Little Finger On Hand Palmistry

The little finger has qualities such as verbal communication skills, a practical sharp mind (resourcefulness) and the capacity to perform in fields such as business, politics and science. One needs very good communication skills and a cunning mind to be successful in business, politics and in scientific or technical fields.

A little finger reaching exactly the third joint (base of the top phalanx) of the ring finger is of the correct length. (While checking it, keep your hand normally stretched and fingers together). This tells that a person is of a sharp mind and is a good speaker.
People with a long little finger i.e. reaching above the third joint are those who are good at politics, business and technical fields because they are good at taking benefit from the right situations (cunning mind) and they possess great communication and convincing skills as they use right words to mould people in their favour. Their friendships also pay. Besides it one more thing is also sure. They have a capacity to learn many languages.

Little Finger On Hand Palmistry

A small little finger tells not so convincing communication skills; when it comes to speaking in front of many people and bringing them to support y them, they find it very difficult (they might be working in a call center but still they lack sweet words and skills to do the magic). They are not
good enough to take benefit at the right times. A curved little finger increases the tendency to take benefit. Their skills with their tongue and sharp mind are used in a bit wrong way. They can find shortcuts anywhere. It does not necessarily mean that they cheat but they are clever people for sure. They are fond of playing tricks on others and still people like them, and call them naughty (mischievous) boy/girl.

Little Finger On Hand Palmistry

If little finger is zigzag it tells that this person can use his speaking skills and cunning mind in a wrong way i.e. cheating others and making fools of them. Successful cheaters also have a very pleasant way of talking and sharp minds to find a way to fool others. Zigzag finger never considers a right or wrong way to make income. []

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