doosaraa khnḍa lnbaa ho to vyakti vyaapaaree hotaa hai aur ungalee kaa teesaraa khnḍa lnbaa ho to aise vyakti vibhinn prakaar ke vynjan ke shaukeen hote hain. 

Guru parvat tarjanee ungalee se neeche hotaa hai. Poorṇa vikasit guru parvat vaale vyakti lok netritv kee aakaankṣaa, neeti se poorṇa evn svaabhimaanee hote hain. Aise vyakti shaasan evn netritv men kushal hote hain. Vikasit guru parvat vyakti ko mahatvaakaankṣee banaataa hai. Yah log dhan se adhik apane ohade ko mahatv dete hain. Aise log achchhe salaahakaar hote hain. Yah log kaanoon ke daayare men rah kar kaary karate hain. Aise log anek tarah ke vynjan khaane ke shaukeen hote hain aur apane parivaar se moh karate hain. Adhik vikasit guru parvat vyakti ko ahnkaaree, dikhaavaṭee, kroor aur irṣyaalu banaataa hai. Aise log adhik kharcheele hote hain. Yadi guru parvat arddhavikasit ho to vyakti men guru snbndhit buniyaadee pravritti vikasit naheen hotee hai.

Madhyamaa ungalee—–
is ungalee ko shani kee ungalee bhee kahaa jaataa hai tathaa yah vyakti kee sachaa_ii, iimaanadaaree evn anushaasan ko darshaatee hai. Yadi yah ungalee saamaany lnbaa_ii kee hotee hai yaani any ungaliyon se lnbee parntu bahut adhik lnbee naheen to vyakti jimmedaar evn gnbheer vyaktitv kaa dhanee hotaa hai evn mahatvaakaankṣee hotaa hai. Yadi yah ungalee saamaany se adhik lnbee ho to vah vyakti akele men rahanaa pasnd karataa hai. Tathaa vah vyakti kisee galat kaary me bhee fns sakataa hai. Jis vyakti ki madhyamaa ungalee chhoṭee hotee hai vah vyakti laaparavaah evn aalasee hotaa hai. 

Yadi shani kee ungalee kaa pratham khnḍa lnbaa ho to vyakti kaa jhukaav dhaarmik grnth aur rahasyavaadee kalaa ke adhyayan kee or hotaa hai. Yadi madhyamaa kaa dviteey khnḍa lnbaa ho to vyakti kaa vyavasaay snpatti snbndhee, rasaayan, jeevaashm iindhan yaa lohaa masheenaree se snbndhit hotaa hai, jab teesaraa khnḍa lnbaa ho to darshaataa hai ki vyakti chaalaak, svaarthee aur duraachaar men yukt rahataa hai. Shani parvat madhyamaa ungalee se neeche hotaa hai. Shani parvat daarshanik vichaaron ko darshaataa hai. 

Shani parvat poorṇa vikasit hone par vyakti gyaanee, gnbheer evn vichaar sheel hotaa hai. Vah soch-vichaar kar kuchh kaary aarnbh karataa hai evn usakee indriyaan usake niyntraṇa men rahateen hain. 

is ungalee ko apolo ring yaa soory ki ungalee kahaa jaataa hai. Yah ungalee vyakti kee prasiddhi kee ichchhaa, buddhimattaa evn rachanaatmak kṣamataa ko darshaatee hai. Yadi yah ungalee tarjanee ungalee se adhik lnbee ho to yah ungalee saamaany se adhik lnbee hotee hai. Is prakaar ke vyaktiyon me jokhim uṭhaane kee adbhut kṣamataa hotee hai. Ye rachanaatmak kṣamataa ke dhanee hote hain. Inakaa snbndh faishan yaa film kṣetr se bhee ho sakataa hai. Jinakee anaamikaa ungalee tarjanee se chhoṭee hotee hai ve apanee sthiti se sntuṣṭ hote hain tathaa unamen adhik naam evn prasiddhi kee ichchhaa naheen hotee hai. Tarjanee ungalee se chhoṭee anaamikaa ungalee bahut kam haathon men paa_ii jaatee hai. 

