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Heartline In Palmistry

The Line Of Heart

Found towards the top of the palm, under the fingers. It represents matters of the heart, both physical and metaphorical. It indicates emotional stability, romantic perspectives, depression, and stoicism, in addition to various aspects of cardiac health. Absence of the Line indicates extreme coldness - immoral - selfish -avaricious.

Rising between the first and the second fingers - Calm temperament in matters of the heart.
Rising from the center of Jupiter - The highest type of love, pure, deep and stead-fast.
Rising from far up into the Mount of Jupiter and forkless - Ideal love with no trace of sexuality.
Rising from the Mount of Saturn with fork - More passion
Rising under the Mount of Saturn without a fork - Sensuality but no true family affection.
Rising between the Mounts of Jupiter and Saturn - A quiet uneventful home existence - no passionate yearnings

Marks On Line 

Drooping Offshoots - Disappointments caused by loved ones
Breaks - Inconstancy about hatred of the opposite sex
Breaks under the Mount of Saturn - Dangerous illness arising from defective circulation of the blood.
Broken under the Mount of Sun - Love affairs broken off, due to the caprice of the subject.
Broken under the Mount of Mercury - Love affairs broken off on account of the avaricious disposition of he subject.
Bars cutting the Line - Repeated disappointments in love-troubles of the heart and liver.
White dot on the line - Success in love affairs.
Circle on the Line - Weakness of the heart.
Circle on the Line under the Mount of Sun - Trouble with sight.
A clear break - Loss of loved ones
Drooping offshoots towards the Line of Head - Attracted towards opposite sex
Fate and Heart Lines are islanded - Adulterous thoughts.
Form Forks with one branch on Jupiter, the other between the first and second fingers - A happy, calm nature good fortune, and happiness in affection.
Form Forks with one branch on Jupiter, the other on Saturn - Uncertain disposition, and such a person doesn't intend to make the marital relations happy because of his temperament.
Forked on Jupiter, one branch between the first and second fingers - Fortunate, gifted with a well-balanced disposition in affairs of love.
Trident on Jupiter - A sign of good fortune.
Forked at the termination - Divorce due to a guilty intrigue of the subject.

Features Of Line

Thick - Cold and heartless.
Long, clear and well- traced - Lasting affection.
Very red - Violent in love.
Unusually deep - Danger of apoplexy.
Very pale and wide - Heart disease - poor circulation of blood.
Faded - Heart has grown hard because of disappointments in love
Very thin and long - Hatred towards mankind.
Chained - Flirtatious.
Pale, broad and chained - A cold-blooded person seeking recourse to anything to satisfy his passion.
A short line - Selfish disposition.
A well-developed Line with somewhat exaggerated Mounts of Venus and Moon. Romantic disposition.
Composed of many separate small lines - Improper functioning of the Heart.
Placed lower than its normal position - Coldness - selfishness.
Placed very high in the hand reaching base of fingers- Passionate and jealous
Located high up on the hand - Sensitive, intellectual and intuitive.
Long Line running from one side to the other - Excessive attachment causing suffering to the subject.
Short and deep - Selfish but a good husband or wife.
Thick, deep and strong - The desire for love will out-weigh every other consideration.
A chained Line emerging from the Mount of Saturn - Contempt for opposite sex.
Narrow space between Head and Heart Line - The affection would rule the subject and would outweigh all other considerations.
Wide space between Head And Heart Line - Love affairs and affections are ruled by the calculating and cold tendencies of the subject.
Straight Line, a weak thumb, thin pointed fingers, sloping Head Line - Tendency towards homosexuality and masturbation.
Straight Line, forked on Mount of Jupiter, strong thumb - Pure at heart and unselfish - possesses strength of character and an idealistic quality - constant in affections.
Encircling the Mount of Mercury at the termination - Aptitude for the occult sciences.
Well developed line, exaggerated Mount of Venus and Moon - Romantic disposition.
Terminates inside the Mount of Saturn - Childish and playful. 

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Healthline In Palmistry

It starts at the base of the hand near the Line of Fate and runs upward till it ends on the mount of Mercury. The line of Health is also known as 

The Line of Mercury
The Line of Hepatica
The Line of Liver

Functions of the Health Line

It represents the health and disease of the individual.
It is an indicator specially of the state of the digestive apparatus, the operation of the liver and various maladies which may arise from the impairment of important function of these organs.

Characteristic features of the Health Line

Rising from the Life Line Most unfavorable sign of bad health.
Straight deep - Good and sound constitution - robust health.
Composed of many small lines - Unstable condition of general health and bad temperament owing to diseases of the liver or gall bladder - sign of restlessness and pessimism.
Chained Line - Diseased liver and stomach.
Wavy Line - Chronic diseases belonging to the ruling Mount.
Bars on Line - Constant headaches.
Star on Line - Mental disorder which might develop serious complication
Cross on Line - Severe agonies and sufferings from disease, in old age.
Forked in the Quadrangle and one branch touches Heart line - Heart trouble at prime of youth
Island on the Line - Delicate health.
Line runs deep into the Mount of Mercury and branches rise from it - Excellent health and great success in business.
Straight not joined with the Line of Life and with a well formed Rascette - Longevity very well assured.
Ending with cross, a circle on Head Line - Blindness.
Line inside triangle and a star close to it - Blindness.
Absence of the Line - Not bad health.

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Marriage Line In Palmistry

The marriage line is a small line found under the mount of mercury. These lines are placed horizontally at the percussion of the hand between the Line of heart and the base of the Mount of Mercury.

Other names for these Lines:
(1) The Lines of Affection
(2) The Lines of Union
(3) The Lines of Sexuality

Function of Marriage Line

They reveal the sexual 'potency' of an individual.
They also represent certain vital aspects of sex-partnership.

Characteristic Feature Of Marriage Line

Slopes towards the Line of Heart - Widowhood or widower hood
Curves upward - Subject may not marry..
Close to the Heart Line - Matrimony may take place between 18 and 21 years.
A branch touching the Mount of Sun - A brilliant union
Broken - Separation or divorce
Long Line - Affection continues longer
Thin Line - No real strong passion for sex life.
Firstly deep and gradually grows thin - Steady decline of sexual vitality.
Firstly thin and gradually becomes stronger - Increase in sexual vitality.
A single Line - Deep affection relating to opposite sex but normal sexual potentiality.
Many Lines - Presence of periodicity in the display of sexual passion.

Marks On Line

Rising Offshoots - Happy and prosperous married life.
Cross on line - Engagement or marriage will be broken.
Island on the Line - Some unhappiness during the course of affection
Cross on the line - Serious impediment to affection.
Terminates with star - Affection (false) used as a means of exploitation.
Terminates with fork - Separation of married partners due to subject's faults.
A black spot on the Line - Widow hood or widower hood
Full of little islands or downward branches - Subject may not marry.
A short line runs parallels - Relationships existed prior (or after) marriage. 
Short line under the marriage line - An affair during marriage. 
Begin with forks - Unusual affection

Source: hindustanlink

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