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Marriage-line inclined towards heart-line (Incomplete marital association) -Palm Reading

If marriage-line inclines towards heart-line seems to be bending downwards also, the native does not have any love, attachment or infatuation towards its spouse. He will also not take any interest in sexual activity or he will be having only negligibly interest in sex, as a result of which he will get despondent or turn to reclusion. It is my experience that such a native abjures his life partner midway, or their marital relationship gets snapped.

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Marriage line touching heart and brain after being punctured by other lines (Mental tension and lunacy caused by marriage) - Palm Reading

If marriage-line is transversed/intersected or punctured by a vertical line, and its one branch or a suddenly emerging line intersects brain-line or heart-line and also if a sign of star or an island also touches this line, then it should be taken for granted that marital life will be like hell and also replete with miseries, turbulations and troubles. This factor can also become a contributory factor in causing mental restivity and trouble to the native(s) (see fig. 344) Similarly the said chance-line can also vitiate and adversely impact other mounts and sites too. If this line touches the lifeline, then marital problems and hurdles will adversely cast damaging effect upon native's health, and ultimately it might cause danger to his/her life even. Hence, it is essential that this line and its various impacts should be thoroughly studied before any prediction is made. (

Upward lines emanating from the marriage line (Fortunate married life) - Palmistry

When smaller lines emerge from the mar-riage line and incline upwards (see fig. 334) then native's marital life would prove fruitful, successful and lucky.  (

A lengthy marriage line and sign of a star at or near the mount of Sun (A highly affluent and respectable life partner) - Palmistry

If marriage line is so lengthy that it stretches upto the mount of Sun (see fig 329) and a sign of star also surfaces at the terminal point of the line, then the native will love such a person who is highly lucky, rich and popular.

Sign of a star on the marriage-line (explosive situation in love-affairs) - Palmistry

If affection line terminates at the sign of a star (see fig 328), then love affairs will be subjected to explosive situations and conclusions. (

Chain of islands on the marriage line (Apathy in love affairs) - Palmistry

If signs of island appear in succession on a native's palm, he/she will never a agree to make love with member of opposite sex due to indifferent and apathetic attitude towards love affairs.

Sign of an island on the marriage line (Discord in love affairs and a feud ridden marital life) - Palmistry

When a sign of island is noticed on the affection line there will be disturbing and unpalable situations during the course of love affairs. In addition, sign of a cross on the line of affection indicates criminal tendency of the native. His married life is also feud and strife ridden and also that he/she will continue to quarrel with his/her life partner. Their marital life is bedevilled with acrimony, pain and feuds. This is an ominous sign (of island) for a happy and comfortable marital life. (

Deep Marriage Line - Palmistry

If the last line is thin/faint, it should be taken as the marriage line (see fig. 322). Such a native marries due to earning money through marriage, and not due to true love. If line of affection is thinner than the other lines, it must be taken for granted that the native has no deep affection and attraction for his spouse; nor has he any emotional attachment with life partner, rather so-called relationship between husband and wife is a more fallacy. They will also be cold and insensitive to each other's romantic and love gestures. If other affection lines also surface in the hands of such persons. they will not only continue to adulate each other but also misguide. If the natives have pleasing and attractive personalities, they will cheat and deceive majority of persons. If a lady has a thick, net shaped and chain like affection line, she will have no attachment and love for her husband, rather she will be selfish, lascivious and cruel. ( 



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