Soory parvat anaamikaa ungalee ke neeche hotaa hai. Soory parvat unnat ho to safalataa kaa prateek hotaa hai. Aise vyakti yash evn pratiṣṭhaa se sntript hote hain. Parishram evn kushaagr buddhi se jeevan me safalataa praapt karate hain. Aise vyakti bhautik evn vyasaayik kṣetron me safal hote hain. Vah dhaarmik hotaa hai parntu dharmaandh naheen hotaa hai. Vah apanee yogyataa evn ayogyataa ko bhalee bhaanti jaanataa hai. Sheeghr krodh karataa hai evn sheeghr hee shaant bhee ho jaataa hai.

is ungalee ko budh kee ungalee kahaa jaataa hai. Is ungalee ke maadhyam se vyakti kee vaakapaṭutaa, gyaan, buddhi evn chaatury kaa pataa chalataa hai. Yadi is ungalee kee oonchaa_ii anaamikaa ungalee ke pratham bhaag kaa jahaan ant hotaa hai vahaan tak hotee hai to isakee lnbaa_ii saamaany hai isase chhoṭee hone par yah saamaany se chhoṭee maanee jaa_egee. Jis vyakti kee kaniṣṭikaa saamaany se chhoṭee hotee hai unamen abhivyakti kee kṣamataa kee kamee hotee hai tathaa ve heen bhaavanaa kaa shikaar hote hain. Unhen apanee bhaavanaa_on evn shabdon par niyntraṇa naheen hotaa hai. Unake vyavahaar me bachapanaa hotaa hai tathaa jab yah ungalee saamaany se adhik lnbee hotee hai tab vyakti kee abhivyakti kee kṣamataa adbhut hotee hai. Unakaa aaii kyoo saamaany se adhik hotaa hai tathaa ve achchhe lekhak evn vaktaa saabit hote hain. Kaniṣṭhikaa ungalee kaa nichalaa bhaag moṭaa hone par vyakti vilaasitaa poorṇa evn aaraamadaayak jeevan jeenaa pasnd karataa hai. Budh parvat kaniṣṭhikaa ke neeche hotaa hai. 

Budh parvat poorṇa unnat hone par vyakti prakhar buddhi, gnbheer vichaar, aakarṣak bhaaṣaṇa evn lekhan shailee kaa dhanee hotaa hai. Aise vyakti vyavasaay evn vigyaan kṣetron me safal hote hain. Aisaa vyakti pratyek shaktishaalee kaary kṣetr me vijayee hotaa hai. Naanaavidh kaary vah kushalataa poorvak sampann karataa hai. 

Haath kaa angooṭhaa—–
haath kaa angooṭhaa kisee vyakti ke vyaktitv ke baare men mahatvapoorṇa jaanakaaree detaa hai. Haath kaa angooṭhaa vyakti kee ichchhaa shakti evn jeevan shakti darshaataa hai. Haath ke angooṭhe ke mukhyatah do bhaag hote hain. Pratham bhaag ichchhaa shakti evn dviteey bhaag us vyakti kee tark kṣamataa dikhaataa hai. Angooṭhe kaa dviteey bhaag pratham bhaag se badaa honaa chaahie kyonki koii bhee nirṇaay tark se liyaa jaanaa hee uchit hotaa hai. Haath kaa angooṭhaa bilakul seedhaa ho to vah vyakti kaṭhor evn jiddee hotaa hai. Aise vyaktiyon par vishvaas kiyaa jaa sakataa hai parntu inakaa svabhaav jiddee hone se inake adhik mitr naheen ban sakate hain. Atyadhik lacheele angooṭhe vaale vyakti kharcheele hote hain evn in par aasaanee se vishvaas naheen kiyaa jaa sakataa hai. Svabhaav men lacheelaapan hone se inake bahut mitr hote hain parntu ye kisee zimmedaaree kaa kaary adhik kaary kushalataa se karane men samarth naheen hote hain kyonki in kaa kisee ek nirṇaay par ḍaaṭaa rahanaa bahut kaṭhin hotaa hai. 

Yadi haath kaa angooṭhaa keval 60 ḍaigree kaa koṇa khulate samay banaataa hai to vah vyakti samajhadaar evn kaaryakushal hotaa hai. Yadi 90 ḍaigree kaa koṇa banaataa hai to vyakti apane kaary men jokhim uṭhaane kee kṣamataa rakhataa hai parntu sadaiv vivekapoorṇa nirṇaay letaa hai. Yadi haath kaa angooṭhaa 90 ḍaigree se 120 ḍaigree tak khulataa hai to vyakti binaa soche-samajhe atyadhik jokhim uṭhaa sakataa hai. Jis vyakti kaa angooṭhaa kaṭi ke aakaar ko hotaa hai vah tark-vitark men nipuṇa hotaa hai parntu shaareerik roop se kuchh kamajor ho sakataa hai.

 Angooṭhe kaa agr bhaag yadi konikal ho to vyakti buddhimaan evn rachanaatmak kṣamataa se paripoorṇa hotaa hai. Oopar se chaudaa angooṭhaa hone par vyakti jiddee hotaa hai. Angooṭhe kaa agr bhaag yadi chaukor ho to vyakti kaanoon kaa gyaataa hotaa hai tathaa vaastavikataa ko dhyaan me rakh kar nirṇaay letaa hai. 

Yadi ham angooṭhe ko alag kar de to chaar ungaliyon ke kul baarah bhaag hote hain. Ye baarah bhaag baarah raashiyon kaa pratinidhitv karate hain. Tarjanee ungalee ke ooparee bhaag se ginatee aarnbh karane par meṣ raashi tarjanee ungalee ke pratham bhaag , vriṣ raashi tarjanee ungalee ke madhy bhaag evn mithun raashi tarjanee ungalee ke nimn bhaag par aaegee.

 Isee prakaar kark raashi madhyamaa ke pratham bhaag, sinh raashi madhy bhaag evn kanyaa raashi nimn bhaag par aaegee. Anaamikaa ke pratham bhaag par tulaa raashi, madhy bhaag par vrishchik evn antim bhaag par dhanu raashi hogee evn kaniṣṭhikaa ke pratham bhaag par makar raashi, madhy bhaag par kumbh evn antim bhaag par meen raashi hogee. 

Isee prakaar hathelee me saat parvat hote hain. Ye saat parvat saat grahon kaa pratinidhitv karate hain. Haath kaa baḍhaa huaa maas pinḍa karatal par parvat ke svaroop ko dhaaraṇa karataa hai. Karatal par poorṇa vikasit parvat vyakti ke uchch charitr nirmaaṇa me sahaayak hote hain. Adhogat parvat vyakti ke uchch guṇaon ko snkuchit karataa hai.

Mngal parvat——
mngal parvat ke do sthaan hain. Pahalaa sthaan jeevan rekhaa ke ooparee sthaan ke neeche evn doosaraa isake vipareet hriday rekhaa evn mastiṣk rekhaa ke beech men sthit hai. Pahalaa sthaan shaareerik avasthaa tathaa doosaraa sthaan maanasik avasthaa kaa dyotak hai. Saahas, bal evn shakti aadi kaa aakalan pratham parvat se hotaa hai. Yadi mngal kaa pratham kṣetr sundar evn unnat ho to vyakti senaa men yaa isee prakaar ke uchch pad par aaseen hotaa hai. Vah ek safal adhikaaree siddh hotaa hai. Doosare parvat se vyakti ke dhairy, shaury, snyam, kṣamaa aadi guṇaon kaa paataa chalataa hai. Pahalaa parvat shaareerik kṣamataa evn doosaraa parvat maanasik kṣamataa_on ko darshaataa hai. Vikasit mngal parvat vaale vyaktion ke vyaktitv atynt prabhaavashaalee hotaa hai. Ye log jaldabaajee men nirṇaay lene aur aakraamak svabhaav vaale hote hain. Mngal grah agar vikasit ho to log aksar aarmee yaa sashastr bal ke saath jude hote hain. Aise log apane uddeshyon ke prati driḍhx snkalp rahate hain. Inakaa sabase badaa doṣ inamen aaveg aur aatm niyntraṇa kee kamee hai. Aise vyaktiyon ko aatm -niyntraṇa kaa abhyaas karanaa chaahie aur sabhee prakaar kee madiraa aur uttejak padaarthon se door rahanaa chaahie. Yadi mngal parvat adhik vikasit hai to vyakti me mngal snbndhit visheṣataa_en baḍhxtee hain. Aise log atynt shaktishaalee ban jaate hain aur apanee shakti ke dvaaraa vah kamajoron kaa shoṣaṇa karate hain. Aksar aise log samaaj virodhee gatividhiyon jaise choree, ḍaakaitee, looṭ aadi me shaamil hokar atynt kroor ban jaate hain. Kam vikasit mngal parvat vyakti ko kaayar banaataa hai. Lekin vah bahaadur hone kaa daavaa karataa hai. Jab avasar kee maang aur samay aataa hai, to vah apane kadam vaapas le letaa hai. 

Chandr parvat——
chandr parvat haath men budh parvat ke neeche chandr parvat sthit hotaa hai. Chandr parvat poorṇaatah unnat hone par vyakti bahut guṇaavaan evn kalpanaasheel hote hain. Kalpanaa ke dvaaraa hee ve apanee pratibhaa ko na_ii dishaa dete hain. Ye log sngeet, kaavy, vastu, lalitakalaa aadi me praveeṇa hote hain. Aise log vipareet paristhiti ko bhee anukool banaane kaa saamarthy rakhate hain. Poorṇa vikasit chndr parvat vyakti ko kalaa premee banaataa hai. Aise log kalaakaar, sngeetakaar, lekhak banate hain. Aise vyakti majaboot kalpanaashakti ke guṇaee hote hain. Yah log ati rumaanee hote hain lekin apanee ichchhaa_on ke prati aadarshavaadee hote hain. Shukr parvat kee tarah inamen bhaavukataa yaa kaamukataa vaalaa svabhaav naheen hotaa hai. 

Poorṇa vikasit chndr parvat vyakti ko bhaavanaa_on men bahane vaalaa aur kisee ko udaas n dekhane vaalaa hotaa hai. Praayah yah log vaastavikataa se pare kalpanaa pradhaan aur achchhe lekhak aur kalaakaar hote hain. Pratikool paristhitiyon men aise log unmaadee aur tarkaheen vyavahaar karate hain. Isake atirikt ye nirṇaay lene men adhik samay lene vaale aur atyadhik mahatvaakaankṣee hote hain. 

Ati vikasit chndr parvat vyakti ko aalasee aur sanakee banaataa hai. Aise vyakti kalpanaa se poorṇa aur vaastavikataa se door rahate hain. Kabhee kabhee, yah ek halke roop men vikasit ho kar ek prakaar kaa paagalapan bhee ho sakataa hai. 

Yadi chndr parvat avikasit hai, to vyakti me achchhee kalpanaa kaa abhaav, dooradarshitaa kaa abhaav, na_e aur rachanaatmak vichaaron kaa abhaav rahataa hai, yah log kroor aur svaarthee hote hain. 

Shukr parvat——
shukr parvat samaanyatah uchch guṇaon kaa bodhak hai. Isase svaasthay, saundary,prem,dayaa,sahaanubhooti aadi manobhaavon kaa gyaan hotaa hai. Is parvat kaa atyadhik unnat hone par vyakti vilaasee, kamee aur vyabhichaaree bhee ho sakataa hai. 

Hathelee par angooṭhe ke aadhaar par sthit parvat, shukr parvat kahalaataa hai. Yah anugrah, aakarṣaṇa, vaasanaa aur saundary kee upasthiti yaa anupasthiti ko darshaataa hai. Yah prem aur saahachary kee ichchhaa aur saundary kee har roop men poojaa karane ko bhee darshaataa hai. Ati vikasit shukr parvat logon ko sundar aur vipareet seks ke prati aakarṣit karataa hai. Mitron kaa saath inhen bahut pasnd hotaa hai. Achchhaa kapadon evn achchhaa khaane ke shaukeen hote hain. Svabhaav se spaṣṭavaadee hote hain. Poorṇa vikasit shukr parvat chunbakeey vyaktitv ke dhanee banaataa hai aise vyakti vipareet seks ke beech lokapriy hote hain. Ye log jigyaasu pravritti ke hote hain lekin jab yah kisee se pyaar karate hain to unake prati poorṇaatah samarpit hote hain. 

Haath par ati vikasit shukr parvat vyakti men indriy sukh kee ichchhaa prabal kar detaa hai. Aise log prem snbndhon men svaarthee hote hain aur sadaiv shaareerik sukh kee ichchhaa rakhate hain. Isake vipareet kam vikasit shukr parvat vyakti ko sust evn kaṭhor banaataa hai. Saundary evn bhautikataa ke prati iname kam aakarṣaṇa hotaa hai.


Haath kee ungaliyaan aur aapakee parsanailiṭee——-

haath kee ungaliyaan evn hathelee men sthit vibhinn grahon ke parvat vyakti ke vichaaron evn bhaavanaa_on ko darshaate hain. Manuṣy ke vichaar evn bhaavanaa_en satv, raajas evn tamas guṇaon kaa mishraṇa hote hain. Satv guṇa kee mukhy visheṣataa gyaan evn sahanasheelataa hai. Any visheṣataa_en karuṇaa, vishvaas, prem, aatm-niyntraṇa, samajh, shuddhataa dhairy, aur smriti hain. Raajas kee mukhy visheṣataa gatividhi evn pravritti hai. Any visheṣataa_en mahatvaakaankṣaa, gatisheelataa, bechainee, jaldabaajee, krodh, iirṣyaa, laalach, aur junoon hai. Tamoguṇa kee mukhy visheṣataa hai jadtaa yaa mooḍhataa. Any visheṣataa_en soch yaa vyavahaar, laaparavaahee, aalas, bhulakkadpan, hinsaa aur aaparaadhik vichaar hain.

Manuṣy ke vichaaron men kis guṇa kee pradhaanataa hai isakaa nirdhaaraṇa us manuṣy kee haath ke hatheliyon me sthit vibhinn grahon ke parvat evn ungaliyon ko dekhakar kiyaa jaa sakataa hai. Hastarekhaa vigyaan ke anusaar haath kee hathelee ko mukhyatah teen bhaagon me vibhaajit kiyaa jaataa hai. Ye teen bhaag satv, raajas evn tamas guṇaon kaa pratinidhitv karate hain. Hathelee ke agr bhaag me sthit guru, shani, soory evn budh ke parvat jo ki kramashah tarjanee, madhyamaa, anaamikaa evn kaneeṣṭikaa ungaliyon ke ṭheek neeche sthit hote hain. Manuṣy ke saatvik guṇaon ko darshaate hai. Mngal kaa uchch parvat evn mngal kaa nimn parvat jo hathelee ke madhy bhaag men sthit hote hain raajasik tatv kaa pratinidhitv karate hain. Shukr evn chndramaa ke parvat hathelee ke nichale bhaag me sthit hote hain. Ye manuṣy ke taamasik guṇaon kaa pratinidhitv karate hain. Jis grah kaa parvat jitanaa ubharaa huaa hogaa vyakti men us grah se snbandhit guṇa utane hee adhik honge.

Haath kee ungaliyon men satv, raajas evn tamas guṇa kramash ungalee ke oordhv, madhy evn nimn bhaag darshaate hain. Ungaliyon ke ye bhaag angrejee men failaingaks ke naam se jaane jaate hain. Vyakti th kee hatheliyon evn ungaliyaan ko dekhakar usake vyaktitv, aachaar, vichaar evn vyavahaar ke baare men bahut kuchh pataa lagaayaa jaa sakataa hai. Ungaliyon kaa nichalaa bhaag jo ki hathelee se judaa huaa hotaa hai vyakti kee mahatvaakaankṣaa_on ko darshaataa hai. Yah bhaag vyakti ke bhautik, aarthik star, usake khaan-paan, rahan-sahan, saamaajik star aadi ke baare men mahatvapoorṇa jaanakaaree dete hain. Ungalee ke is bhaag se shareer evn buddhi ke saamnjasy kaa adhyayan kiyaa jaataa hai. Ungaliyon kaa madhy bhaag vyakti kee vyaavahaarikataa evn usake aas-paas ke vaataavaraṇa se usake saamnjasy kaa aabhaas hotaa hai. Ungalee ke is bhaag se vyakti ke kaary kṣetr evn vyavasaay ke baare men bhee jaanakaaree milatee hai. Ungaliyon ke oordhv bhaag se vyakti kee niyamabaddhataa, dooradarshitaa, kaaryakushalataa, sadaacharaṇa evn naitik moolyon kaa pataa chalataa hai.

Jin vyaktiyon kee ungaliyon ke teenon bhaag baraabar hote hain unakaa vyaktitv aamataur par sntulit hotaa hai. Jab ek vyakti kee ungaliyon ke oordhv evn madhy bhaag baraabar hote hain tab us vyakti kee snkalp shakti evn nirṇaay lene kee kṣamataa me saamnjasy hotaa hai. Yadi oordhv bhaag any do bhaagon se badaa hotaa hai to snkalp shakti kee kamee kaa kaaraṇa vyakti apanee ichchhaa_on evn aakaankṣaa_on kee poorti men kamee paataa hai. Snkalp shakti kee kamee ke kaaraṇa sahee nirṇaay lene kee kṣamataa bhee prabhaavit hotee hai evn vyakti apanee ichchhaa_on tathaa aavashyakataa_on kee poorti ke lie sahee nirṇaay naheen le paataa hai.

Yadi ungaliyon kaa madhy bhaag any do bhaagon se adhik lnbaa hai to vyakti kee taarkik kṣamataa evn bauddhik kṣamataa prabal hotee hai. Parntu usakee snkalp shakti evn kaary ke prati ekaagrataa me kamee kaaraṇa safalataa milane me deree ho sakatee hai. Aise vyakti doosaron kee safalataa dekhakar iirṣyaa kee bhaavanaa se bhee grast ho sakate hain. Kyonki buddimattaa men any vyaktiyon se kam n hone par bhee ve unake jeetane safal naheen hote hain. Parntu isakaa pramukh kaaraṇa yah hai ki unakee snkalp shakti evn ichchhaa shakti me kamee hai aur ise keval mehanat evn kaṭhin parishram se hee jeetaa jaa sakataa hai. 

Yadi ungaliyon kaa nimn bhaag any do bhaagon se adhik lnbaa hotaa hai to aap vivek poorṇa evn paristhiti ke anusaar nirṇaay lene men samarth hain. Aise vyakti bhaavuk prakriti ke hote hain. Ve apanaa samay, paisaa evn salaah jarooratamndon ke lie kharch karane ke lie sadaiv tatpar rahate hain. Isake lie yadi unhe aalochanaa bhee sahanee pade to ve usake lie taiyaar rahate hain.

Haath kee ungaliyon kee sthiti jis vyakti kee poorṇa roop se vyasthit hotee hai ve vyakti jeevan men bahut safal hote hain. Lnbee evn patalee ungaliyon vaale vyakti bhaavuk hote hain jabaki moṭee ungaliyon vaale vyakti mehanatee hote hain. Jin vyaktiyon kee ungaliyaan koṇa ke aakaar kee hotee hain ve atyadhik snvadenasheel hote hain tathaa apanee veṣabhooṣaa evn saundary kaa visheṣ dhyaan rakhate hain. Jin vyaktiyon kee ungaliyaan oopar se nukeelee hotee hain ve aadhyaatmik pravritti ke hote hain tathaa inakee kalpanaa shakti adbhut hotee hai. Svabhaav se ye namr hote hain.

 Jin vyaktiyon kee ungaliyaa oopar se chaukor hotee hain ve vyaavahaarik,tarkasngat evn namr hote hain. Ye paramparaa_on evn rooḍhivaaditaa men vishvaas rakhate hain. Jinakee ungaliyaan spaichul ke aakaar kee hotee hain ve vyakti saahasee, yathaarthavaadee evn ghoomane ke shaukeen hote hain. Ye kaary karane ke shaukeen hote hai evn anek viṣayon ke gyaataa hote hain. Is tarah ke vyakti vaigyaanik, injiniyar yaa kaary kushal takaneeshiyan hote hain. 

Jin vyaktiyon kee ungaliyaan seedhee hotee hain ve vyakti iimaanadaar, shaaleen evn nyaayasngat hote hain. Jeevan men achchhee tarakkee karate hain. Jin vyaktiyon kee ungaliyaan gaanṭhadaar hotee hain ve bahut vyaavahaarik evn achchhe niyojak hote hai. Ve spaṣṭavaktaa hote hai. Lnbee ungaliyon vaale vyakti shikṣaa men ruchi rakhate hain evn achchhe vishleṣak hote hain.

 Jis haath men ungaliyon kee sthiti avyavasthit hotee hai visheṣ taur par jab kanisṭhikaa ungalee jo ki budh kee ungalee ke naam se jaanee jaatee hai bahut chhoṭee hotee hai tab vyakti men aatmavishvaas kee kamee paa_ii jaatee hai. 

Ungaliyon kee aakriti dhanuṣaakaar hone par vyakti kaa vyaktitv sntulit hotaa hai tathaa vah vyakti bahut vichaarasheel hotaa hai.

Hastarekhaa se jaanie kis kṣetr men milegee safalataa—–

aaj jaise-jaise vaigyaanik vikaas ho rahe hain, vaise-vaise samaaj men na_ii-na_ii suvidhaa_on evn kṣetron kaa sootrapaat ho rahaa hai. Isase kaamon kaa vargeekaraṇa is prakaar ho rahaa ki kisee prŏḍaakṭ kaa ek hissaa kaheen ban rahaa hai to doosaraa kaheen aur. Fir sabakee asenbaling kaheen aur ho rahee hai! Isee kaaraṇa ek hee rojagaar ka_ii-ka_ii shaakhaa_on men bnṭ gayaa hai. Jaise jaise vigyaan ne tarakkee kee hai rojagaar kee baḍhxtee shaakhaa_on ke kaaraṇa usakaa chayan karanaa ek kaṭhin prakriyaa hotee jaa rahee hai.

Hast rekhaa shaastr dvaaraa bhee rojagaar chayan men sahaayataa praapt ho jaatee hai. Kintu sarvapratham yah jaan lenaa aavashyak hai ki aap kis kṣetr men safal ho sakate hain.

 Yadi anguliyon ke pahale pore sabal evn lambe hain to aap men seekhane kee lalak achchhee hai. Yaanee aap uchchaa shikṣaa grahaṇa karane men safal ho jaa_enge. Yadi agunliyon ke doosare pore lambe aur sabal hain to aap praikṭrikal feelḍa men chal jaa_enge. Arthaat aap ke andar dekhakar seekhane kee kṣamataa hai. Isake vipareet yadi teesaraa poraa jyaadaa sabal hai to aapakaa utpaadan, vyaapaar yaa vyavasaay ke kṣetr men jaanaa jyaadaa uchit hogaa. 

Sarvapratham yah tay kar lenaa jarooree hai ki bhaagy kis grah dvaaraa snchaalit hai yaanee haath men kaunasaa parvat kṣetr jyaadaa prabhaavee hai. Usake svaamee dvaaraa hee usakaa jeevan jyaadaa prabhaavit rahataa hai.

Use snkṣipt roop men ham is prakaar jaan sakate hain:-

1. Brihaspatiah raajaneeti, senaa yaa saamaajik sngaṭhanon men uchch pad, adhyayan-adhyaapan, salaahakaar, kar/aarthik vibhaag, kaanoon evn dharm kṣetr. 

2. Shaniah tntr, dharm, jaasoosee, rasaayan, bhautikee, gaṇait, masheenaree, kriṣi, pashupaalan, tel, anagaḍhx kalaakritiyaan ityaadi.

 3. Sooryah kalaa, saahity, prashaasan snbndhee. 

4. Budhah inaḍaor gems, bolane se jude vyavasaay, maarkeṭing, vigyaan, vyaapaar, vakaalat, chikitsaa kṣetr, baink aadi. 

5. Mngalah saahasee kaary, anveṣaṇa khoj, khilaadee, parvatarohaṇa, khataron se bhare kaary, sainik, pulis, jngal yaa van kṣetr ityaadi. 

6. Chandrah kalaa, kaavy, jaleey vyavasaay, tairaak, taral vastuen. 

7. Shukrah kalaa, sngeet, chitrakaaree yaa gndharv kalaa_en, naaṭak ityaadi, mahilaa vibhaag, kampyooṭar, hastashilp, payarṭan aadi.

Nitin Kumar Palmist
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Send Me Your Palm Images For Detailed & Personalized Palm Reading

Question: I want to get palm reading done by you so let me know how to contact you?
Answer: Contact me at Email ID: nitinkumar_palmist@yahoo.in.

Question: I want to know what includes in Palm reading report?

Answer: You will get detailed palm reading report covering all aspects of life. Past, current and future predictions. Your palm lines and signs, nature, health, career, period, financial, marriage, children, travel, education, suitable gemstone, remedies and answer of your specific questions. It is up to 4-5 pages.

Question: When I will receive my palm reading report?

Answer: You will get your full detailed palm reading report in 9-10 days to your email ID after receiving the fees for palm reading report.

Question: How you will send me my palm reading report?

Answer: You will receive your palm reading report by e-mail in your e-mail inbox.

Question: Can you also suggest remedies?

Answer: Yes, remedies and solution of problems are also included in this reading.

Question: Can you also suggest gemstone?

Answer: Yes, gemstone recommendation is also included in this reading.

Question: How to capture palm images?

Answer: Capture your palm images by your mobile camera or you can also use scanner.

Question: Give me sample of palm images so I get an idea how to capture palm images?

Answer: You need to capture full images of both palms (Right and left hand), close-up of both palms, and side views of both palms. See images below.

Question: What other information I need to send with palm images?

Answer: You need to mention the below things with your palm images:- 

  • Your Gender: Male/Female 
  • Your Age: 
  • Your Location: 
  • Your Questions: 

Question: How much the detailed palm reading costs?

Answer: Cost of palm reading:

  • India: Rs. 600/- 
  • Outside Of India: 20 USD

( For instant palm reading in 24 hours you need to pay extra Rs. 500 or 15 USD ) 
(India: 600 + 500 = Rs. 1100/-)
(Outside Of India: 20 + 15 = 35 USD) 

Question: How you will confirm that I have made payment?

Answer: You need to provide me some proof of the payment made like:

  • UTR/Reference number of transaction. 
  • Screenshot of payment. 
  • Receipt/slip photo of payment.

Question: I am living outside of India so what are the options for me to pay you?

Answer: Payment options for International Clients:

International clients (those who are living outside of India) need to pay me 20 USD via PayPal or Western Union Money Transfer.

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Question: I am living in India so what are the options for me to pay you?

Answer: Payment options for Indian Clients:

  • Indian client needs to pay me 600/- Rupees in my SBI Bank via netbanking or direct cash deposit.

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Client's Feedback - DECEMBER 2017

If you don’t have your real date of birth then palmistry is there to help you for future life predictions.  Our palm lines, signs, mounts and shapes which are very useful in predicting the person’s life. We can predict your future from the lines and signs of your both palms. We can predict your future by studying your palm lines and signs. There is no need to send us your date of birth , time of birth , place of birth etc . Palm told the personality ,future ups and downs thus a experienced palmist can guide you to deal with upcoming challenges with vedic remedies.